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Why I love Bob's burgers

- a family that love and support their kids
- parents that engage with their kids’ humor
- a sixteen year old girl who is not ashamed of her sex drive
- a child with a comfort object that nobody ever tries to take away from her
- a young boy who doesn’t think ‘girly’ things are icky and gross
- no evil or villainous characters, just people who are jerks sometimes
- the heart of the show is a family restaurant, driven by a passion for making good food, that relies on the whole family to thrive.
- the kids are shown playing creatively and hardly ever just veg out and watch tv
- seriously, I would hang out with these people, they seem nice
- it’s really really funny

I need that moment when Jon meets Gendry, and his face lights up when he realises that this boy kept Arya Stark safe.

I need that moment when he realises Arya survived King’s Landing, and he desperately asks Gendry to describe her to him, his beloved baby sister.

I need Gendry to tell Jon that she hid herself as a boy, and see Jon smirk and look not surprised, affection across his face.

I need Gendry to tell Jon that she carried this thin sword, a child’s sword really, and that she was never parted from it - that she clung to it, always, as though her life depended on it.

I need Jon to hear this and whisper, “Needle,” in disbelief, as he realises that after all this time and all these years, strong, brave Arya Stark held onto the gift he gave her. She never forgot.

I need Gendry to look at Jon, this bastard born son who is a King, who is Arya Stark’s brother, and realise that when Arya said, “I can be your family” she meant it. I need Gendry to see Jon and see that being a bastard really truly means nothing to Arya.

I need Jon and Gendry to realise they are the two bastard boys beloved to their beloved Arya Stark.

And I need the two bastard boys beloved to Arya Stark to come back to her, together, and shower her in the love and warmth that she has lived without for so long.