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Day One: Prompt - Toys

Day 1: Toys


She was breathlessly; needy. Her entire body was crying out for release; aching like she had never felt before. That damned saiyan. He was the cause of her little dilemma. If not one thing, it was surely another. This was a strange sort of ‘another’.

Was it terrible that she liked it; desired it? He ignited feelings so intensely within herself she didn’t even know what to do with them. He was very much aware of this as well, and in knowing this tiny bit of information, used it to further disrupt the way of things by toying with her. He was always watching her, always finding some excuse to touch her. He never verbally announced his intentions, nor would he admit his attentions were becoming more blatant, even though she was well aware of them. He had her right where he wanted her…


…needing release.

It took one breathless kiss to strengthen her desire; maybe even what one would call ‘obsession’.

She didn’t do anything remotely desirable, nope. Tensions were high, and he had been frustrated. Bulma had relentlessly pressed him, pushing him just to the brink. Surprising to her, he was very receptive that particular evening, not relenting in his verbal assault, nor did she. Nope, she never backed down, why would she? Then something changed in his demeanor.

W-what are you doing, Vegeta?

What’s wrong, onna?

Innocence does not suit you…

He had cornered her like a caged animal, trapping her small form between his muscled arms. He breathed heavily through his nostrils, looking her straight in the eye and trailing the tip of his finger down the length of her neck to the soft swell of her breast. She opened her trembling lips to speak, but he didn’t allow her that much, no. His mouth collided with hers breathlessly in a searing kiss. His groans were like music to her ears, nearly throwing her past the threshold of control. Bulma had held on tight, begging him to finish what he started. He didn’t, which was his game. He took her far enough just to let her down. Thus, here she had been stuck, in a horrific limbo of sorts.

Though, he had another thing coming. What he didn’t know was she was very aware of his presence in the evening. Watching her from the shadows as she read, worked, and even more so when she undressed. Did he really have as much control as he thought and said he had? She wanted him to feel the same desire, be in the same wanton state as she– maybe even worse. Was she terrible for wanting this?

Bulma groaned, arching her back as her flushed form twisted on top of her sheets; clutching and clawing. Her blue hair fanned across the sheer material of her pillowcase, pressing her cheek tightly to one side as she allowed another soft moan to escape her lips.

Her blue orbs opened for only a moment, shifting her eyes over the grid of the ceiling. It was then she stopped all movements from under her plush blanket. Her long legs peaked from below the warm shelter of her comforter, leaving her naked to the air. Her vibrating partner lie just between her thighs as she glided her hands under the hem of her nightshirt, pulling it up and over her head. Dropping back to her pillow; body now completely nude in the middle of her california king. Bulma twisted her legs around, spreading them wide as she caressed her palms down the length of her body, toying with her nipples and cupping her drenched core, attempting to picture her saiyan lover instead.

…Was he here again?

…Was he watching?

…Are you watching me….Vegeta?


Licking her lips, the blue haired heiress moved just enough to press her back against the cool surface of her head board. Bulma gripped the vibrating bullet between her nimble fingers and pressed it, once again, to the sensitive bundle of nerves between her quivering thighs. Her lips parted and her eyes fluttered closed, basking in the feeling and hoping that her mental images would be enough to suffice.

She was almost there, she could feel it. She needed confirmation he was here. Bulma glanced up through her thick lashes, directing her gaze in the vicinity of darkened veranda. The dark shadow that had been lurking for sometime now, moved ever so slightly, validating he was indeed watching. Did he get pleasure watching her in this way? Was he touching himself?

“Oh god,” She breathed heavily.

Her breath grew short. Her thighs shook, spreading even wider as if accommodating for her saiyan prince. Her fingers worked her vibrating bullet in intricate patterns over her bud, attempting to find that release she so desperately needed. Bulma released a long drawling moan, reaching up to cup her breast as she rolled her hips through a sharp wave of pleasure. Her mind instantly returned to her maddening thought. The very thought of him hard, and playing with himself.  

His shadow drifted closer to the door. It was obvious he had been pacing; he was contemplating. He wanted to fuck her. This much she knew. Would he give in? Would he finally come in and take what he had been wanting for so long. The shadow paused just behind one of her crimson drapes, but close enough to the entrance to her bedroom.

What are you waiting for?

Bulma groaned out in frustration, pulling her thighs up against her stomach, slowing her relentless pace. For a moment, Bulma replaced her vibrator with her fingers, dipping deep within her wet womanhood to find her pleasure spot. Her face contorted beautifully; lips dipping open and as the sliding door drifted open she deliciously threw herself head first into a powerful orgasm that rocked her very soul. Bulma cried out loudly, rolling her index finger over her clit, intensifying her spending.

“Oh gods,” She cried out, face contorting beautifully, “Oh Vegeta,” she allowed her name from her lips.

Her face relaxed and it was then a smile graced her lips. Her eyes opened lazily to meet the lusty eyes of a highly aroused saiyan. He stood in the middle of her room shirtless, skin glistening with perspiration from his prior training. His full lips were parted, and a look of confusion was plastered to his face. He took a step forward, clenching his fists tightly at his sides as if irritated with himself for giving in to her.

“What took you so long?” Bulma asked, dropping back against the pillow and staring up at him wantonly.

Eyes dropped to the front of her spandex, the blue haired human couldn’t help but grin. He cupped himself, walking to the edge of her bed to place one of her knees against the corner.

“Is this what you wanted?” He breathed.

“If you will give it to me,” Bulma replied without a thought; cheeks flushed.

Vegeta’s brow quirked, and without a word or further hesitation, he stripped of all garments, and climbed the bed to hover over her sweat slick body.  

“Prepare yourself, onna,” He breathed against her lips as he quickly straddled her.

Staring at the Edge of the Water {open}

Ever since waking up from the crazed little book world that Celia had somehow been transported into in her dreams, Celia felt alone. Even after the interaction with Maui prior to being thrown into a universe that she had only ever read about as a child, she felt like she had no one. 

It put her in a rather solemn mood to be truthful, not really able to find joy in the things that she once enjoyed so much. So speaking with a half sound mind, Celia knew that if she were to stay in her apartment, that she would most likely go certifiably insane (even if she did not want to see people because she was still terrified of getting caught - yet another reason why she felt so empty).

She took a spot at a bench on the far side of town next to the lake, wanting to stay as far away from civilization as humanly possible, but still wanting to at least stay far enough away from the forest just in case. (Especially after the forest incident in that weird ass dream). Her legs came up to her body, hugging them nice and tight as she stared blankly across the lake towards the the town, completely unaware of the person that was walking in her direction.

sassyoungjae’s daejae fic rec

just in case you daejae shippers are craving to read some good fics, the stories on this list are guaranteed to satisfy your feels. i’ve read and loved every single one of them, so i hope you will to ^^ if you’re ready to cry your heart out, silently scream in your room at 2am, throw your laptop (or phone) against the wall, fall out from your chair (or bed), giggle like a stupid teenager and become daejae trash, then please enjoy at your own risk~

A Change In Life (long chaptered)

A Christmas Love Story (romance)

A Trip to the Store (smut)

All That Mattered (one shot)

Anything He Can Do I Can Do Better (smut, daejaelo)

Are You Afraid? (fluff, one shot)

Because Youngjae is Youngjae and it will never change (fluff, one shot)

Cinematic Moments (romance)

Color of Love (long chaptered)

Count to Three (romance)

Count it Backwards (daehyun pov, romance)

Dae & Jae of B.A.P (drabble collection)

Daehyun’s birthday cake (smut)

Daes with Yoo (short stories collection)

Decadence (short chaptered)

Dreaming of You (crack)

Facebook Time With B.A.P (feat. himup, jonglo)

Fallen (sequel to Guardian Angel, supernatural, feat. gtop)

Forgetful (fuff, one shot)

Gamer(s) (fluff, one shot)

Guardian Angel  (long chaptered)

Halves (romance)

Hatred (angst)

He’s not just possessive of food (fluff, drabble)

Heartbeat Express (long chaptered)

Hot Coffee and Ice Coffee (romance)

I don’t know how to love him (angst, one shot)

I want to see you again (sequel to Nice to meet you, romance)

Jung Daehyun’s request (sequel to Yoo Youngjae’s brilliant(?) idea, one shot)

Just a Feel (smut)

lather, rinse, repeat (long chaptered)

Look After Yoo (supernatural, one shot) 

masterchef drama collide (romance, one shot)

Mine (sequel to A Christmas Love Story, smut)

My baby (fluff)

Nice to meet you (romance) 

Not Perfect (romance, three-shot)

Oceanfront love (lovely smut)

Occupational Hazards (long chaptered)

Of college, annoying roommate, and beautiful stranger (crack, fluff, one shot)

Put on a show (sequel to Anything He Can Do I Can Do Better, smut, daejaelo)

Question Marks (epilogue to I want to see you again, romance)

Reasons why Daehyun is odd (drabble collection)

Scream for me (lovely smut)

Sky Blue (one shot, romance)

Sleep Well, Dream Sweet (long chaptered)

Solace (angst)

Some Breasts and a Genie (crack, long chaptered)

Steps to Falling in Love (one shot)

Talking to the winds (fantasy, romance)

Technically Correct (crack)

The Big Apple Series (drabbles)

The New Boy in Town (love triangle, one shot)

The Next Time (one shot, sequel: The Last Time)

The Sound of Silence (angst, feat. kaisoo)

Things Between Us (angst, one shot)

Trusted (comedy, drama)

Wait for me … (angst)

Warzone (angst)

When It Rains (romance, one shot)

When Youngjae is Sleep Deprived (fluff, one shot)

White Rose (angst, one shot)

Why are you so shy? (fluff, one shot)

Wide Awake (sequel to Sleep Well, Dream Sweet)

Unexpected Love (long chaptered)

Voice Message (angst, one shot)

Yoo and I (long chaptered) 

Yoo Youngjae’s brilliant(?) idea (one shot)

You’re pretty, that’s it and deal with it (fluff)

You’re too pretty, that’s the biggest problem here! (sequel to You’re pretty, that’s it and deal with it)

I am not obsessed with daejae. Nope. Not a single bit. 

So the kid bailed on me. I’m working on the latest picture request for Order of Protection. I thought it would be nice to have an adult version of the drawing and a kids version - since i’m attempting to draw like a little kid for the picture. but nope! she wasn’t interested.

she’s more interested in watching Sans videos on Youtube right now from Undertale. kid doesn’t even OWN the game and she’s a wee bit obsessed lol…

oh well. I’m using art rage to imitate crayons cause i got mad at the inferior ones my daughter had and i’m using the @weekendartmarathon studio session to complete it :D

My mother and I have become ever so slightly obsessed with London Spy, mostly because it is more than a bit bonkers.

Anyway. I have one thing to say about tonights episode & that is: they obviously just faked those test results at the clinic. I suspect some people know this and some don’t, but when you apply for certain types of Russian visas you have to submit a negative HIV test from within so many weeks. Therefore I have taken quite a few HIV tests and never once has the nurse left the room with the test. Like nope, the 2 of you just stare awkwardly at it for several minutes. 

I also imagine that faking a test result is far easier to do than actually infecting someone. hmmmm. 

so i’ve recently become obsessed with chopped and in an ep i watched last night, one of the contestants had a crush on one of the judges and it got me thinkin’ about a ziam au (i know, you’re shocked) where zayn is one of the judges - he’s a very respected chef and owns a couple of restaurants across the US, but he’s currently employed at the one in nyc that he co-owns with his best mate niall. he’s written a few cook books as well as a murder-mystery novel that he wrote under a pseudonym. he’s a fan favourite - his good looks, multiple tattoos, and edgy style undoubtedly being a few of the many reasons why.

and then there’s liam. he’s got quite a reputation in LA because of his nice, fun demeanor and his delicious tacos - he has a taco truck that he parks right by the beach - and he spends his free time surfing and visiting his best friend louis’ tattoo shop. he also walks dogs on the side to make a little extra cash. 

liam finally makes it as a contestant on chopped and can’t wait. he watches the food network religiously and has dreamed about going on the show for years. his favourite judge is zayn - he’s even made a trip to new york JUST to go to his restaurant (and he definitely wasn’t hoping to bump into zayn there, nope. he definitely didn’t go four times in one weekend. DEFINITELY NOT!). ok, so liam might have a bit of an obsession and louis never fails to make fun of his lil crush. but now it’s a reality that LIAM is going to be in the same BUILDING as ZAYN MALIK. he’s going to be PREPARING FOOD and then zayn is going to be PUTTING THAT FOOD in his MOUTH. liam is going to be within a few feet of zayn malik’s MOUTH. the thought makes him a teeny bit nervous but mostly excited.

when the crew came by his taco truck to film his intro vid (the one they play while introducing the contestants) he made sure he wore his batman apron because he knows zayn is a bit of a comic book geek and this might make him stick out - or something like that. i mean, that’s completely rational thinking, right? it makes sense in his head. they also film a short bit of him surfing which he thinks is cool.

anyway, fast forward to the day of the show. liam’s prepared - he’s confident (but not cocky) and he’ll consider it a win even if he loses because zayn malik will have tasted his food and will be aware of his existence, even if it’s just for a few minutes. ok, so that might be a little creepy. to justify it in his head he thinks that anyone would feel like this around their idol……right ? of course!

so then you have it from zayn’s perspective - another episode of chopped, another fun day of trying ridiculous creations. he loves every second of it, if he’s being honest. it’s fun to see what these chefs come up with and he’ll try anything. the wackier and the more creative, the better.

before the show they do a little rundown on the contestants so the judges have a bit of insight before they start filming. one of them catches his eye (a guy named liam payne) because wow - he’s cute. really cute. is that a batman apron?? and what..he surfs? oh, he’s shirtless. oh no. oh no no. this is bad. zayn rarely finds the contestants attractive (ok, so it happens more often than you’d think) but he always keeps his cool - he’s really good at that. he’s a PROFESSIONAL, after all. but something about this guy makes him think it’s going to be harder than usual.

so, they’re in the kitchen and the contestants are brought in one by one. and of course liam’s even more attractive in person. OF COURSE. as the first basket’s ingredients are revealed, he looks at liam’s arms as he reaches into the basket. notices his tattoos and his muscles. he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t internally rooting for this liam guy to do well. but he can’t be BIASED !! **HE’S A PROFESSIONAL**

back to liam’s point of view - he’s got a plan and think he can make something great with these ingredients. he knows zayn likes things extra spicy so he’s gonna spice it up as much as he can. he knows he should care about the other judges opinions but at the same time, zayn’s opinion is the one he cares about the most.

so the time is up and his dish is ready. his presentation is a bit off but overall he think he came up with something great. he’s glancing at the other contestants and really only one of them looks like it could be better - some guy with curly hair named harry’s dish.

so now is the moment of truth - the moment where zayn finally tries his food. the contestants line up before the judges and coincidentally enough he’s placed right in front of zayn (or was it fate?) and oh no, zayn is looking at him. he’s like - seriously looking at him. is he staring? is he making all this up in his head? is he dreaming? he almost pinches himself but then comes to his senses.

he explains his dish and watches as zayn gets a fork-full of food. he’s pretty sure time slows down as zayn brings the fork to his mouth. eventually the food makes its way inside zayn’s mouth and liam’s so entranced by zayn’s lips and jaw that he thinks he might faint. ok, so it’s not that bad (it totally is)

zayn swallows and directs a comment to liam about the amount of spice in the dish and how it’s a perfect mixture of heat and flavour. liam knows his face lights up as he says “thank you, i know you like it spicy” and then he almost facepalms because WOW that was SO CHEESY - did he really just say that out loud ???

but zayn smiles his crooked smile and responds with an “oh yeah?” and liam just nods like an idiot.

the rest of the judges say stuff but to be honest, he can’t really focus on them. zayn just COMPLIMENTED his cooking. zayn smiled at him. zayn talked to him. wow. life is amazing.

the judges taste the other contestant’s dishes - one person left a main ingredient out which is never good. the other’s wasn’t fully cooked. the person whose dish liam thought looked decent (curly’s dish) got good remarks as well so he was sure the two of them would at least make it through. he was confident he wouldn’t get chopped.

as they’re ushered off into the sideroom for the judges to make their decision, harry comes up to him and formally introduces himself and compliments liam’s dish. liam smiles and shakes his hand and tells him that his presentation was the best. harry blushes and thanks him and liam decides he likes this guy, wouldn’t mind it coming down to the two of them in the final round - the dessert round. 

they’re brought back out and are given the whole ~who is on the chopping block~ spiel. the dish is revealed and phew, it’s the dish that was undercooked. he gives harry an encouraging nod and a thumbs up and harry smiles in response. they made it to the next round.

liam looks at zayn real quick and notices zayn looking at him. zayn bites his lip and smiles at him - it definitely happened. zayn just BIT HIS LIP while STARING at him. and liam’s thinking that there’s NO WAY he is going to lose this competition.

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Hello love! Have you got any favorite headcanons? 🎅🏼

EEEEE Hello my secretest of Santas!!! My god this is exciting, I need another mince pie (hahahaha that’s such a lie I’ve had at least seven today :P)
Oh headcanons. SO many, god, to pick favourites… speaking purely Wolfstar helps to narrow it down… a little… :P

Remus was definitely and without a doubt the most untidy, disorganised fucker you’ve ever met—his clothes are always everywhere (not dirty ones—they always end up in the hamper by some miracle, but he’s convinced the elves deliberately hide his clean clothes around the dorm), he does his homework on time but it’s always a mad rush the morning it’s due to actually find it again, ‘where the sodding fuck has my bloody tie gone now?’, would forget to eat anything but chocolate (which springs in an eternal river from his pockets) for days if left to his own devices. 
But he isn’t left to his own devices, because Sirius follows him around like a puppy picking up his homework and putting it in his bedside table for him, and finding and returning Remus’s socks when they show up under his pillow or in his school bag, and making sure he gets three nutritious meals a day (legit fought someone for the last eggs over breakfast one morning because Moony needs protein, fuck off). I mean, Sirius can’t organise his own shit for love nor money, but he always makes sure Remus is sorted.

We all know James and Sirius were legitimate brothers—Sirius just got like, implanted in the wrong uterus, you know? And those two bounce off each other like mad, they spark each-other’s questionable ideas and feed off each other’s energy.
But Remus makes Sirius feel… peaceful. Not passive—like they’ll go speeding through the backroads of Kent on the bike or trying to drown each other in the Black Lake or whatever, but Sirius feels this sort of deep seated, internal calm with Remus, this security that stops him feeling like he’s about to burst out of his own skin, and it means the entire world to him.

They’re both obsessive readers, which everyone knows and expects of Remus, but they’re always a bit blindsided by it from Sirius. They often presume he knows books from Remus and half the time Remus is like “Nope—he gave me that one.” They trade all the time, and they’ll spend hours sprawled out in the dorm, Sirius with his legs slung over Remus’s lap, just reading together and occasionally stopping to give the other their thoughts on things. They do things like that a lot—just sit around and talk about theoretical shit.

Remus fucking loves the bike, he thinks it’s fantastic. He’s not allowed to drive it though—he tried once, went straight into a hedge, and Sirius decided never again.

Remus also is never allowed to pierce anyone’s ears. He did Sirius’s first piercing after a week of pestering, with a cooling charm and a magically disinfected earring borrowed from Marlene. Remus went too heavy on the cooling charm, though, trying to numb the shit out of Sirius’s ear because a) Sirius is a whiny piss-baby when things hurt, and b) Remus once knocked a cup of hot tea into someone’s lap and was so distressed by this that he actually cried, so he absolutely cannot inflict pain on Sirius. Unfortunately, numbing the ear by making it cold (and this is a life hack guys—take notice) toughens the ear tissue and makes it much harder to pierce through. The earring gets stuck half way through Sirius’s ear. Remus definitely cries, so does Sirius, so does James. Marlene has to come and fix it. She does the rest of Sirius’s ear piercings for him after that.

My Grandma tries to name BTS


Gm: That’s not his real hair colour is it?

Me: No, his real hair colour is black.

Clue: A type of alcohol but spelt wrong.

Gm: Ohhh, JIN!

Me: YAS!


Gm: He needs a haircut, it’s in his face.

Me: Like yours? *oooh burnnn*

Clue: you put it in your tea.

Gm: Suga?

Me: yup :)


Gm: He looks a bit like Cliff Richard.

Me: Nana, no one knows who Cliff Richard is. Anyway it begins with J.

Gm: Junior, Jo, Jay O, Jay Z, Jay R, J….Wish




Gm: He looks like he has a Brillopad on his head.

Clue: Something scary.

Another clue: what does eminem do?

Gm: Rapper, Rap Ghost (It should be XD), Rap Bear, RAP MONSTER!


Me: This is my favourite member.

Gm: Oooh, um um well… he looks quite normal (pft what?)

Also Gm: Jisus, Jibbie, Jin Jin Jin, Jim Jims, JinJin.

Me: He’s got no jams.

Gm: Oh, so he’s Jim then?

Me: NO! 

Gm: Jimin?


Gm: He looks quite normal too (Lol nope).

Clue: It’s one letter.

Gm: V


Mg: That was a bit piss easy

Me: XD


Gm: His hair is a bit like Cliff’s (she means Jhope). It looks like their mum has put a bowl on their head and cut around it.

Me: what were me and mum shouting at the seagulls in Blackpool? Also it begins with J.

Gm: F*** off? I Don’t know. Why does everyone’s name start with J?

Me: *dying from laughter*. 

Gm: JB, Junior ( What is her obsession with GOT7? XD), Jehosofut ( I literally don’t even know anymore), Jujube, Julie, SUSAN, Judd, Jungho?

*10 hours later

Gm: Jungkook

Me: :)

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Are you seriously SO STUPID to not understand Darren was finishing his own tweet about him AND CHORD and their obsession with fart apps? I mean I know you are delusional, but the stupidity wasn't necessarily a given.

Oh joy joy!  I got hate!  It’s been a while…oh how I’ve missed getting rude assholes in my ask box!  Guess what, honey?  Today of ALL days, not one ridiculous rude word from your frightened, whimpering soul is gonna bother me one tiny bit.  Nope.

If you’ll notice (here we go, pay attention…ya might wanna take notes)…his fart tweet had nothing do with with and no relevance to his next tweet.  There was no ellipsis (Google that one)  at the end of the Chord tweet. There was one at the beginning of his next tweet which came less than a minute after Chris’ tweet which ended in an ellipsis.

This isn’t even being obnoxious.  It’s blatant.

Now go run on your merry way and enjoy the rest of the day!  Buh bye!!

Why we ship: Gruvia

Well, for the most part Gruvia is this:

Ok, joke aside, the concept of the ship is about them being water and ice mages, and it’s basically the same thing.

Now, meeting Gray really changed Juvia.

Like she said, she upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1

The thing is Juvia is obsessed with Gray.

Very obsessed.

Really obsessed.

REALLY OBSESSED! (Her imagination doesn’t help)

Well the thing is despite Juvia having one hell of a body Gray doesn’t seem to love her at all.



Not a single bit. Gray you stupid tsundere

Also, don’t forget the boob grab, it seals the deal.

I think I’ll try doing Jerza next time. Kinda hard thinking about good reasons besides how sexy Jellal is. Oh there’s Erza being sexy too, I’m gonna need some time to build a solid argument though.

Just some random ramblings from me as this hiatus drags on.

Watching Bones and following Booth & Brennan’s love story will be a completely unique time of my life. No other show and couple will capture my heart like this ever again. (And don’t tell me I can’t know that, I can and I do!!) I’ve been watching the show religiously for five years now and logic and natural tv patterns would dictate that my love for the show and BB should have lightened a little bit by now. BUT NOPE. Somehow I’m even MORE obsessed with BB than I was when I caught up all the way back in early season 5 and I truly love them more than ever and it’s the most insane thing.

And I cannot even believe we are lucky enough to be able to follow BB’s life over a timespan of more than 10 years (Bones time). Their daughter (!! still never over that one tbh) is going to turn 3 which means they’ve been officially together for almost 4 years and we’ve been able to see that play out on screen and will do so for atleast another year! C R A Z Y. And of course, the first six seasons were special in their own way and while I’d never want to go back to that time now, the ‘chase’ was of course wondeful to watch- even if at times I was swearing and shouting and coming *this* close to breaking my screen on several occasions, lol.

How lucky are we to have a show that is going into its 10th season next season AND that has always stayed true to showcasing the love story between the lead characters. And that’s something truly rare to find in tv land. Seeing how they’ve fallen in love and love each other and grown as characters over that time, has been and continues to be the most amazing thing.

Sometimes I’m embarassed by how much Bones and particularly Booth & Brennan rule my life and consume my thoughts-probably not what a 20yo should be doing with her life- but whatever, idgaf. (But still, this little post has been scheduled for a time when I’m away from tumblr, haha.)