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Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out

My commission from the freaking amazing and talented @plastic-pipes​ of Trini and Kim dancing mid air from the opening scene of Chapter 2 in my fic , Ghosts of the Past !

Pipe’s is freaking amazing and such a lovely person and you should all commission her!

BTW if anyone’s wondering:::

this is Ofella’s wife, Akka. she was fighting with the rebellion against the Galran’s and couldn’t communicate to Ofella or get back home until a year after Lance first arrived.

When she get’s back Lance starts to feel like he’s invading on a family (even though he’s not everyone loves him lmao) and it’s one of the main reasons he goes off on his own to look for his own family.

AND RUEQ IS THEIR BIOLOGICAL KID bc aliens and i say so

Not only are we getting 2x06 on Monday, also known as the malec date ep with a special kiss, but after the ep we are also getting the promo for 2x07 aka alec ‘’cool gills’’ lightwood buys magnus a gift and will probably see his cat eyes too.

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celebrity is as celebrity does
  • imagine, if you will, a young Rita Skeeter
  • she’s in her fifth year at Hogwarts
  • in Slytherin, of course
  • she’s already decided that upon graduation, she’ll be working for the Daily Prophet
  • now, given that Hogwarts doesn’t really have ‘liberal arts’ classes, Rita’s been able to negotiate some free periods into her schedule
  • “Oh please, Professor Slughorn, you don’t wish for me to work on my writing, on my craft, in History of Magic do you?”
  • she’s on her way to the library, as it’s the other place besides the Great Hall where she can find fodder for her…’stories’
  • now, given her ambitious nature and the fact that she’s not registered, it’s safe to assume that Rita pulled a Marauders and taught herself to become an animagus
  • she stops outside the library and quickly scans her surroundings
  • satisfied, she shifts into her beetle form, and is about to fly through the large wooden doors when she hears it, a whisper from a hidden alcove
  • “Accio, beetle.”
  • Rita feels herself fly backwards into someone’s hand
  • fingers close around her
  • and suddenly she feels them moving
  • Rita can’t see anything until she’s released a while later in what she eventually learn is the Room of Requirement
  • as she tries to orient herself, she’s hit again by another whispered spell and all of a sudden she’s back in her human form
  • emerald and silver robes askew, blonde hair tousled, and glasses perched haphazardly on her nose
  • Rita composes herself and draws her wand, quick as lightning
  • she jabs foward, her wand poking into blue and copper robes
  • she glances up
  • green eyes meet blue
  • and she realizes she’s face to face with a boy
  • a rather handsome one, in fact
  • “What do you think you’re playing at?” she spits out, digging the end of her wand into the boy’s chest
  • to her annoyance, he flashes her a blinding smile and laughs, his golden curls dancing in merriment
  • “Oh, my dear, you and I both know you’re in no position to be making demands.” the boy smoothly answers, his smile never wavering
  • there’s a beat
  • Rita lowers her wand and looks down her nose at the fourth year in front of her
  • “I do suppose, how ever, introductions are in order,” the boy continues
  • he grabs one of her perfectly manicured hands
  • “Rita Skeeter,” he says before kissing her hand, “the name’s Gilderoy Lockhart. And I believe that we can be of great help to each other.”
  • and over the coming years, that’s exactly what they do
  • Gilderoy helps Rita embellish her tall tales
  • Rita helps Gilderoy with his jinxes and hexes especially the memory charm
  • and after Hogwarts the two keep in touch
  • Gilderoy gives Rita exclusive interviews, elevating her status at the Prophet
  • Rita writes countless articles about Gilderoy, helping generate his popularity
  • basically, the two bring out the worst in each other
  • but in fleeting moments of fumbling hands and stolen kisses, of drunken nights and countless quiet mornings, they also bring out the best in each other
  • Rita learns that Gilderoy just wants to make sure he’s leaving something behind, to make sure that long after he’s gone, people will remember him
  • and Gilderoy finds out that Rita wants to be indispensable, to be irreplaceable; she wants to make others dependent on her, she wants to feel needed
  • they supported each other
  • they made each other laugh
  • but they never saw each other cry
  • well, granted, there was one time Gilderoy did see Rita cry
  • it was in his room in St. Mungo’s
  • where in between the heartbroken sobs Rita promised him:
  • “No one else will ever forget you, Gilderoy. I’ll make sure of it.”

Pidge: Hey, this reminds me of when we were busy orienteering and Lance tried to lead and ended up being a bloody hypocrite who didn’t know his east from west. Do you remember, Lance?

Lance: I will throw a pen at you.

okay but i want a fic where the enterprise is like on the outskirts of federation space and they pick up survivors of a half-wrecked cardassian freighter and one of the refugees is sybok who totally knew the attack was coming and low key orchestrated it but thats another story because when he gets beamed aboard he and spock have a reunion and it’s very logical and all but kirk is like holy shit spock you have a brother??? why did i not know?? and spock is like you never asked and sybok takes one look at the two of them interacting and realizes how bad his baby brother has it for his captain and says wow spock way to introduce me to your t’hy’la and spock BUGS OUT and gets all flustered and kirk has never seen him act like that before and is like wait what does that mean and spock won’t tell him and practically runs away and sybok is too busy laughing and getting debriefed, and then for the rest of the mission spock won’t look at kirk and he starts to wonder what that word actually means so he keeps trying to work it out of sybok or uhura but they won’t tell him and spock avoids him like the plague, and kirk starts to get dejected because maybe he’s done something wrong, somehow offended spock or something, and sybok realizes that the human is stupid in love too, and bribes scotty to lock them in the turbolift or a supply closet or something because they’re both just idiots and they need to make out and of course scotty does it because its been painfully obvious to everyone on the ship for months that the captain and first officer are SO IN LOVE, LIKE GO FUCK ALREADY JESUS 

and then they do. in the turbolift.