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So i'm just curious, but why are you drawing Pierrots, is it for a class? And how many do you have to draw? I honestly love all of them so much!


It’s a project we were assigned in the beginning a seminar class- we have to make 200 of something and have it done by the end of the semester.

I’m working on 200 variants of the Pierrot costume because I did an earlier project on his costume in an art history class and got attached to it.

gregor: can i get an uuuuhh one mental health please

the third wheel: mental health machine broke


Since I can’t decide which photo looks better, I’m gonna include both the filtered and non-filtered version.

Hey, @ii-hath-consumed, I really like your oc/objectsona, so I drew her and my oc Mini Tissues interacting! I really like your drawings, and I hope you see this!

My oc:

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I really enjoy your stories (especially the Bakemono universe) and I just read What Even and now I kinda ship Chouichi and Itachi? Idk how that happened but now I have a need for more interaction between them, I DON'T CARE IN WHAT KIND OF UNIVERSE I JUST WANT TO SEE IT. You broke me there, I can just see Itachi getting along with the Akimichis.


Hey Anon.

I kinda ship them too.

They were on the veranda of one of Chouichi’s favorite restaurants and he still couldn’t believe that Itachi had gotten the job.

“Teaching?” Chouichi asked Itachi. “Really?”

“A genjutsu instructor was needed.” Itachi said, pouring himself more tea. “You’d agree I’m more than qualified.”

“Qualified my ass you could genjutsu circles around the Hokage if you felt like it and everyone in this village knows it it’s the KIDS I don’t get.”

“Not everyone hates children as much as you do, Chouichi.” Itachi said, sipping delicately.

“I don’t hate kids!” Chouichi defended. “I just- they’re so loud. And they get in the way. And they make a damn mess.”

“You had none of those problems with Chouji.” Itachi pointed out.

“Chouji’s my brother, okay, it’s different.” Chouichi defended.

“I suppose.” Itachi said. “The children seem to like me.”

“The children are young and stupid and think the Jounin who walk you to work every day must do it because you’re so cool.”

“But Chouichi,” Itachi said with a straight face, “I am so cool.”

Chouichi groaned. “I walked right into that one.” He said.

“You haven’t walked right into one in years.” Itachi said. “You were due.”

“I didn’t have the chance you were on the lam.” Chouichi said.

“Hm.” Itachi put his teacup down. “Chouichi?”


“Are we friends?”

Chouichi gave Itachi a long, thoughtful look.

“You know,” he said, “Your little brother asked my little brother the same thing not too long ago.”

Then he leaned forward, grabbed the hitai-ate- shiny and new- and yanked it down over Itachi’s eyes.

The Uchiha straightened it with a tinge of coral on his cheeks. “I can’t believe you remember something so juvenile-”

Chouichi grabbed his hand. Itachi looked at their tightly clasped fingers over the table.

“Of course I’m your friend, you idiot.” Chouichi said with a grin. “Someone has to remind you not to light yourself on fire to warm the whole village. Besides, what was it you said on that second mission?”

Itachi pressed his lips together and repeated words said in frustrated fear, many years ago.

“You’re too stupid to quit.”

Chouichi released his hand and said, “Damn right I am. Practically family tradition. So when you are introducing me to your sharkman? Properly?”

Itachi blinked and said, “Kisame is not a sharkman.”

“Look all I want to know is how soon before I can smuggle him into the public pool?”

Itachi sighed deeply and drank more tea.

me: [is noticeably shaking]
person:  hey- are you, uh, alright?
me: hmm?  Oh! Yeah! I’m fine! A-okay, everything’s going fine nothing to see here!
me:  how are you?