not obsessed nope not one bit

I was tagged by @a-little-bit-obsessed thank you!!! Sooo lets do this

Rules: Answer all the questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions

1. Coke or Pepsi: neither

2. Disney or Dremworks: Disney (I like Dreamworks too)

3. Coffee or Tea: coffee!!!

4. Books or Movies: definitely books

5. Windows or Mac: Mac

6. DC or Marvel: Marvel

7. Xbox or Playstation: Xbox

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: hmm…. nope I don’t now what’s this

9. Night Owl or Early Rise: Night Owl

10. Cards or Chess: Cards (poker freak over here cause I have a good poker face)

11. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate I love it as much as Remus Lupin

12. Vans or Converse: Vans

13. Lavellan, trenelyan, Cadash or Adaar: what??

14. Fluff or Angst: I’M A FLUFF ADICT

15. Beach or Forest: Forest


17. Clear Skies or Rain: Rain (I love reading during thunderstorms)

18. Cooking or Eating Out: Asking the place to deliver the food to my house lol

19. Spicy Food or Mild Food: Spicey

20. Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas: Christmas

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: a little too cold

22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: being able to enter or go out of fictional worlds whenever I want

23. Animation or Live Action: Live Action

24. Paragon or Renegade: sorry again but what??

25. Baths or Showers: BATHS

26. Team Cap or team Iron Man: Team Iron Man

27. Fantasy or Sci-Fi: Fantasy

28. Do you have three or four favourite quotes?: 1) I don’t believe in any truth, I believe in points of view  -Allen Ginsberg  2) The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem -Captain Jack Sparrow  3) You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else -Albert Einstein

29. YouTube or Netflix: Netflix

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: Harry Potter

31. When You Feel Accomplished: when I get inspired and write a good story (I don’t publish though) or when my advice helped someone

32. Star Wars or Star Treck: Star Treck

33. Paperback Books or Hardback Books: I guess Paperback Books

34. Handwriting or Tiping: Handwriting

35. Velvet or Satin: Satin

36. Video Games or Movies: Movies

37. Would you rather be the dragon or own the dragon: Own it

38. Sunrise or Sunset: Sunrise

39. What’s your favourite song?: I feel bad for choosing one but I guess it’s Death of a Bachelor

40. Horror Movies yes or no: yass

41. Long Hair or Short Hair: I like long hair m¿the most bc short hair would look awfull on me

42. Opera or Theatre: Theatre

43. Assuming the multiverse theory is truw and every story ever told has really happened somewhere, which one of the movie/book/tv show/game/etc worlds would you pick to travel first?: Harry Potter universe definitely

44. If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?: Smarties

45. If you were stuck on an island… and you could be stuck with ONE celebrity… who would it be?: Johnny Depp

46. What is your special talent?: I have a freaking answer for everything

47. If you could have the life of a celebrity for one day, which celebrity would you have the life of?: Gordon Ramsay so I can yell at everyone

48. Would you rather cause earthquakes everytime you get mad or cause tsunamis everytime you crie?: Earthquakes cause I don’t get mad easily

49. Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt: Ice Cream

50) This is the new question: Gay ships yay or nay

They’re not 50 but I don’t have the necessary will to do it But follow them cause they0re really good!!

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My mother and I have become ever so slightly obsessed with London Spy, mostly because it is more than a bit bonkers.

Anyway. I have one thing to say about tonights episode & that is: they obviously just faked those test results at the clinic. I suspect some people know this and some don’t, but when you apply for certain types of Russian visas you have to submit a negative HIV test from within so many weeks. Therefore I have taken quite a few HIV tests and never once has the nurse left the room with the test. Like nope, the 2 of you just stare awkwardly at it for several minutes. 

I also imagine that faking a test result is far easier to do than actually infecting someone. hmmmm.