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finally watermarked my discord server secret santa gift to @matchaball… page o ninette doodles. 

pls consider this an alternate animan scenario, in which an akuma did not attack, and thus nino and marinette get to spend the day together. i like to think maybe marinette fesses up about her adrien crush at some point, and nino is a chill dude about it, and for her sake, continues to put up the excuse of liking alya. 

but after spending more time with him, marinette starts to really notice nino… meanwhile, nino has no idea, cos there’s no way all that blushing has anything to do with him, right? ;0;

Tom: Punch me in the face.

Harrison: Punch you?

Tom: Yes, punch me in the face. Didn’t you hear me?

Harrison: I always hear ‘punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking, but it’s usually subtext.

hey everyone! i need your attention for like, 2 minutes

okay so you’ve probably seen me make a few comics & talk about one specific really talented classmate & friend of mine during the past few months.
well, this post is about her. 

she’s SUPER talented but she’s also super insecure and often deletes or scraps off a shit ton of great stuff because she feels like it’s not good enough, which is a real shame because what she makes is AMAZING. so.

the thing is, she has a tumblr, so what i’d like you to do is to go there and take a look at her art, and make some comments about how you feel about it! whether it’s in the tags, the comments or if it’s an ask you want to send to her, it doesn’t matter, all i want is for her to see that i’m not the only one who thinks she makes great stuff!

her url is @lycheemip, please check her out and go bananas! :D

Ko-Fi comm for I.T.: Doodles of SeriRei

this page seemed a bit standard, but I got to draw Serizawa and Reigen emoting more than I’ve ever had. which says something I think. but honestly I just really enjoyed drawing this :’33 Thank you for the commission!! 

you can see how much stronger I press the pen towards the end tho what happened there

Ko-Fi Commission Info

Tom: I sort of did something and I need your advice, but I don’t want any judgement or criticism.

Harrison: And you came to me?

A/N - Bechloe HSFT - AU

Set your alarms for 6am UK time kids because a MAMMOTH penultimate chapter of the Bechloe High School First Time AU will be uploaded just before I go to work in the morning!

Like it’s so long that I’ve not been able to upload it tonight because I’ve been writing so much of it before work/on break/after work today and I’m not overly sure it makes sense and I’m too tired to proof read it 🙈

So yes! Sorry I’ve not uploaded a one-shot today, but hopefully I’ll have made up for it by the morning 😉

Until then, take care of each other ❤️

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