not objects

Here I am
A young, happy, teen
What more could I ask for
In this unrealistic reality
Where society dictates my thoughts
And tells me that I’m a slut
Calls me a whore
And then keeps telling men that I’m just asking for more

Since when are my shoulders fuckable
And when are my knees irresistible
I’m sorry but I am a human being
I have thoughts
And I also have feelings

If your wondering what it’s like to feel pain
What it’s like to feel ashamed
Just ask a woman
Ask them if they are sluts

Many may say no
But if you ask the world
They say
Oh look at that hoe
She slept with him last night
I can see her bra straps
Her dress is really tight
How can she even be considered right?
She is a mistake
She must be corrected

She isn’t the impossible standard
She isn’t pure
She isn’t perfection
She is just a toy
A sex toy
She isn’t a human
Oh no, she’s a woman

Oh look at her she’s bleeding now
Tell her to not complain
And to hide pain in shame
Focus on having kids
But don’t have sex
Eat healthy but don’t be a stick
You’ve got to have curves or else you don’t fit

Even someone as pretty as you
Has got to know that this world has rules
And it’s only getting worse
With each year
The waves grow stronger
The waters rising up faster
And I’m starting to drown


I just wanna ask you one thing
And that one thing is
Are you just gonna let this ship sink?
Or will you help us out?

—  Anf879

dont crucify me for this but……….. i still think black swan was an exciting addition to film. it literally had that low quality shot on digital but technically proficient updated de palma female psychotic misogynist/feminist melodrama-horror dramatic lighting and musical cues deal going on even tho i really hate everyone involved it like….kinda went awf……. im going to rewatch it and find the courage to speak more truth.

Okay like, no offense but if you have abs and youre not,
A) Constantly lifting heavy objects or 
B) Dramatically Posing 24/7,

Then whats the FUCKING POINT

Honestly I’m so happy for the inanimate insanity crew. They’ve worked so hard for years and have gone from a near copy to touching an area that object shows haven’t really gone to before. The animation gets better with each episode, and the crew is so amazing and nice in all honesty. I’m so happy that they’ve come so far, and I’m glad that there are such people on this Earth.