not necessarily romantically though

“no romo” is a blatant play on “no homo,” and “no homo” is a phrase used by straight men to indicate that, despite whatever they just did or said, they’re definitely not “a homo.” as though the very idea that someone might mistakenly think they’re gay because they, idk, said “i love you, man” during a toast at their best friend’s wedding is so horrific that it must be immediately crushed. as though love & affection between two men must necessarily be romantic. as though romantic love between two men is disgusting and shameful. “no homo” is built on the stigmatization of affection (particularly romantic affection!) between two men, and turning that into some cutesy aro catchphrase is really disrespectful

Aro Guide: A FAQ to end all FAQs

I have been running an aro ask blog for several years now, and often I get repeat questions from many different people. The following is my opinion, as given by someone on the internet who happens to be aro and has talked to hundreds if not thousands of aromantic people. Here’s what you need to know if you think you might be aro. 

Under the cut because this is quite long.

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What bothers me a lot about dorito fans claiming her “kween” and “the rightful ruler” is that she never do an actual job as a queen? I never saw her holding a paper and a quill, all she does is ride drogon and yell “dracarys”. Tell me again how is the “queen”. At least Cersei did her job!

Exactly, Cersei may not be the best candidate but she does know a thing or two about ruling, although she’s definitely straying from that after her whole wildfire act. Still, it irks me to see Dany stans say she deserves the Iron Throne. You could argue that it wouldn’t matter considering the past rulers we’ve seen managed to keep the realm considerably stable with the help of their counsel but wouldn’t that further reinforce the notion that Dany does not know a thing about ruling by herself? Even Joffrey faced backlash from the people in S2E06, the only difference is he didn’t have the dragons to intimidate people to think twice. What makes her worthy of the throne then? Her gentle heart? Tommen had a gentle heart, he still managed to be manipulated and lost the one thing that mattered to him, driving him to suicide in the process.

Speaking of Tommen, let’s examine the exchange he had with Tywin:

Tommen: “Wisdom makes a good king.”

Tywin: “Yes, but what is Wisdom? […] A wise king knows what he knows and what he doesn’t. You’re young. A wise young king listens to his counselors and heeds their advice until he comes of age. And the wisest kings continue to listen to them long afterwards.”

Preceding the exchange in S4E07 above, Tommen explores ideas of holiness, justness, and strength before finally concluding that “Wisdom makes a good king.” So let’s dissect this further:

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The both of them are together again. Alone this time, but is cements how the two of them are together, not necessarily platonically or romantically. Though you know Lie is never without Nora, and vice versa. Though right now, the two are simply enjoying each other’s company, and the efforts it took to get everyone out alive. The guilt would eat them if the Nuckelavee had killed one of RNJR+Qrow. Everyone’s okay, and the two are better now that the greatest nightmare from their childhood is gone, and they don’t have to worry about any more lives being taken by it.

He’s smiling at her. He’s relieved to see they both made it out, and the thought’s still fresh in his mind. Nora has accepted and relished in this fact, now her mind is past everything and enjoying the present. Both expressions are soft and relieved. Ren’s still looking at her with love strewn over his face, whether it be astonishment over his best friend or crush/lover. 

The love in her face is simply there, and it is known she has a crush on Lie, so she seems like a schoolgirl who had her love reciprocated. She’s so happy, and the way her eyebrows contort, highlighting how her smile, blush and eyes light up make this mood perfect. 

Lie looks back, and he’s lit up as well. His eyes brighten, and a larger smile than we’ve seen before graces his face. Their hands are holding now, and its an invitation to a new step in their relationship. It’s confirmation they both have grown from their experience. It’s a bigger way of saying he wants to continue his adventure with Nora. It’s saying he loves her back.

Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren. You’ve never seen them without the other. A happy, strong girl with the biggest heart, and a silent, moving boy with a calming presence. Together-together in whatever way you want to say it. The two are armed and ready with each other at their side, ready to take and give strength. And they couldn’t imagine it without the other,

Evgeni Malkin #3 - Flirting

Anon asked: Oh dear god I love you! ❤️ I was wondering if you could an imagine about Evgeni Malkin? Maybe where (Y/N) plays for the Flyers and she can speak Russian so she flirts with him and he gets distracted? Thank you!!!

Hello anon, I clearly don’t know who you are but I can only assume you’re great and I love you too. This concludes the three Evgeni Malkin requests in a row. The flirting ended up being not as cutesy as intended so I hope that isn’t an issue. I enjoyed writing this and the way it ended might result in a part two. I hope you enjoy this! This is also my first imagine under the new username which really means nothing but is something to me. 

You were called up from the Flyers AHL affiliate team the Lehigh Valley Phantoms after a devastating case of the flu knocked out a good chunk of the roster. People were skeptical of a woman entering the NHL though you were far from the first. You quickly proved your worth and found yourself with a permanent spot on the roster.

During your time in the AHL you bonded the best with the Russian players both on your team and not. They liked your fiery spirit and can do attitude and while you can’t say for certain, matching them shot for shot after your first win might have helped. In exchange for you helping them with their English, they began teaching you simple Russian phrases. They started off easy with basic chirps and curse words but once it became clear how well you were learning they moved onto harder things.

You enjoyed learning the language because it gave you something to do during travel and the off-season. After a year of constant work, you could hold a passable conversation and used it any chance you got. You weren’t from Russian nor were your parents so there was really no reason you should know how to speak it. This gave you an unlikely advantage.

The Flyers-Penguins rivalry is regarded as one of the most intense rivalries in the history of the NHL. It’s initial beginning is assumed to be a result of location, as it is also nicknamed The Battle of Pennsylvania, and because both teams were introduced during the “Next Six” expansion wave.

As a Flyer yourself you are supposed to hate the Penguins on principle but couldn’t fully bring yourself to do so. They irked you sure, and sometimes they played less than what was ideal but you could admire their work ethic and determination. One player stood out amongst the rest. Evgeni Malkin was a name thrown around often by your Russian teammates both in the AHL and NHL. It didn’t matter if you liked him or hated him; you knew who he was. You admired his skill and the power he put into every shot. He was a force to be reckoned with on the ice but apparently a big softy off of it. Through the various Russians you were acquainted with you found yourself becoming more and more interested in Evgeni. Not necessarily in a romantic way, though he was attractive, but because he seemed like someone you’d get on with. You didn’t dare reveal this to any of your teammates because it would be seen as fraternizing with the enemy. They couldn’t think that you would be too distracted to play anything but your best against the Penguins.

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So let's talk about Tyrion outside Dany's boat cabin...

I know lots have been made about it being jealousy on Tyrion’s part, but when I first saw it and when I watched it again to me it was the look of a man going “Oh no, shit’s getting complicated in a way that can’t be undone.”

Now he obviously doesn’t know about their being related, but he has seen the complications of love and how it can fuck things over. He’s been privy to the disaster, or at the very least, drama laden complication that is Jaime and Cersei. He’s experienced pain from it first hand from Shae.

Tyrion is savvy, he has been around Daenerys enough to understand her. This isn’t Daario, where he knows it’s just enjoyable pleasure; he can feel that this is different and that’s what makes it dangerous.

From his conversation with Cersei we see once again why he believes in Dany and her ambitions, but he’s also laid bare that her passions can get her into trouble, something that he tries to put in check but is not necessarily always able to (sorry House Tarly). Her love (some people might not like to see it this way, but I’m going with how D&D are painting it) for Jon is also one of passion (ahem sexy boatsex) and he’s just witnessed how Jon and Dany in cahoots can curdle the milk (cue Cersei storming out of the Dragonpit).

In that moment I believe all of that is what’s on his mind. He’s obviously joked about Jon’s feelings to Dany before, but let’s not forget that was in a different time and before Tyrion was 100% sure it was reciprocated by her. He’s only seen her dealing with two men that loved her but that she ultimately didn’t love back, and the one man she did love before, Drogo (I know some people argue about that, but let’s go with it), he never saw her with.

I feel it’s a disservice to his character to suggest he’s in love with her and that he’s now part of some love triangle/quadrangle/insert-shape-here: his devotion to her cause is true and sincere, but also borne out of a certain amount of logic. He’s not a fool (not that Jorah or Jon are at all) following her out of some blind, addled, unrequited love (again, not that Jon or Jorah are at all). He respects her, and that in itself is borne in part from the fact that she sees him for his worth and goodness, and not less than a man for his appearance or parentage. Few people in Tyrion’s life have stuck up for him in the way Dany did when she told him she didn’t want him to die at the hands of Cersei in the Dragonpit scene in 7x07, and few people have had faith in him to go and get the job done irrespective of those threats. There is a lot of respect, friendship and (thanks to Emilia and Peter) great chemistry between them, even if they have their rough patches: but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s romantic love there (though I undetstand why people might think so). We can even argue he has a similar if not as strong bond and emotional attachment to Jon, but no one’s going around saying he’s in love with Jon now (yes, I know in part that’s because Tyrion has spent far less time with Jon and in part because of skews towards hetero narratives).

To me, in that moment on the boat (and I assume as he gets aural confirmation they’re knocking boots) he knows the myriad of complications that might occur from Jon and Dany doing the horizontal mambo even before we know they’re related and what’s more: Tyrion knows he’ll be front and centre having to deal with all the shit that hits the fan.

That’s the look on his face. That’s the “Shit, well my day got more horrifically complicated”, we see on his face as he lingers, making sure he hasn’t come to the wrong conclusion (I mean can you imagine if he went forward assuming Dany and Jon had sex when actually they were sipping tea and braiding each other’s hair? Yeah, you don’t wanna get that stuff wrong).

That’s just my take on it anyway, and isn’t a slight or an attempt to bomb any TyrionxDany shippers at all: I’m all about shipping whoever you want to ship, and there are lots of legitimate reasons why you’d want these two to get together if that’s what you’re about. I guess we’ll see in Season 8 what it amounted to! Let me know what you guys think :)

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So fae genders are determined by magic, right? Could you maybe elaborate?

The Fae are a very magical culture, so most everyone is taught to pursue their magic from a young age. Education is considered spiritual, so the most learned scholars are often the religious leaders of their community.

They worship a dual-headed, multi-gendered god that embodies all elements. The Right head is Day, the maintainer and protector, and the Left head is Night, the creator and nurturer. The Fae associate the daytime with masculinity and nighttime with femininity, so all babies, regardless of biology, are designated as masculine (internal magic) if born in the day, and feminine (external magic) if born at night.
Because they are such a magical society, the social roles and jobs associated with their magic contributes socially to their gender.

In order to achieve a perfect, near God-like state, all Fae are encouraged to find a life partner who shares the same element as them, but born in the opposite time of day. While they, as mortals, cannot achieve the mastery of multiple elements, can attempt to achieve the balance between internal and external magic of their element with their partner.
This spiritual union is not necessarily with a romantic or sexual partner, though it’s common.


Guys, Levi loves tall women… We all know who is considered tall in Snk World… Mikasa! There is also Hanji. I don’t know if i am crazy or what but seriously, i do think that Mikasa and Levi have chances to be a couple or something like that. You can’t deny that their babies will save the world ahah. We have seen how their relationship developed and that’s really beautiful. The ship is not impossible for many reasons: 1. Now we know that Mikasa will get seperated from Eren as long as the story goes (sadly…) so i don’t really know if they will finish together. 2. In the live-action movie, Levi is like Shikishima (i mean, not the personality but the role) and he is like in “love” with Mikasa, so that means that Isayama has already thought about this ship or else it would be illogical.  3. LEVI LOVES TALL WOMEN!  4. Their relation’s development has been written for something… I’m pretty sure of that. Not necessarily in a romantic way though. It wasn’t a coincidence if they have an ackertree and they aren’t close related at all  5. I’m not really sure of this argument, but Isayama Hajime said that Mikasa will return to the ordinary girl that she used to be in childhood. We all know that Mikasa was happy with her family and smiled a lot, etc. But why will she  return to that personality?  Maybe she will have her own family? I don’t really know what to say about it. You can share it and write of what you think about that.  And another thing: Mikasa used to think a lot about hurting Levi, but in chapter 84, when she had the opportunity to hurt him, she didn’t. That shows how she changed her way of thinking. 

If there’s one moment where Korra consciously recognizes herself in Kuvira, I feel like this is it – she looks surprised, as if she’s seeing Kuvira clearly for the first time.

She subconsciously acted on her sense of familiarity before, of course (she wouldn’t have jumped in front of that spirit cannon otherwise!), but I think this is the first time she’s able to understand why she reacted that way.

Also, the new spirit portal’s colors are gold and green, likely representing the Avatar and Kuvira… I mean, why else would half of the DNA beam be green?

There’s so much great symbolism here that it would be a pity if it just gets ignored by the creators moving forward.  =(

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How you describe them(the LORDS from SLBP) at bed? I read your previous answer they are so skillful(expect 2 of them of course, but nvm i want know) XD

This was a lot of fun xD Okay so…how the lords are in bed (I use ‘you’ generally here)

Nobunaga: Dominating. He takes great pleasure in explaining exactly what he’ll do to you and how he’ll do it. You’ll almost always be underneath him - and completely at his mercy and command. He wants you as vulnerable as possible and is also quite vocal throughout. Afterwards - he’s surprisingly sweet and will hold you close. His touch will be gentle. He’ll want to make sure you’re feeling okay.

Mitsuhide: Intense. Lots of eye contact, lots of touching, few but deep kisses. He likes to watch your reactions very closely. In no way is he gentle nor is he senselessly rough….but he will leave you in a dazed mess by the time he’s done.  Afterwards - you’ll see his gentleman self return. He’ll be very loving and sweet.

Masamune: Gentle. He’s a sensitive lover, and more than anything - his priority would be to make you feel loved. He would take it slow, not only with foreplay but also during the actual act - he’ll be very tender throughout. Afterwards - you’ll find him opening up a little more about himself. He’d hold your hand or pull you in close while you’re both murmur-talking.

Kojuro: Also intense. Like Mitsuhide, he’s a bit of a different man behind closed doors. He likes to claim you, so he wants you laid bare and open - literally. You’ll find yourself in the most vulnerable of positions because he wants - and expects - you to entrust yourself to him. Afterwards - he will still be passionate. His kisses will be deep and he’ll hold you close.

Shingen: A gentle giant though not necessarily ‘gentle’. His style is more romantic than anything else - he will lavish you with attention. He will hold you close, and his favourite positions would be those that allow him to see your face. He could go slow or fast but there will always be a touch of tenderness somehow. He will take you completely - in every way possible. Lots of kissing, lots of murmuring throughout . Afterwards - he’ll be very tender, and will make you feel safe and loved.

Kenshin: Hmm…can’t really say too much on him, since I haven’t seen his character much. He seems like a refined lover to me…he’ll takes his time with your body.

Yukimura: Well initially - as we all know - he’ll be a bit shy…but I think his sexual appetite will be strong xD That will become clear as he gains more experience. He’ll be very passionate for the most part, he really wants to feel you. He will touch you a lot throughout and will like to have your bodies touching each other as much as possible. Not gentle, but not rough - though he can be prone to roughness especially if he’s jealous. Afterwards - very caring and sweet. He’ll want to make sure he hasn’t hurt you in anyway and will shower you with kisses.

Saizo: Massive tease. He can be gentle or rough - it would depend on his mood, but his style would be extreme. When he’s gentle, he’s soft and romantic and could bring you to tears just through his show of love, but when he’s rough, he’ll bring you to tears for an entirely different reason. Lots of stamina and will nearly always go at least twice. Afterwards- sweet but teasing. He’ll often like to relay the things you did in the height of your passion while having you locked in his arms so you’re forced to look up at him in embarrassment.  

Hideyoshi: Sensual. He also strikes me as a sensitive lover, someone who’s more invested in the emotional part of sex and that would show in his touch. It’s not just senselessly physical for him, it’s about what he can communicate through what he does. He will take his time with foreplay, but once it gets to the actual action - things will become intense very quickly. He’s not the most vocal, but his eyes will speak volumes. Like Yukimura, he likes having your bodies as close to each other as possible. Afterwards: He won’t say much, if anything - but he’ll have you wrapped in his arms, maybe stroking your hair.

Inuchiyo: Primal. How do I put this….he’ll almost want to consume you. Extremely passionate, possessive and intense. He’ll be rough most of the time, your body is his and he makes you understand that thoroughly. He won’t leave any part of your body unexplored. His kisses throughout will be gentle….quite in contrast to whatever else he’s doing to you at the same time xD If there’s one thing you’re left feeling after he’s done, it’s that you belong. Afterwards: He’s tender. He can’t ‘switch off’ so he’ll still be touching you, still kissing you but he will be softer and sweeter. There will also be a little murmur-talking.

Ieyasu: Can’t really say, I don’t remember seeing his character in game at all yet. He strikes me as a teaser and a little playful, but also intense.

Mitsunari: Hmm….I think he would be…possibly a sensitive lover. Not the most gentle type - his feelings would come out in the force of his actions but he would be loving at the same time. Again, can’t say too much since I haven’t really seen him in game much yet.

Alix Kubdel: The Spanner in the Works

So, when I first decided on doing this semi-regularly, I did not expect to talk about Alix Kubdel much. She’s a cool character, and she has her fans, but generally speaking the fandom doesn’t talk about her as much as some other characters, and particularly not in the lines of inquiry relating to miraculouses. However, having pursued a few lines of inquiry now, I feel like I need to address her, because something is becoming increasingly clear: Alix is a massive pattern breaker.

Alix so far has kind-of-sort-of put a spanner in the works of not one, but two of my theory posts now. The first is the Akumatisation post – her Akuma form isn’t really related to her flaws, and doesn’t turn her into an over-exaggerated negative version of herself or an opposite version of herself. It instead turns her into Timebreaker/Chronogirl – relating to the watch that got broken. The other post is the most recent one about how the show tends to pair characters with people who likewise tend to have opposite traits; the problem with this where Alix is concerned is that Alix doesn’t have a paired character.

(To clarify before people jump on me – I know Alix is sort-of paired with Kim, and they even have a kind-of-popular ship, but as I said in the post, Kim is far more obviously paired with Max in the show (though not necessarily romantically), and the two are seen in each other’s company far more than Alix is with Kim, which happens in only one episode, and that’s Timebreaker.)

There are a few reasons for why Alix most likely breaks patterns, and I’ll talk about them now.

The first is that Alix’s flaws are a bit ill-defined: she’s a little impatient, but not so much that she’ll ditch her father to meet her friends. She’s a bit pushy and competitive, but not so much as Kim, and at other times she’s just plain unmotivated – she feels no need to run for class rep – but again, not unmotivated enough that she’ll leave Kim to his shenanigans unchallenged. She has some minor problems with responsibility, but understanding responsibility is clearly Marinette’s journey. She’s got a touch of anti-authority about her, but it’s clearly not as much of a problem for her as it is for Nino, as she’s pretty cool with her dad. She’s stubborn, but clearly has a soft-spot for her dad at least. The stubbornness at the very least is the flaw with the most potential, as it could connect to an inability to let things stand: she won’t accept loss, and she won’t accept injustice – and yet, she won’t run for class rep. So close to suggesting Papillon!Alix, and yet so far…

Without a set of clearly-defined flaws, there are three things that immediately become a problem: I can’t assign her a potential miraculous, she doesn’t fit into the Akumatisation theory, and she doesn’t fit into the relationships theory. So why has Alix, of all characters, ended up like this? There is actually an answer, and that’s in a bit of trivia Astruc revealed on his Twitter once: that originally, she was meant to be in a trio with Chloe and Sabrina (thus making them a reference to the trio from Totally Spies!)

So, they would have formed the typical bully trio – in which case my Opposites Attract theory probably wouldn’t have existed. I’m happy with what we got in the end, because bully trios are innately less interesting that bully duos, especially one where the beta bully is someone as interestingly complex as Sabrina. In bully trios, you get the alpha bully, and then the underlings, who inevitably then become either dumb henchmen or they form a sort-of wise-guy-dumb-guy-opposition duo that you’ll have seen a hundred times before. (Hello Crabbe and Goyle, Horace and Jasper, etc.)

But this plan was scrapped and this leaves… just Alix. She sort of becomes a bit of a rogue element, as opposed to everyone else who have likely been paired by now, apart from Nathanael who, as I’ve discussed, is isolated because that’s part of his whole shtick. Instead, she’s given a… rather interesting family with ties to mysterious past artefacts that seem incredibly futuristic. If this doesn’t come back in Season 2 or some point in the future, I’ll be very, very surprised, especially since Season 2 is most likely going to be delving into the series mythology.

I’m not coming to any major conclusions here, but this is just your obligatory reminder: keep an eye on the Kubdels. They break patterns and their connections to historical culture stick out like a sore thumb. This bit of trivia about Alix makes me think that it’s entirely possible her entire family was a late addition in order to attach her to something of interest – and I know from my own projects that late additions have a tendency to be rather game-changing when it comes to overarching plots.

Tl,dr: Alix Kubdel is a pattern-breaker, most likely because her concept was changed in production, but this just makes her – and her family – all the more interesting. Keep up with the Kubdels. You probably won’t regret it.

sorryloveimsoulless  asked:

Hi, so I had a question. I don't feel romantic attraction but I desire it; would that still be considered ace? Like, I like relationships in theory but I can't feel attracted to people that way.

[Romantic attraction is related to aromanticism, not necessarily asexuality – though one’s experiences with romantic attraction may be an inextricable part of their overall asexual identity. For example, as an aromantic asexual person, I cannot separate these parts of my identity in a clear cut manner.]

It’s possible to desire something because it’s appealing in theory but to be also unable to experience the attraction to someone that may be necessary to carry out that desire. A desire for romantic interaction, for example, may be hindered by an inability to find partner(s) who is/are romantically attractive. 

That doesn’t necessarily invalidate one’s identity.

I think I should just maybe get this out of the way

This blog likes Reylo. Not necessarily romantic, though I don’t mind it, but I love the idea of them as partners and equal force users. I’ll be reblogging things as such. I respect why some people don’t like it, so if you don’t feel free to unfollow me if it’s gonna make you uncomfortable. No hard feelings. I’m not looking for drama, I just enjoy seeing them together on some kind of equal ground. 

MBTI + Tv Tropes pt. 3/? (Duo Tropes)

Quick Note: I took some of my “MBTI ships” (even though these duos are not necessarily meant to be romantic couples) and assigned them a trope. If a pair you’re searching for isn’t in this list, you can send me the request and I’ll assign a trope.

INFJ x ENTP: Right Way/Wrong Way Pair

ESTP x ENTJ: Force And Finesse

ESFP x ISFJ: Bodyguarding a Badass

INTJ x INTP: Sword and Sorcerer

ENFJ x ISTJ: The Only One I Trust

ESFJ x INFP: Lady And Knight

ENFP x ISTP: Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl

ESTJ x ISFP: Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough

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just found this blog and it's amazing ^-^ could you do confession and angsty headcanons for tfa!ultra magnus, minimus ambus and blitzwing?

I don’t really see much of a difference between Minimus and Magnus so I just combined them together. I hope you enjoy!

Ultra Magnus (TFP)/Minimus Ambus: He’d confess somewhere private, though not necessarily traditionally romantic. More than likely his office. He’d stand up straight and request your presence for recreational activities. He’d explain his reasoning behind the request and his romantic interest in you.

Blitzwing (TFA): It was something he didn’t want to admit to himself, let alone you. It would take him months to prepare himself and find the right moment. It was a pretty sweet moment before Random got fed up and announced it outright. The “ruined” mood probably frustrated Hothead to the point where he almost ran off before you could reply.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about fluffy Snape in a relationship? Like cute habits and things he'd do with/for his partner even though he's not necessarily the "romantic" one? PS. Sorry if this has already been asked.

  • He blushes EVERY TIME you kiss him. EVERY. TIME. (it is freaking adorable).
  • He always waits outside your classroom when you’re about to go to meals and such. Even though you’ve been a professor for several years now, it’s like you have your own special escort.
  • The way he kind of stutters when he says “m-my wife,” as though he can’t believe anyone could ever marry him…even though it’s been a couple of years since the ceremony.
  • He gives wickedly delicious massages.  Some lead to sexytimes. Some lead to sleepytimes.  They’re all awesome.
  • You both get really good at nonverbal communication. You can just give him a look and a slight head tilt and he knows that’s the signal to make tea or to grab the book nearest to him.  He has this cute little twitch that he does when he wants to tell you that he loves you but someone’s around and he’s worried about losing face (because he still likes to intimidate and grumble at the students).
  • Severus loves kissing you. He’ll kiss you in the morning and sneak a kiss in the halls and kiss you on your neck at lunch while pretending to readjust your robes. He kisses your hand when he takes you to dinner, then kisses you up your thigh and hip and around to your belly when you’re in bed together.  The only thing he loves more than kissing you is when you kiss him back.
  • Severus is actually really good with cats.  Sometimes, when you’re sad, he’ll pick up the cat under the armpits and pretend to move the cat around in a dancing motion and make silly voices as he move’s the cat’s front paws around as though it is gesturing.  Of course, the cat always glares at him, but endures it because Severus is also good at tummy rubs and picking up fresh tuna at the market in Hogsmeade.  It always makes you smile.
  • Severus likes it when you rest your head in his lap….or vice versa.  He’s not really picky about it as long as you’re both touching each other.
Partners (Writing Prompts)

Anonymous said: Do you have any prompts for a duo (not necessarily romantic, though they could be) that are partners? Kind of like in Pacific Rim with its drift compatibility?

  1. One of them has been through a traumatic event.
  2. The characters are separated.
  3. The characters aren’t allowed to work together.
  4. One of the characters is trying to keep a secret from the other.
  5. For some reason, one of the characters doesn’t want to work with the other.
  6. A person close to one of the characters dislikes the other.
  7. One of the characters is blamed for an accident which happened to the other.
  8. The characters are tricked into doing something against their morals.
  9. The characters are tricked into going against each other.
  10. One of the characters has a new love interest.
  11. One of the characters has to deal with losing the other.
  12. One of the characters has to leave for a long time.
  13. One of the characters tries working with someone else.
  14. Characters are suspected of being lovers, which is forbidden in their line of work.
  15. Character A worries for Character B while B goes on a solo mission.

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So I personally am really sick of romantic plots becoming the main focus of fiction today. My story doesn't really have a romantic type setting to hook onto (it's about her coming back from the future.) Shippers can ship all they want, and that's fine but on the page she will not have a canon relationship just chemistry. That being said, I have noticed that WOC usually get shafted when it comes to a romantic interest/plot. That is something I don't want to do either... yikes help!!!

WOC and Romantic Relationships

A romance plot doesn’t have to become the main focus in your story for romance to be present. You can downplay a relationship or romance as much as you’d like. You should note, though, people read stories for relationships. Not necessarily romantic ones, no, but characters and their interactions with the world and one another.

I can’t think of many novels that can get away with one character interacting with no one but nature or themselves. Good friends, best friends, frenemies, siblings, acquaintances, makeshift companions, mentors, and yes, romances…these things make stories interesting and give readers something to care for, root for. There’s been characters I’ve cared nothing about, but burst into tears when they died simply because a character I did like was heartbroken from their death.

I personally tend to have a strong subplot of romance in my stories, whether it’s mystery, fantasy or adventure, but I’ve easily enjoyed stories that didn’t have this, plus, as you mention, there’s usually good chemistry, implications and “cute” moments to push me along. Then again, I’m a big romantic so whether this “spice” is a necessary aspect of your story may vary for readers.

Not everyone wants that love stuff and that’s fine; you’ll just not have those readers. Write what you want to read. It’s up to you how much you’re willing to give to the audience.

Evaluate: are you just bored of the romance plot?

Are the romance/relationships you read about just becoming cliche and same ole to you? Then don’t write relationships like this. In real life, no one relationship is the same and each can have it’s own charm. Check out this post “25 types of romantic relationships.” You’ve probably encountered a number of these, but you can put a spin on any number of them or add depth (starting with your characters) to make them fresh in itself as opposed to just a flat, tired love trope.

I’d personally find it off if no one was in a relationship in the story, though? Even if it’s just some secondary characters, people who are married, dating, or whatever. You don’t necessarily have to make it a big focus or become the plot, but it would come across as dry if you just decided not to develop those relationships and gave us “tell vs. show” aka just noting they’re together without elaborating. So I’d suggest you develop the love relationships just as you would any other relationships, even if it’s not a main focus. Subtleties and small gestures can go a long away.

And note, even “cliche” plot lines like the love triangle and will-they-wont-they isn’t exactly cliche when it’s involving a WoC…because how often are we really seeing this, really? It’s usually a White woman in the center of the love triangle, whose heart is being sought, who gets the love and affection. So consider that.

I’d also make sure that some WoC are in caring relationships too. I’d be a bit suspicious if only the White characters got strong relationships and no WoC or your heroine, especially in the case of Black women (and also Asian Men) who face the desexualized trope so often.

~Mod Colette

BioWare games need to have the option to hug our companions. Like, not necessarily romantically (though I freely offer anyone to interpret them as such if so inclined), but just ‘you’re going through a hard time and I’m not sure what else I can do or say so here have a hug and know that I love and support you.’