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Person A is the type to take up random projects and abandon them half way through. It’s just who they are. They have a very short attention span. Luckily, Person B thinks it’s adorable. They pretend they don’t like the mess, but in reality, they love watching Person A run frantically around the house while they gather materials for a new project. Person B especially loves the way Person A looks when they focus. Biting their lip and narrowing their eyes and muttering to themselves. It inspires Person B to take up their own hobby. Photography.

Person B loves the image of Person A so much that they can’t stop photographing them. These perfect candids quickly fill the house. Person A reading on the bed before they go to sleep, Person A on the swing set in the park outside their house, Person A cooking breakfast in the kitchen, smiling because they just spilled batter all over Person B.

But Person A doesn’t like that there are only pictures of themselves. But Person A can’t take a good photograph for shit, so one day, Person A and Person B go out in a date and Person A shows up with some random guy following them with a camera.

When Person B asks why they’re there, Person A simply replies “I’m sick of your beautiful face hiding behind the camera.”

The next day, Person A bursts into their house with some of the most beautiful photos either of them have ever seen, of both of them, and of Person B individually. The couple spends the day hanging photos together before Person A steps back, planting a kiss on Person B’s cheek.

“There,” they say with a smile. “Now were even.”

Tattoo (M) | 02

PT. 1 | PT. 2

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Summary: After walking in on your boyfriend having sex with your friend, you want nothing more than to erase that stupid tattoo of his name on your body.

Word Count: 11, 343

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Mature subject matter and language

A/N: Inspired by Tattoo – ELO ft. Jay Park

The constant buzzing sound of the tattoo gun brings you back to that night with Mino when you got your first tattoo. Your drunken state that night didn’t allow you to have a say in the placement of the tattoo, the font, the size – heck, you didn’t even get to decide if you even wanted a tattoo. You guess part of the reason why you hadn’t been that fazed about the unplanned tattoo was because you were too drunk to even remember the pain. However, you’re as sober as you can be right now and as you hear the sound of the machine, you instantly regret your decision.

As if he could read your mind, or rather your tensed body, the artist turns off the tattoo gun before setting it back on the side table. Noticing the sudden quietness surrounding you, you look behind your shoulder, only to meet a pair of dark brown orbs.

“Why aren’t you starting?”

“Let’s do this another time. When you’re ready.” Your brows furrowed as you tried to decipher the reasoning on his face. “Look, I know you want to have this done but I think you should take some time –”

“No! I-I want this now.” You fail at your attempt to conceal your nervousness when you started to stutter. You knew that you couldn’t convince him with your words, because heck, you couldn’t even convince yourself. Who in the world would willing agree to being pricked by a needle a million times?! It wasn’t that you had a fear of needles, rather, it was due to your extremely low pain tolerance. Every time your best friend – ex-best friend – would playfully punch you, your body would literally collapse and you would have a bruise within a matter of minutes.

You didn’t know how painful the tattoo would be; however, you were sure that nothing could be as painful as the piercing sting in your heart. You looked straight at him, pleading to him with your eyes. Thankfully, your persuasion seemed to work when you hear him mumble a ‘Fine’ before breaking eye contact with you to retrieve the tattoo gun again.

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You Are Entitled to Your Opinion (But Don’t Be A Dick)

So this is something that I’ve been toying with writing out for a while, and now seems like a good time to get my thoughts onto paper (so to speak).

A few weeks ago, I was looking at reviews on someone else’s fic (as I often do, I’m nosy like that), and I saw one that stuck with me. In it, the reviewer asked the author, “Why are you doing this?”

Now, this chapter wasn’t exceedingly angsty, didn’t hold any twists or turns that would lead a reader to have a visceral reaction of “why would you do this to us?!” or the like. It was simply a normal chapter in a normal story, and this reviewer, apparently, had decided they didn’t see the point.

As a reader, as a human, you’re entitled to your opinion. You don’t have to adore everything you read, and you don’t have to smother an author in endless effusive praise if you’re not feeling it. But you know what? Your opinion shouldn’t be a weapon used to dismiss the long hours and the hard work someone has put into their stories.

No, you don’t have to love it. No, you don’t have to even like it. But for the love of all that’s good, shut up instead of tearing someone down and diminishing them because you didn’t. If you can’t provide a polite, non-passive aggressive, constructive comment to explain your feelings, close the fanfic and walk away.

There’s been talk lately about how the amount of fic being posted is declining, and yeah, that’s true. Without new show material, people do move on to other projects or look for inspiration elsewhere. So why would you go out of your way to essentially tell someone that their efforts to keep these characters alive aren’t appreciated or welcome? ‘Cause here’s the thing: If you ask an author “why are you doing this?” enough, eventually they’re going to ask themselves that, too. If your criticism is so caustic and unhelpful that it causes an author to doubt their abilities, eventually they’re going to decide they’re not presenting something of quality and stop.

No, you don’t have to love everything you read, but don’t disrespect the people who are trying to keep fandom alive by diminishing them and their efforts.

lil-seeds  asked:

yo yo yo dysfunctional entp here. i've been in a weird, non-creative, funk for the past week or so, i believe largely due to some very well ignored and internalized negative feelings. what is the best way for me (or any Ne user really) to get back into the idea-generating, novelty, creative swing? (im a writer working on a second novel so the whole 'tired of a single project' thing isnt helping either) thanks hot hot hottie

(Gif: Claudia, Warehouse 13. ENTP.)

Uh, well first there’s this: i believe largely due to some very well ignored and internalized negative feelings.

Have you dealt with those yet? Because as a Fe, until you get them out of your head and into the world, you cannot move on and the intense internalization of something that NEEDS made public (Fe) is going to cramp your muse. So, expel those feelings. Share them with someone you trust. Shout them into the void. Express them. You will feel better.

As for getting your Ne-dom mojo back – it’s simple.

Ne needs external stimulation to work. It does not exist in a void. Your Ne bounces off objects, ideas, and stories in the external world. This is why you watch a television show – you get ideas. Better ideas than they used. Or you read a book – and you get more ideas. Or you listen to a song – and you get ideas. Or you talk to someone and… you get the idea, right?

Being in a non-creative funk for a Ne-dom means your creativity tank is drained. Why? Not enough external stimulation. Not enough new stuff to bounce off of. Not enough exposure to things related and unrelated to your current writing project. You need new material going in your head. Start reading someone else’s novels. Start up a television show you’ve never seen before on the side. Read someone who is FULL OF IDEAS, who makes YOU full of ideas, someone EXCITED about their ideas.

Here’s some personal writing advice from a fellow Ne-dom, who quite often experiences temporary creative slumps (since I pretty much work on a novel and/or writing project anywhere from 1 to 8 hours daily, about 10 months out of the year… yeah, I don’t “do” hobbies and I don’t “do” idle time… and it kind of sucks).

If you hit a creative slump, you have two choices:

- Take it back to where your creativity was flowing, and take the plot in a new direction (write a different ending to that scene, or cause something unexpected to happen that you did not see coming)

- Change the setting of the scene (it’s quite possible the setting is boring you; whenever that happens, I go, “What will my reader NOT expect? Okay, the last interrogation scene took place inside a dim cell in the Tower of London. What if THIS TIME Henry VII decides to interrogate someone above the Tower’s lion pit, and dangle him over the side?”)

Here is something vital to remember, as a Ne-dom: you figure it out too far in advance, you’ll get bored with your own ideas.

Every time I have lain out an entire book from start to finish, and drawn up lists of what happens in what chapter, the creative spark dies. I have now started keeping an abstract concept in my mind (this is vaguely where it’s headed / what the climax will be, and what I should introduce next) and then leaving myself questions when I stop writing for the day, to trigger ideas for the next day.

So instead of writing: Heledd meets Alfred on the road and they discuss X, I ask, What does Heledd see that makes her suspicious? How should I introduce doubt into Meg’s mind? What should happen with the ring I introduced in the last chapter? How can I make the big reveal more dramatic?

Leave lots and lots of room for improvisation, too. When I sat down to write the other night, I knew I had to take my heroine through her fears up a road lined with her enemies – people who months before had tried to hang her. So, I knew I had to deal with PTSD trauma. What I did NOT know is that superstition would surround a myth of faerie lights to accuse her brother of murder (the murder, I had planned) and that other people would turn up in support of her, and sing an old Welsh tale to calm her down. But that was nice.

Ne’s delight in the unexpected, in allowing ideas to flourish and spring forth with just enough forewarning to lace together into the rest of the story; you must leave room in your novels for this to happen.

(Gif: Jo March, Little Women. ENFP. My soul sister.)

I’ll be honest here, in the hope it’ll inspire you. I started in on a sequel right after finishing my last book. I was excited about it, I wrote about 20 thousand words, and then I had to stop and do some line editing on the original novel. When I went back to my sequel, my creative spark had DIED. I was distraught; where had all my excitement, enthusiasm, and ideas gone?? So I put that draft in a folder, and tried another. It went on for about 15 thousand words just fine, and then it DIED. More distress. More staring at a blank page. More clueless pondering. More angst. So I delved into it from yet ANOTHER angle. I changed all the POV’s. I tied it back into London in addition to Wales. I invented an entirely new subplot. I wrote about 20 thousand words.

And it DIED. I lost the spark.

I spent one day utterly frustrated, near tears, anxious that maybe I’ll never be able to write another book (low Si paranoia :P) … and I opened up my original draft, the one with 20 thousand words, and skim read the first four chapters… and then sat down and carried the story forward. I’ve kept bits and pieces from each draft, and a lot of that writing can go in this book; but my forward momentum is back. The original idea WAS INDEED the best, or at least, the one my Ne is most passionate about – but it had to explore other options first, before it could settle down to tell THIS story.

Okay, the last bit of advice – you can take it or leave it.

Many high Ne’s benefit from working on multiple projects at once. You should consider, yes, working on your book; and writing a short story or a fan fiction on the side in a totally different genre, to keep your mind active.

I, however, have never been able to do this without losing focus – so I am a “one project at a time” kind of girl, to the extent where if I have an amazing idea for a different book or character in the middle of working on THIS one, I write it down on a slip of paper, stick it in a jar, and forbid my mind from thinking about it further, in order to remain focused.

Finally, write yourself a quick deadline. Given the amount of time you have to spend on this novel, and what else you have to do which might detract from it, and how fast you can write, figure out a rough estimate of how long it will take you to write this book. I spent two years on the last one and it literally almost killed me and drove my family insane (though, technically, since it went through about 14 drafts / rewrites / completely changed focus 4 times, and started out as a novel covering 20 years, went to a novel covering a decade, and wound up being a novel covering 6 months… I was working on more than one novel). This is NOT GOOD for a Ne-dom. We like to see PROGRESS. We like to see a point in our future when we are FREE to pursue OTHER THINGS. So, give yourself six months to write a rough draft. Or four months. Something doable, that keeps you motivated, because:

When I get done with this, I can write something else!

You are verbose. You are creative. You are ideas-driven. And if you’re a Ne-dom, you can turn out an incredible amount of words in a very short time.

You can do this.

Hope that helps,

- ENFP Mod (who tomorrow goes back to writing her sequel, because she did NOT write fiction today and was so bored she could hardly stand it)


Master Post for the Peter Capaldi Annotated Filmography

(Big Update September 2015)

This edition of the filmography only has one new addition (can you guess which one it is?), but since I’ve now (once again) got new source material for a lot of the projects, I thought it might be a good time for a repost of the master post and just for the heck of it, make some (mostly) new gifs to illustrate it.  I originally created the Master Post so that no one would have to keep track of twelve separate posts and I’ve also finally done the sensible thing and linked each post back to this one:

Part 01: (1982-1987) Living Apart Together to The Love Child

Part 02: (1988-1990) Lair of the White Worm to Some Lie and Some Die

Part 03: (1991-1993) December Bride to Soft Top Hard Shoulder

Part 04: (1993-1995) Micky Love to The All New Alexei Sayle Show

Part 05: (1996-1997) Giving Tongue to Smilla’s Sense of Snow

Part 06: (1997-2001) Bean to High Stakes

Part 07: (2002-2004) Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War to My Family

Part 08: (2004-2005) Niceland (Population 1.000.002) to The Best Man

Part 09: (2006-2007) Pinochet’s Last Stand to Magicians

Part 10: (2007-2009) TTOI Rise of the Nutters to A Portrait of Scotland

Part 11: (2009-2011) TTOI S3 to When Peter Capaldi Met John Byrne

Part 12: (2012-2015) The Ladykillers to Doctor Who Series 9

As of this posting, everything has been checked and except for one entry which has been marked, everything should be working. The numbering is a mess that I can’t really fix without redoing all the pages (an enormous undertaking that I think I’m finally ready to, er, undertake fairly soon); but otherwise, everything is as up-to-date as I can make it at the moment — although I’m always hoping for new stuff, whether brand new, or old new like Coming Up Brussels and God’s Chosen Carpark and Runway One and anything and everything else that’s still missing.

(If something that should work isn’t working, please let me know and I’ll see if there is anything I can do.  Equally, if anyone has any information on any of the missing projects, PLEASE let me know!)

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Love your blog! It really brightens up day. How would our dear cadets spend their free time in the Modern AU (Like, going to the park, etc)? Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much! We’re so glad to hear that this blog can brighten your day! Your message definitely brightened ours too!!

Eren really loves to go hiking and adventuring in the woods. He loves to explore. He’s also an avid video game enthusiast, and could binge watch TV shows/movies for hours, remembering every detail afterwards and debating it afterwards. He loves to get really caught up in fictional worlds and talk about them/theorize about them with friends. He also just really enjoys spending time with his friends. 

Mikasa loves to craft and garden. She could spend hours plotting a garden or planning a painting, and then she’ll execute it so beautifully. She loves scrapbooking too, and takes really nice pictures that she’ll eventually add to a beautiful, sentimental scrapbook. She also really loves to work out, and shifts between weight training and group fitness cardio classes because she just loves the feeling for working out. 

Armin spends a lot of time reading, of course. He loves books and comics of all genres. He’s also really into writing, and plays the piano. He enjoys film and loves to watch older films to see the progression of it. He’d totally have a tumblr and go on that quite a bit. He also spends a lot of time just hanging out with his friends.

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Legacy: the Legend of Honu

Chapter One: Stories

There are three stories that the Waialiki family hold sacred, one for each member of Honu’s family. (illustrations beneath the cut!)

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Aries Sun + Gemini Moon
  • Key Phrase: Executive Material
  • Remarkable Traits: Excitable, multi-tasker, always embracing new projects, has heaps of interesting stories to tell, isn't afraid of challenges, highly creative, sympathetic, funny, great companion.
  • Dark Side: Crazy nervous system, physical or mental exhaustion, short attention span, has trouble doing only one thing at a time, always wants more.
  • Quote: "Friends are relatives you make for yourself", Eustache Deschamps.
Perfect pixel-art with specular and bump lighting in unity

Here’s how I do the lightning and pixel-art textures for MegaSphere.

I assume you have a general idea of how unity and photoshop work. If not, its pretty easy to figure out, let’s go!

First, create your object base texture

In photoshop, start new document and create your object.

I suggest to go with a sprite sheet right away for your objects, instead of putting objects into separate files. Less files means less hassle with file import settings, maps, materials, performance optimisations. Make it pretty big (I start at 256x256 pixels), and you can adjust it later.

This is the base texture of our future object. I use a slightly modified metal barrel from MegaSphere as an example. I used restricted palette here, with some shading, but how your sprites will look is up to you. I feel some shading and depth in texture map itself add to the look of sprites in game.

I assume you already started a 2D project. Save your main texture PSD into your unity project. Find or create “Assets” folder, save it there or start organising like a grown-up and create a ‘Sprites/Objects’ folder.

In a new separate file, create the depth map for your object

This file is the data that tells the shader how to light your sprite.

Create a new document with exact same size as base texture file (don’t forget to resize it too, if base texture changes).

To make a depth map you need to think about your object in 3d. Pixels that are further from the ‘viewer’ are darker. Those closer to ‘viewer’ are brighter. There’s no color, just grayscale and transparency. Here’s how my barrel depth map looks:

Barrel is a cylinder so middle is closer, sides are further. Basically a horizontal gradient: black to white to black. I added 1px horizontal ridges, mirroring those in texture itself. The triangle window would be the insides, so its black.

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Niall/Bressie Fic Rec List

Because Fatima emojipayne asked and who am I to say no. There’s not a whole lot of fic out there, but what there is is pretty amazing!! Also, everyone should write more *nudge nudge wink wink*

Here we go.

One of These Nights Series by balefully and mediaville

“Right. Okay. Thing is, I can’t be casual—not with you,” Bressie says. “You’re too,” he exhales, and Niall stops breathing altogether, straining to hear everything. “You’re too important to me. The most important, really, and I don’t want to fuck this up.”

Don’t Break My Android Heart by balefully

In the not-too-distant future, Bressie is a sculptor on a routine trip to gather materials for his new project. He finds a malfunctioning high-end bot and decides to take it home, but ends up getting much more than he bargained for. Together with his group of friends, Bressie navigates the ins and outs of his mysterious discovery, and finds himself falling for the droid despite everything he thought he knew.

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Today I wanted to start a new project here on the blog but miserably failed lol, I’m probably gonna post it tomorrow instead, everything is ready I just didn’t have time to post it here since I’ve been out all day. You’ll get what I mean with tomorrow’s post but that idea was to post on the first day of every month and on the first episode ever I already failed.

Here’s a picture of my theology notes, I always use the color blue for these notes and I’m quite happy that they turned out colorful, it makes studying more fun and less stressful.

How was your day? I have just one day left of holiday and then it’s Monday and the second year of uni starts (😱), where has the time gone?


Sorry for the lack of updates! I was away for a few days on a fabric hunting adventure in Pennsylvania. My mom had an event to attend there and she kindly added a couple days to the trip so I could see the local shops~ 

It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was a lot of fun! I think I now have enough material for a half dozen new projects which is nice. I got a whole bunch of trims from The Lace Place (top two photos), and tons of fabric from Zincks/Goodville fabric (middle three pictures).

They had flat cuts of home decor material for a $1/yd, homespun fabrics for $2/yd, wool suiting for $3/yd, 25 yard bolts of organza for $12 and some fun cotton plaids. 

We also went to Fabric Mart which was…interesting, it’s a weird layout since cutting/packaging/customer service for their online store is done in the same space you browse in. But I did get some good stuff there!

I also fell in love with a lot of funky quilt fabrics that I would never use so they got left behind (except for a unicorn printed one that I bought because unicorns). 

I’ll probably do a longer write up/haul on my blog at some point, and hopefully a video as well since I filmed a few bits! 


My lovely Saint Germain plush is complete at last!  I worked on him on and off for about 2 months?  And what a crazy complex plush he was!  I’m relieved my next projects will be simpler.  I’m hoping to plush either Takeru Sasazuka or Kageyuki Shiraishi from Collar x Malice next… followed by Ray from Mystic Messenger later?  And of course I’ll be working on that simpler chibi human pattern in between.

As challenging as this project was, I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with new materials and techniques.  It’s refreshing to sew something other than minky for once.  New Zealand is pretty lacking in miscellaneous materials for arts and crafts so I had to order most things from overseas - such as his itty bitty buckles, assorted beads, faux leather and some of the clocks on his gloves.  I made some of the clocks myself by attaching cabochons to round bezel bases.

To be honest, I’m extremely pleased with how he turned out.  Saint Germain is hands down my absolute favourite character from Code Realize and he acted as the perfect muse for me to get my ass back to plushing.  

Material - cuddle 3 shannon minky, 40% wool blend felt
Height - about 11" tall
Machine embroidered details
Plush pattern and embroidery designed by me (sorry, I don’t distribute my plush patterns publicly)

If you’re a Saint Germain fan, please click to enlarge to appreciate all the little details.

Artistic Love

Summary: You and Kyungsoo are Artists who never Speak
Members: Kyungsoo x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,109 words

- Admin Mocha

Originally posted by kyungsol

  You stood and admired the way his wide eyes focused on his notebook as if it was the most important thing in the world. His slim fingers were wrapped around a pen as he scribbled words you wished to hear aloud all over the thin paper, his thoughts translating into beautiful poetry that you weren’t allowed to read.

  Do Kyungsoo was a senior at your college, and he was one of the most beautiful people you had ever seen in your entire life. You could swear that you had never fallen for someone else so hard before, and you constantly found your thoughts traveling back to him. You were a painter and the art and writing rooms happened to be across from each other, separated only by a mere window frame. He could easily see into your room, and you could see into his as well. It was oddly charming and sweet at the same time due to the fact you were given the chance to sketch him without bothering him or having to ask him to pose for you, he would simply sit and write which would create the perfect model. His mere presence encouraged you to paint and draw, and you heart refused to stop fluttering whenever he would move in the slightest way.

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