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Thick Billed Raven

The Thick-billed Ravens and the related Common Ravens have the distinction of being the largest of the Passeriformes (perching birds). Like many corvids, the thick-billed raven is capable of vocal mimicry; however, this behavior is rare in the wild, and is normally recorded only in captivity.

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so… who’s gonna write the very necessary jikook fluff fic featuring miri

How Sony deals with fandoms

I’ve been to an international in-house PR summit hosted by one of my clients this week and nearly fell off my chair when one of the guest speakers was a VERY important person from Sony Music Entertainment. Let’s call him John. I won’t disclose his function and real name because I don’t want to reveal where I was, but based on his title he definitely knows what he‘s saying and has a lot of industry experience.

His speech was mainly  about how to engage with a variety of different target audiences. Of bloody course one of the first slides he showed was a picture of 1D engaging with fans which was supposed to drive the point home that there are some audiences who are more passionate about a brand than others.He mentioned then that he’s worked with 1D on their albums which drove me into a bit of a freeze.

Because I’m embarrassing, I recorded parts of his speech on my phone and wrote the most important things down to share some interesting insights he gave about how Sony manages their artists’ target audiences, crafts their artists’ social media actions and deals with the fact that at the end of the day they always need to get people to buy music.



According to John, they have their very own data-driven digital tool that helps them identify and manage different target groups for an artist (it’s not perfected yet but has been rolled out a lot of countries, I think he said 50?) and see where there might be connections to other artists, who the influencers are, what the specific target groups are or will be interested in and to identify collaboration opportunities.

Target groups are being split into four categories: Fanatics, enthusiasts, casuals, indifferents. These segments are being broken down into even smaller groups defined by age, genre preference, gender and country. They found that the older you get, the less likely you’ll be a fanatic or enthusiast.

How does Sony find this stuff out? Well, they survey polled music audiences of every age in a way that covers either nationally representatives or represent one of the major top tier cities. People shared their music preferences, consumption habits, lifestyle, media habits etc. Sony gathered all that information, analysed the insights and created their own audience understanding tool.

According to John, that way everyone at Sony has access to an interactive map of the world of Sony that looks into segmentations and audiences for every artist while being searchable in a number of different ways. The tool is pulling from real data, but they are also adding to that „with things like analytics of platforms like Spotify where we are able to gather lots of informations about user behaviours and reference that against things that we do“.



John gave the example of Snoop Doggy Dog who had launched a new album (song? Idk) around that time: „There was a week-long debate in parliament around the legalization of Marihuana, so we just jumped on this conversation and did lots of social marketing around Snoop with his rolling papers and his spliffs… so maybe that’s bad taste, I’ll allow you to judge that for yourselves. The point is though that you are also marketing into a wider cultural context. [You need] an understanding how that works and where you can have a conversation that is seamless and not fake, genuineness is quite important.

“The way you can get people to connect is: You’ve got a lot of stuff that you want to say. Start under the assumption that people actually don’t give a shit about 95 percent of it. And then see which are the bits that might overlap. This is where the understanding of the audience really comes into its own. It forces us to think before we jump to execution. The quest for relevance is vitally important.”

Why are people to connect with a brand/band though? John thinks this is one of the most underused questions when planning an approach. Why is it that they do specific things? He gave an example: „We would normally take a record to radio because we always believe that radio is the thing that breaks the record. But if my core audience, my phase one audience – the people that are gonna give that band its first lift – are on Spotify, what am I doing on radio??“


„The thing is that you don’t start with a conversation around a product. The consumption of the product is the end point of a journey where you built an engagement and a fan. So again, for us that means that when we sit down and do our plan around our next Robbie Williams album, we start with „How are we gonna maximize the engagement around Robbie Williams“? because that will then sell us albums. Not „Okay, we’ll be releasing in a week in November, eight weeks out we need to be here, here and here“. So we’re not doing product launches anymore unless [it is suitable for the target demographic]. We have to built a tension and an engagement around an artist.“



„We run most of our artists social media channels or at least their official  pages, so we are involved in all of those conversations.“

Shocking, I know.

Based on the situation we face in this fandom,with this band, feel free to draw your own conclusions about what this information means.


1.       It’s not news at all, but the existence of their own audience understandig tool confirms it: the 1D fandom is being monitored, segmented and analyzed. Sony’s strategies are tightly tied to that fact. Collaborations or artist interactions such as Louis/James Arthur or One Direction/ Little Mix are most likely the result of a data-driven analysis of whose fan groups are similar and whose are likely to be open towards that particular other artist too.

2.       Again no news, but the example of Snoop Doggy Dog shows that there are strategies behind even the most random photos. Often placements of specific pictures or stories serve a wider purpose. Hello pap walks, hello b**ygate, hello Louis Twitter, hello Liam visibly being linked to L.A.‘s cool singer/songwriter crowd before his first album drop.  

3.       The decision to not promote Louis‘ song could very well have been a logical outcome of the team asking themselves the question „Why?“: Why should we promote his song with huge effort when we KNOW his own fans are going to do it passionately, especially if they think  we don’t give a shit? Why not playing that game in order to make them promo it the hardest way they can?“ Why indeed??

4.       One Direction is a huge deal for Sony. John was talking about a lot of bands during his speech but whenever he was talking about major acts, he always listed One Direction amongst them (along with gems like Beyonce, David Bowie, Adele). He name-dropped them at least 5 -6 times in a 60 minute speech. He really didn’t have to because the audience was in no way whatsoever a target audience. So yes, they clearly have been and are a very huge deal for them.

5.       The part about social media? Well :))))))

Once, I was helping this guy with his chemistry homework and when he finally submitted the answer and the computer told him it was correct, we were both like, ‘yay!’, he said ‘thank you’, I said ‘no problem’, and sat back down in my seat. Then, he turns to me, his expression absolutely serious, and he says, “I appreciate you.” and I do this double take like “that wasnt a joke, was it?” And it was just a little jarring because of 1) he was actually serious and 2) how deeply I was moved by it. Like, it was just three words, completely of the blue, but it made me so…well, appreciated? And happy? And after my initial shock, I reply with another thank you and a “dang, you don’t hear that a lot”. And, working on his next hw problem, he’s just like, “Yeah, I try to say it as much as I can. Otherwise, how are people supposed to know?” and that was just the most casual, wonderful gesture of kindness that I’ve experienced.  

Unexpected [M] - Mark

Originally posted by got7wings

Paring: markXreader

Word Count: 9.4k

Summary: After a bad breakup, your best friend Mark is determined to show you that you are worth more than what you think and that you mean more to him than you could have imagined.

Notes: Smut, Angst, Fluff

The air in the club was thick with sweat and perfume and while you had been out clubbing more and more recently, you still couldn’t get used to the stench and the way it fogged your senses. It also didn’t help that there were random horny people grinding on each other left and right, but then again you could also be seen as one of those people.

You were caught up in another random guy just as you had been every time you went to a club. His large hands were locked onto your hips as he pressed his lips fiercely to yours. You weren’t interested in sharing your night with him even though he was tall and fairly attractive, but something in the way his fingers gripped your hips was too reminiscent on the one person you were trying to forget.

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Emma Thompson, Very Serious Dramatic Actor™

Mrs. Lovett, what a charming notion                                                      Eminently practical and yet appropriate, as always!                                    Oh, Mrs. Lovett                                                                                            How I’ve lived without you all these years I’ll never know!

tumblr accent challenge thingy????
what up i'm semi im 19 and i never fkin learned how to read

i can’t talk lmao but uhhhh tagged by ye nasty dae stans out to embarrass me @daehnii @daestopiaa @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin (i never got to hear yours though :(( )

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anonymous asked:

Regarding the speed paint ask: I think you're right, and that people won't be very happy with that being the only content released that week (although I think it's completely fine and would love to see another speed paint!). BUT I think that you can record normal videos, and whenever you draw something you consider good, record it and maybe upload twice that week? I could show you how people react to it and stuff.

That’s a good idea! Like a random spur of the moment sorta thing? 

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So this is what we wanted right? Columbia will be good for Harry? And it's still under Sony, but it's not Sony?

I feel like some of you are still confused about the label stuff and I’m definitely not an expert on any of this, but hopefully I can clear it up a little bit.

One Direction was under Columbia and Syco, both of which are under the larger umbrella of Sony. Now, Harry is under Columbia, which is again, under the larger umbrella of Sony. He’s therefore under Columbia AND Sony, just as One Direction was under Columbia AND Sony (and Syco). As for whether it’s what we wanted, well, a lot of us didn’t want to see any of the boys stick with a Sony label (Liam and Niall are under Universal Music Group labels instead, which makes many of us happy) because Sony is definitely responsible for a lot of the terrible shit the boys had to deal with over the years and they definitely have a huge hand in babygate and so on. That being said, I’m assuming that Harry is going to use the record label he created (Erskine Records) and will just use Columbia to distribute his music. From what I’ve read, unlike a normal record deal, a distribution deal would mean that Columbia and Sony have no involvement in the recording process and production of Harry’s music, and then if he also uses his own publishing company (Harry’s is called HSA Publishing), they would also own no portion of the music song rights. That means he has way more control over his music, so that would be a very good thing for him.

And regardless, I think most of us believe that Harry has the wisdom and experience at this point to only sign a deal that benefits him as much as possible and that gives him the opportunity to have the solo career that he wants. One Direction’s success and Harry’s name put him at a huge advantage walking into any negotiations, which is something that wasn’t possible for him or any of the boys when they signed their record deal back at the beginning of their careers. So I am hoping that the terrible shit that Sony has done (which could have been any label, honestly - no record label is “nice” really) will not be repeated with Harry’s solo stuff because he would have hopefully signed a very different and much better deal than he did all those years ago.

I am enjoying the HELL out of dragging Ann-Marie Thomson, and plan to continue to do so, but I want to point out a couple of things for my own peace of mind.

We are dragging her because she is the head of Syco PR.  She’s it. She’s the one.  We’ve dragged Simon Cowell, Simon Jones, Dan Wootton, Richard Griffiths, and Harry Magee, and all for good reason, but until now Ann-Marie has been relatively unscathed.

But the simple fact is, Syco has ultimate control over their artists. Not Modest (though their refusal to advocate strongly for their clients puts them below my contempt as well). Their contracts are stricter and more all-encompassing than regular recording contracts since their business model is different than a normal record company’s. 

Ann-Marie is not just another name we found and are throwing rotten fruit at. SHE IS THE HEAD OF PR AT SYCO.  Her job is public relations for the company, it’s artists, it’s TV shows, and Simon Cowell.  Her husband is the US Editor at The Sun and has personally written several articles blatantly pushing particular PR agendas where 1D is concerned. 

Simon Cowell is interested in making money and looking good, that’s pretty much it. For years he did both. But now he’s under fire and losing all of his money-makers, particularly 1D and The X-Factor, and Ann-Marie is the person in charge of spinning how it’s played out in the media.

As we’ve seen, 1D is being dragged right and left in the very places that Ann-Marie has the most influence - British tabloids. She has directly linked herself to the Jungwirths for no good reason (if the situation with Briana and Louis is what it is claimed to be, of course).

This isn’t tin-hatting, this isn’t speculation. There really is no one with more power over what we’ve seen happening to 1D in the UK media than Ann-Marie Thomson.

I’m just sorry it took us so long to see that.

libraleijon  asked:

In attempting to cope from the events of the new episode, I had to ask: when you record scenes with action (the very end of the new episode), is it awkward or entertaining to just have the actors standing around microphones making screaming and frustrated sounds or are you totally used to that? The image of that is just really hilarious to me for some reason.

Episodes 39 & 40 were actually recorded very differently from our usual episodes. Normally we record sitting down in my bedroom, but for these final two episodes of the season, we went to The Invisible Studios, which meant we got to do a little bit of blocking and were standing the whole time. 

For the end of this episode, we were all eight of us in the room together, facing the mic from various distances. Because of how the mic picks up sound, you have to face it the whole time, which meant that Charlie was basically sneaking up on us on his entrance (and that was very creepy and effective, let me tell you). We all had to be very, very still and then when the physical bit came, Briggon actually marched over to Charlie and the two of them went through the basic motions of what happened. Cue complete chaos. 

Sometimes the things we have to do for recording get a bit silly, but this was honestly chilling to do. Because I couldn’t turn around and look at Briggon and Charlie, all I heard was the distressed sounds they were making. It was an incredibly tense scene to record after about 4 hours of intense recording for Episode 39 and I found myself calling cut sooner and sooner with each take because I just couldn’t listen to it anymore. 

I will be 100% honest. I do not like Klance. I tend to shy away from popular ships, especially in fandoms as big and rabid as the Voltron one but what I see in Klance is what I see in every fandom that has two conventionally attractive boys with a fanbase that’s made up mostly of women in their teenage years to late 20s.

I really hate to say it but the fact is, Klance just satisfies the “hot rival yaoi” trope that has existed for years. You can overanalyze the snot out of any scene that has Lance and Keith in it and say there’s romance there, you can do that between any two characters. Now yes, Lance and Keith are more focused on, they seem to be more primary characters (and I do hope Hunk and Pidge get more screentime because they are my favorites) and therefore share more scenes together.

Their dynamic is also important to the show and to the plot. I never wanted to be the one saying “well look at the reasons why you don’t ship this character over that character” but… look at the reasons why you don’t ship this character over that character. Hunk is not conventionally attractive, he’s heavier set, darker, and fits the trope of comedy relief.

I understand why no one ships Pidge, she’s obviously very young (only recently confirmed to be 15) but why does no one focus more on her character? Why do people gravitate towards Lance angst, or Klance angst. Heck, Keith doesn’t get nearly as much individual attention as Lance.

Pidge thinks she’s lost her father and brother yet won’t stop looking for them, had to cut away pieces of her identity to sneak back into the school, and had to leave her mom all at the tender age of 14 and 15.

Shiro suffers from intense PTSD from his time as a Galran prisoner, has had non consensual body modifications done to him, keeps getting pulled back to the very place that hurt him, and may or may not be the catalyst that gets his team severely hurt not that it’s his fault, but damn straight Shiro is the kind of guy who’ll shoulder that.

Keith is an orphan, dropped out of a prestigious school for unknown(?) reasons, has an partially Galran mother, is obviously reeling from the loss of Shiro whom he respected deeply. 

And Hunk? Hunk hasn’t even been given enough screentime to know what’s going on in that dude’s life.

Allura and Coran lost their entire civilization and had to wake up, no time to deal with it! They’ve lost their families! Allura had to kill the only thing she had left of her father!

Don’t get me wrong, I identify with Lance heavily and I’m not trying to diminish his pain (well, since he’s a fictional character devoid of any emotion, I’m not trying to diminish anyone who identifies with him’s pain) but I always hate it when I see when fandoms go down this path of glorifying a character or a ship or both over other characters. It gets frustrating.

I’m sorry this shifted from Klance (which I don’t hate, btw, and can ship on a good day) to my quarrels with the whole fandom. I do have more to say on Klance but I direct you to this post that talks about the disservice done to Keith in the role of Klance.

For the record, I am fine with Sheith now that Keith is confirmed 18. I am fine with Klance, Heith, Hance, Kallura, Allurance, and Hallura. I do like Shallura but am antsy about it atm due to the unspecified age, I see her as around 18 or 19 like Keith but I also age her up a couple years just in case. I am not fine with Pidge being shipped unless she has been aged-up appropriately. I’m fine with aging up. I do not ship Pidge and Shiro even with Pidge aged-up because age gaps of more than 10 years make me uncomfortable for personal reasons.