not new still rad

heya!! so my blog is relatively new and I still don’t really follow that many blogs/talk to many people so I was hoping to follow more blogs on here! it doesn’t matter whether you’re multifandom or strictly one fandom (I just wanna follow more blogs tbh haha) so please reblog/like this if you post any of the following:

  • bts
  • got7
  • monsta x
  • ikon
  • a.c.e
  • pentagon (and/or triple h too!!)
  • topp dogg
  • mamamoo
  • blackpink
  • dreamcatcher
  • f(x)
  • gfriend
  • akmu
  • zion.t
  • any sort of kpop group/solo artist tbh (i’m always open to listening to and supporting more groups/soloists!! ^^)

other random non-kpop things I like/post include:

  • harry potter aus/anything hp related tbh
  • aesthetics/photography/study notes/memesthetic/etc
  • video games
  • cats
  • any type of art (fanart, original art, etc.)
  • funny vine comps are totally rad too

so please like or reblog this and i’ll definitely check out your blog asap rocky and i’ll most likely follow you (you don’t need to follow back but it’s appreciated haha)

anonymous asked:

*continuously slams hand on Kudos button* holy fuck I loved the new chapter!!!!!!

:D Glad it was to your liking, anon! The reception has been rather good so far so I’m really happy about that. 

I’m actually rather excited about the next chapter too. There was a part that was supposed to go in this one that I shoved onto the next one, but it’s a good part. I think you guys will like it.

Just a reminder that me and Michael make a rad genderswapped Soul  and Maka. We really should cosplay these guys again!

itiszephyr  asked:

First impression was pretty much: "What the heck is Shezow? Eh its not my thing - the art is really good tho and she seems super pleasant." Fast forward a long time "What the heck is GuysLikeUs? Eh its not my thing but the art is really good. She still seems pretty rad."

guyslikeus is the new guymaz tell ur friends (also dang thanks for sticking round for that long thats mad sweet)

YELLS HERES THE FULL PIC new #batgirl what a good design good female superhero outfits give me life thank you cameron-stewart and babsdraws