not objects


old oc from march-april 2016.

[this info and design is from my old sketchpad so this is going to change if i eventually decide to remake this nerd jdfksjkfs]

he has a coin slot but no payout tray or a coin reject slot bc he really likes keeping money to himself

actually an uncle

wrestles with his sister and others occasionally

overall a chaotic neutral 2016 me based him off of this dkjafkjdfjkd


It’s too bad we don’t have a Handy sim in this family.  I mean we DO, but they’re all Andrei’s siblings and that doesn’t help anyone rn.  No Kolya, no Pasha.

…. I know you’re not sorry they’re not here.  It’d still be helpful.  I don’t know if they can bypass puddles, tbh.  xD

All done.

It only took the entire room smelling of burnt dog hair and your son’s frayed nerves.  :D


anonymous asked:

I said fuck off (a bit overreaction i admit) because you are apologising racism and homophobia! Steven Moffat is being racist and homophobic by killing off the black lesbian. That's a fact. Are you REALLY trying to say a white man doing an act like that (killing the said black lesbian) isn't homophobic and racist? That's just abysmal! I like you and your blog, but you are so in the wrong here, Moffat is dreadful!

Okay so firstly? That ‘said black lesbian’ has a name, and it’s Bill Potts. So, in the future, it might be a good idea for you to use it, especially when you’re trying to advocate against homophobia.

Secondly, Bill Potts isn’t dead, has never been dead, and certainly won’t be dead come next week. It’s not happening. And if I’m wrong, then by all means, feel free to gloat forevermore in my ask box. 

Until then, forgive me for continuing to keep up celebrating Steven Moffat for the wonderful stories and repesentation he’s given us over his years as showrunner. It’s a heck of lot more positive for minorities than anything RTD ever gave us.