not ok


“hey jam what do you mean by fujoshi who fetishize mlm relationships??”

this. I mean this video

Someone stole my art and is trying to sell on Amazon

Hi everyone. So recently someone brought to my attention that someone had stolen my Murdoc drawing and is trying to sell in on sweatshirts using Amazon. This is the first time something like this has happened to me and I’m trying to work it out so that Amazon can get it shut down. The user is gregory1212. I’ll put a link below, so if any of you want to give him hell (leave a bad review, give it one star, etc.) feel free! It would be much appreciated lol! Hopefully I can get this all worked out. Never understood people that would do this sort of thing.

Smut rant 2

Ladies and gentlemen who read/ write smut. It’s ok to have kinks, I myself do, that’s 100% ok. I’m replying to several posts, shaming people for having kinks.

If you have a kink, go you , if you are exploring your kinks, go you, if you don’t have kinks, go you, if you are rude and bash people who have them, go away. Bdsm is natural, it’s normal to want to be cared/care for. Degrading(in sex) is very exciting towards both partners(CONSENT IS THE BASE OF IT). If you have a rape fantasy, go you, since it’s a FANTASY.

Fiction is fiction, it’s not really happening. I myself also live for reading smut(mainly because that’s all I got), many others do too. It’s not ok to shame someone for liking a certain kink, let them live THEIR life! If you want to bitch about how vanilla you are go ahead, just don’t aim it at people who are having a better time than you.

Not aiming it, I’ve seen several posts about this so it goes out to all of them.

What im trying to get at is, don’t make people who like to indulge in their kinks, feel bad because of that. Millions, maybe even billions of people like to indulge into their kinks in sex. Don’t bash them because of that.

Thank you~