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for 12K+ here!

this art is specifically from me to you all of guys, wanted to say thank you so much for sticking around and supporting me for almost 3 years (though this acc was made a year ago haha) and most of you are probably new here and welcome aboard!

we’re all here to chill and talk about shit stuff and art related haha. but seriously, you guys have given me confidence and inspired me to become better than i was before, to keep improving every single day both as an artist and a person. and because ramadan was just yesterday, i wanted to say i’m really REALLY sorry if i ever come across hurting y'all’s feelings and what not. i hope in the future i can be more open and mindful about certain things, and have fun a lot more w/ u guys along the way! thank you, again, from the bottom of this nerd’s heart. -Meg

btw, i was trying to paint and aim for a disney kinda art style but… eh-
JUSTICE LEAGUE: Ezra Miller's Flash Joins Batman, Wonder Woman in New Photo
To read more on this year’s Comic-Con, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly...

Art-house star Ezra Miller (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) related to rookie superhero Barry Allen the moment he walked on the Justice League set to play the Flash.

“He’s this really endearing, altruistic nerd,” Miller says. “He’s the 13-year-old Metallica fan, and Metallica says, ‘We lost our drummer in a freak accident. We need you to play drums, bro!’ I don’t even have drumsticks!” Though the film’s plot is a guarded secret, the Flash will join DC’s most powerful heroes to fight a cosmic threat, hopefully with Wonder Woman on lead guitar and Batman on bass.

anonymous asked:

I'm feeling sad, I had a really bad day :( can you tell me some happy Theon Greyjoy headcanons?

aw sorry anon :( *sends hugs* that said, sure I can give you some let’s see


  • before the rebellion he’d go with his mother to the beach to pick seashells together and they’d keep half and half of the ones they found
  • the girls he has threesomes with never fail to tell their friends they had an excellent time with him
  • before leaving the islands he never had tried a lot of fruit that wouldn’t have gotten imported there so when summer arrived in the north post-rebellion and fruit started being imported he totally might have gotten indigestion out of getting too many strawberries or dornish plums but it was entirely worth it
  • (at some point robb gave him some of his as extras)
  • he doesn’t tell anyone but he can actually sing pretty nicely. only his mother, robb and a few girls he’s gotten laid with know
  • (post-adwd jeynep learns that as well)
  • he’s always pretended to hate florian and jonquil but secretly loves the shit out of it and has secretly read half of sansa’s books
  • he never had much of a thing for writing things down out of just wanting to but post-adwd/post-series he does it a lot, sometimes it’s random thoughts and sometimes it’s things about robb and wf and his mother but it’s cathartic either way
  • at some point post-adwd someone will find him some of his old nice clothes and he’ll start working so that he can fit them again and he’s going to smile very much properly when he fills them properly
  • same when he realizes he can actually still use a bow (I checked, you can even without those three fingers)
  • post-adwd he’s totally going to let jeynep cut his hair
  • post-adwd/series he’s also going to try and do everything people might assume he couldn’t without fingers and without giving a fuck about it because honest after all of that who is even going to care - at some point he manages to sew himself a perfectly serviceable pair of gloves and he wears the shit out of it
  • he’s also probably going to get himself a small boat and go out at sea whenever possible because that’s nice damn it

modern au:

  • his mother totally has as a background phone a picture of theon in some costume that won him a cosplay contest at some point
  • he would end up overshadowing everyone in the school play that his father didn’t want him to star in and he’d enjoy every damned moment of it
  • he totally sews his own clothes after getting over the ‘BUT YOU’RE A MAN YOU SHOULD NOT’ hang-up and he also does it for other people and he’s sort of really happy when they come back to him for it 
  • (case: robb and his entire family except jon because jon is like THERE’S A LIMIT TO EVERYTHING)
  • asha totally would die denying it but she has in her wallet a few pictures of that time he won an archery tourney
  • managed to get himself elected student representative one year without even trying and he stepped down the year after because NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN but he was actually very good at it and the teacher gained a new appreciation for him after he managed to actually keep good relations between his class and the whole lot of them
  • he’s fairly decent at arts-related things and his mother totally has a folder full of his drawings in her room, and she hangs the nicest ones on the wall after she divorces balon
  • goes around on a motorcycle he takes care of personally which he’s named after one of the great old ones (not ctuhulu though, that one is the cat he sort of rescued from the back alley behind his place and that wouldn’t leave) and everyone he knows doesn’t know if it’s ridiculous, adorable or both but he takes it extremely seriously
  • he can make mean cocktails and probably gloats a lot every time he makes one for people who know him but had no idea of that specific skill

I’ve been meaning to draw my Dream Daddy for days now but have only just gotten around to it. Love me some Goth Dad <3

Sorry I’ve been so absent on here. Most of my art has been either ask-blog-related (so not posted on here), traditional (which I haven’t scanned in because I still don’t have my scanner set up at my new place) or is spoilery art for a book that won’t be out until next year at the earliest. Plus I was just avoiding tumblr for awhile in general.

I’m planning on doing a doodle dump sometime soon, though, once I get my scanner set up.

anonymous asked:

Hello. You are my Tumblr senpai and I look up to your art so much >.< I hope this isn't annoying, but I just wanted to know when you got started in animating. I want to animate so much but am unfortunately a fetus. Hearing your answer would give me some hope. Thanks a bunch <3

Hello anon, thank you for the kind message. It must be hard to type, being a fetus.

I only seriously started animating like 4-5 years ago! If you go far back enough on my animation tag, you can see some of my first public attempts hahaha… I was always sketching sequences throughout school, though. I did Lullaby for Gods during college, and my majors weren’t art-related at all.

But it doesn’t matter when you start, as long as you do it as soon as possible, just jump in. Everybody develops their skills at different paces! I’m still learning new animation tips every day, and I feel like I have a long way to go. Work hard!!

new langblr

hi guys! i’m a seventeen year old autodidact and aspiring polyglot from barcelona. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and today I finally decided to create my own langblr, which eventually will probably become a studyblr as well. I speak Spanish, English and Catalan and I’m learning German, French and Latin. I was also learning Arabic and ASL but I’m such a lazy human being so I quit, even though I plan on taking them up some time soon. I want to learn Hungarian and Ancient Greek too.

basically I’ll be reblogging stuff related to languages, linguistics, literature, journaling, studying, art and history.

i need to fill my dashboard up so i’ll be cheking out and following all of those blogs that reblog this post and reblog stuff related to my target languages/studying/journaling or those that just seem cool. also it’d be really appreciated if you could spread this post so that small, new langblrs like me can help each other out.

oh and if you ever need help with stuff regarding Spanish and Catalan language, history, culture and society I’ll be more than willing to help you. :)
Behind the Scenes at Double Fine Productions! (S12E26)
NichBoy interviews Tim Schafer and gives us a tour of Double Fine Productions. --MORE GOOD GAME--

A great little interview and tour of Double Fine Studios, worth a watch. 
AND, I found two VERY interesting Psychonaut-related tidbits:

First, it certainly sounds like they are going to have Dr. Loboto in Rhombus of Ruin and/or Psychonauts 2!!!  I can’t imagine any other reason why they would be remodeling/up-rezzing him for next gen games…

And secondly, I caught this glimpse of a bunch of concepts/sketches that I heavily suspect are Psychonauts 2 or RoR-related, since you can see old Raz, Milla and Sasha concept art in there, I assume for scale purposes.  Though it looks like it’s a lot of fish people here, so hopefully this is not abandoned stuff from the first game’s Lungfishopolis? I can’t imagine they would have all that out and posted up on the walls, though, so it’s probably new stuff, I would think…  either way, good stuff!  The end of the year can’t come soon enough, as far as I’m concerned!


It’s been a while since I drew a girl, so I though i could tackle Spider-Woman’s new duds, designed by the always awesome Kris Anka.

I personally think its a great design overall, its not nearly has iconic has the original, but I think it makes more sense in-universe. I mean, she is supossed to be a SECRET Avenger and (I think) an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., its probably hard to be a secret agent/spy or whatever when you are flashing bright red and yellow, and It blends better with her Secret Avenger peers that also have more streamlined suits.

Maybe they could alternate between this costume and her original, for the secret stuff and her more public Avengers missions, wich could also keep her out of trouble with a clean public image (things that will never happen because the higher ups probably think the public is stupid and will get confused).

Anyway I hope you like my take, and HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR EVERY ONE!!

(PS: that belt though, I don’t know how is it going to stay on in mid-flight has loose has it is, I kid)


And don’t forget everyone, I’m allways open for commissions and any kind of comic book related work, send me a message here or e-mail at

Submit your creations to the Dreamworks Fanbook!

Hey all!  If you haven’t heard yet, the-dreamworks-fanbook is a group of fans who are making a book of HTTYD-related fanpieces to send to the incredible creators of those movies!

Anyone can submit!  There’s no judgement of quality.  Anything is welcome, including:

  • Art
  • Messages to Dreamworks/Dean
  • Edits
  • Cosplay photos

Stipulation: Though the are called the Dreamworks fanbook, they are targeted towards How to Train your Dragon.

Deadline: December 25, 2014. They’d like to send the book off at the start of the new year but they are willing to extend the deadline upon request!

CLICK HERE and submit a HTTYD-related creation to the-dreamworks-fanbook so that Dean and the rest of the amazing crew can see your love for their hard work!


Hey guys, so I recently entered into a tighter financial situation than I feel comfortable with. There’s not a whole lot of room for things to go wrong and over the months, it will almost certainly get even tighter, so I’d like to open up some commissions to widen the buffer I’ve got before things get worse.

Up front, if you just want to donate, my paypal is This is also where I will be routing commissions.

I’m offering a very wide variety of services for various rates.

All rates are in USD.


Roughly $1 / 100 words, meaning a 2.5k fic/drabble would be worth $25. You can look through this blog for examples of writing. I will write anything from any fandom I recognize, and I am willing to do research into characters I may not be so familiar with. Things I will not write: excessively detailed gore, sexual nsfw content. Pieces start at 500 words.


This is my universal art tag across all blogs. Note, my personal has some older documented art. Same rules for drawing as for writing- will draw any fandom, will research for references, and no smut or excessive gore. Included in the sexual nsfw is kink/fetish art. Sorry guys, not my cup of tea. Rates for this are far more complex.

Sketch : $5-$10 depending on complexity.
             +Flats : +$3
Lined : $15-$20 depending on complexity
            +Flats : +$3
Shading for both above:
             Simple : +$5
             Complex : +$10
Background added: Free for flat/transparent/container theme box                                +$3 for patterned ( lines/dots/etc )
           +$5-$10 for specific based on complexity
Lineless Binary ( example ) : $20-$25 based on complexity ( comes with shading - $10 if you just want flats)
Lineless Painted ( example ) : $30-50 based on complexity ( comes with shading - $20 if you just want flats )


I can code themes ( examples 1 2 3 4 ) and I can also code pages ( examples 1 2 3 ). Rates for these are much more flexible and one-on-one basis. Some things to point out: I will only use press/official art of your character unless you can provide screencaptured permission from the artist to use fanart. I will provide you a disclaimer message you may use to request the art from them. I am not responsible for finding and obtaining permission on fanart. I will provide a discount if you wish to bundle an art commission with a coding commission. Expect these to run from $10-$30 depending on how complex you want the theme/page to be.

Misc Graphics

I can do icon PSDs, graphics ( theme backgrounds, online/offline, starter call, etc ) although the same rules apply as with coding-related art, I can also do icons themselves. These are much cheaper- $5 for a PSD or a graphic and $10 for 100 icons.


Wow what a random thing to put on commissions, right? But I can tutor you! I have a certified minor in math, and tutored it for 2 years at college. I also excel in English and Science classes. I can tutor you in coding as well. I won’t do your homework for you, though. But this is way more flexible, so go ahead and message me for personal rates.

Overall, expect 1-2 weeks turnaround for most projects, as I’m pretty busy. Art may take longer, due to the fact that I can code/write at work, but I can’t draw. Message me here or @ariicelis to discuss pricing. If you okay it, commissions will be posted on my new commission-related blog, @shaemonyuroze ( which isn’t set up yet ). Paypal is