not nearly dramatic enough

Five things I like about myself

Warning: mention of attempted suicide and mental health problems

“Ugh I hate being a good guy.” Draco sunk lower into the couch until he nearly fell off, then decided that his current dilemma was dramatic enough to actually lay down on the floor so he slid down onto the carpet. His husband emerged from the kitchen somewhere out of his vision, since Draco was now just staring at the ceiling that was about as blank as his mind at that moment.

“And why exactly is that?” A messy steamy head and a bowl of something cookery entered his view. It sadly did nothing for his mental state, which was still as empty as ever.

“I have to write a list.” Draco stuck his pen and paper up (because okay fine, sometimes muggle inventions were more practical than magic) with a disgusted look on his face.

“I thought you liked making lists?” Harry asked puzzled.

“Not this one. I can’t think of anything.” He sighed dramatically and let his hand fall back onto the carpet. “I’ll just cancel that witch weekly interview, this is too much trouble.”

“Five things I like about myself by Draco Malfoy-Potter. Number one, my neck. Number two, blank.” Draco heard Harry’s disappointed sigh and closed his eyes. That was why he didn’t see Harry coming when he stepped over him and sat down on his stomach, leaning forward to kiss his husband and with that silencing his groan, that he uttered because Harry was too heavy for his delicate frame.

“Get off me you prick.” Draco shoved his husband and rolled them over on the carpet until he felt the weight lift from his body. Harry looked at him worriedly, a look Draco didn’t like on him at all, so when he himself dipped down for a kiss he made sure it was rough, full of teeth and in every way screaming you don’t need to worry about me. Harry had done that quite enough after finding Draco on a bathroom floor with sliced open wrists and a goodbye note that began with see? I don’t hate muggles. I even killed myself the muggle way.

“You don’t hate being a good guy, you hate yourself, and the fact that you still don’t fully believe that you are a good guy.” Harry panted as soon as Draco ceased the attack on his mouth.

“Don’t go all shrink style on me Harry. You’re a primary school teacher not a therapist.” He and his husband could both feel the tension shift from innocent quarrel to fight, though neither one of them felt like arguing. They glared at each other for a full minute before Draco gave in and rested his forehead against Harry’s.

“It’s hard for me okay? To see something positive about myself.” He whispered against Harry’s lips. “They gave me these assignments at St. Mungo’s. Name one thing, two things, three things you like or at least don’t hate about yourself. When they stopped I was up to seventeen, and now I can’t think of any. I don’t even remember what those seventeen things were from before.”

Harry wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer. His hair smelled of kids glue and had little spots of fingerpaint in it. Draco inhaled the scent like he was a cocaïne addict in desperate need for a fix. Harry removed one arm from his back and used it to push them up into a sitting position.

“You have amazing hair for a start.” Harry told him in the stubborn tone that meant he would not allow Draco to deny it. That had sometimes stopped him but it didn’t today.

“It makes me look like my father.” He stared at Harry’s jawline instead of his whole face. He knew how it would look like anyway. The sadness and fear about this sudden fallback would be nearly visibly tearing at his heart seams. And the devastation reflecting in his green eyes…

Draco knew his mental state wouldn’t improve by looking at that. Harry’s jaw was moving now, and Draco knew he should listen, knew that after everything Harry had done for him he didn’t deserve Draco not even making an effort to pay attention, yet still all he heard was some faint echo coming from far far away.

He snapped back into the present when Harry pushed his chin up and pinched it.

“Hey.” Harry was rubbing tiny firm circles over his back. “It’s okay to feel that way sometimes. Like it didn’t help, any of it. Like you’re back where you started. I know it too you know. We both do.”

Draco looked up from Harry’s jawline to see his eyes were filled with understanding rather than devastation. He felt one hand leave his back and squeeze his hand that was now laying lifeless by his side. His wedding ring made a tiny ping when it collided with Harry’s. A weight lifted off his chest and he pushed his forehead against Harry’s again.

“Thank you.” He pressed a light kiss on Harry’s nose, making him wrinkle it in such an adorable manner that he thought his heart might burst of love.

“For better for worse ey?” Harry gave him a kiss on his left eye in return. It was a silly tradition of them, comfort each other by pressing kisses on unusual places. Eyes, collarbones, earlobes, because it calmed both of them down more than anything else. Harry pulled Draco’s hand up and brushed his wedding ring across his cheek.

“Come on then.” Harry struggled for a bit to pull his legs out from underneath his husband before getting up and holding out his hand. “Let’s make you some tea and then we can discus the one thousand things you should like about yourself.”

Draco accepted Harry’s hand and looked up. He didn’t feel vulnerable with Harry towering over him like this, because he trusted him. He trusted him more than he knew was possible. “What about dinner?” His voice sounded steadier than expected as Harry’s strong arms helped him up and pulled him into a quick hug. He wasn’t looking forward to this talk about all the things he should like about himself, but the prospect of tea made up for it just enough.

“Screw dinner.” Harry gave a demonstrative kick against the bowl of salad on the floor. “We’ll order pizza.”

“You’re the best Harry.” He kissed Harry’s scar while lightly groping his butt to pull out his phone from the back pocket of his jeans.

“I know.” Harry grinned against the one part Draco did like about himself. “That’s why you married me.”

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so I was thinking of a Harry Potter au where the triwizard tournament is happening, so Kuroo meets Beauxbatons!Oikawa and Durmstrang!Bokuto

  • Oikawa and Bokuto put their names in the goblet because why not, but Kuroo doesn’t because Kenma and Yaku would have killed him, and they enlisted Daichi to help keep him in line
  • (although Daichi almost had his hands full trying to keep Terushima, Hinata, and Kageyama from hurting themselves on the protective wards keeping underage students away from the goblet)
  • (Terushima was the most persistent, but Daichi found that cuddling him and asking him out on dates kept him occupied enough)
  • (to this day Daichi won’t admit if he only started dating Terushima to keep him from killing himself on the protective wards)
  • (Iwaizumi and Akaashi unfortunately had to stay behind, which is the only reason Oikawa and Bokuto were able to put their names in without suffering murder via best friend)
  • Bokuto and Oikawa get chosen and just the competitiveness
  • Kuroo barely knows them and he knows this is trouble
  • they end up accidentally collaborating because while Bokuto is smart, he has a focus problem and he’s so adorable that of course Kuroo helps him prepare for the challenges (not without messing with him a little first though. he is the rival champion after all) and Oikawa is not going to let him get extra alone time with the hot guy so he prepares with them too
  • and oh my god they all knew the other two are hot they’re not blind but they were not prepared for what they saw next
  • like okay yes Kuroo is hot but he has this dorky laugh and he’s so perceptive and intelligent and his defensive spells are fucking impenetrable
  • and Oikawa wears glasses okay they weren’t ready and one of them brought up astronomy in passing and he just excitedly info dumped on them because astrology is his thing okay
  • and Bokuto starts strategizing that maybe he should use his broom and starts rattling off different facts about magical creatures and they all find out that Bokuto’s memory??? is insane??? boy does not forget anything
  • Oikawa and Bokuto swear in French and Swedish, respectively, when they’re frustrated
  • all three of them speak in Japanese to each other (Kuroo’s English is the best out of the three of them)
  • they all get attached obviously, they’d been spending a lot of time together, but they didn’t realize how attached until the dragon challenge actually came
  • like, they found out about the dragons ahead of time, of course they did
  • Bokuto and Oikawa won’t admit they’re afraid but they have a camp out in Kuroo’s common room and stay up all night when they find out because they see dragon fire every time they close their eyes and Kuroo stays up with them
  • they stay close to each other, not touching but they can feel the other’s body warmth and that doesn’t calm them down completely, but it helps
  • and then the day of comes and Oikawa realized he was so worried about Bokuto the thought of points and times didn’t even cross his mind
  • Bokuto spent a decent chunk of his brain power worrying about what would happen to Oikawa when it was his turn
  • Kuroo was trying not to freak out in the stands (and wraps them both in a bone crushing hug the minute they’re off the field)
  • they just cling to each other for a bit
  • Oikawa and Bokuto are shaking, like, the only thing holding them up at the moment is adrenaline and Kuroo
  • and just, they all help each other figure out the challenges because the sooner Bokuto and Oikawa know what it is the sooner they can prepare
  • for the mermaid challenge Kuroo is Bokuto’s hostage, and Iwaizumi is Oikawa’s
  • afterwards Oikawa is trying to explain that it’s not that Kuroo’s not important to him and Kuroo cuts him off like “you don’t have to explain anything. he’s your childhood friend and honestly I didn’t expect to be either of your guys’s hostage”
  • and Oikawa is relieved and he drags Iwaizumi over to meet Kuroo and Bokuto and he knows okay. he just knows that Oikawa is head over heels for them both he was there for the Suga debacle of first year
  • Iwaizumi heads back and tells them both to take good care of him and they’re just like “definitely” but they have no clue that Iwaizumi Knows about all of them
  • what to do for the dance
  • Oikawa’s been gunning for Kuroo since he got there obviously but he also likes Bokuto now, and he wants to take Bokuto as his date too but he also doesn’t want to interfere with Bokuto’s happiness
  • Bokuto is facing a similar dilemma
  • Kuroo knows he wouldn’t be able to choose and is thinking of going with Kenma so he doesn’t have to hurt either of them by picking one and he can’t pick one anyway
  • and they’re all still hanging out but kinda sad
  • and I’m thinking Kenma talks sense into Kuroo because yeah he’s observant but his judgment is impaired
  • Kuroo finds them both and asks them both out
  • Bokuto is just like “oh thank god because I’ve been crushing hard on you both”
  • Oikawa says his declaration was not nearly dramatic enough (that’s a yes and they’re all smiling these dopey, fond smiles)
  • they go to the dance together obvs
  • Oikawa totally brags to his classmates that he has the hottest dates
  • Bokuto wants to dance all night and sometimes it’s all three of them and sometimes it’s two of them and towards the end of the night Kuroo and Oikawa are taking turns because Bokuto is a stamina beast and they can’t keep up with him
  • Daichi and Hinata tease Kuroo about “fraternizing with the enemy”
  • they’re all so gross and in love they’re so cute
  • Oikawa tells them things he’s too embarrassed to say in French so he seems suave
  • the final challenge comes around and Oikawa and Bokuto are still competitive but also like “whoever wins gets to be the big/little (whichever position is the most coveted) spoon to Kuroo tonight”
  • they keep rescuing each other though and they’re planning to make it draw when a wild Ushijima appears and wins the cup for Hogwarts
  • Kuroo doesn’t stop laughing for days
  • he gives them consolation cuddles and kisses (but he’s kind of giggling through it)
  • they write letters constantly by casting a protean charm on different pieces of parchment
  • when they get their apparating licenses they get permission and visit each other over the summer and give the other two tours of their hometowns
  • and just
  • happy trio!!!
  • they don’t move in together right away, but they do live near each other after they graduate and go on dates and visit each other constantly
  • and eventually move in together so they can terrorize each other with boyfriend shirts more effectively

Three years. Three years and counting since you had seen the love of your life, James Moriarty. He came into your life and filled it with joy, then, he took it all away. You never knew that James would end it that way he did. A bullet in the mouth, that is not nearly dramatic enough for him. Still, there was no denying that he was gone, and there was nothing you could to but grieve. You visited his grave everyday, leaving a flower or two, and just talking to him. There is nothing more that you wanted than to have him by your side again. You knew what he had done, but you did not care one bit. He was the love of your life. And now he was gone. 

Another dya, another flower and another chat. It was the same mundane thing everyday. As soon as you got off of work you would walk to the cemetery, grabbing flowers on the way, and then, you’d just sit and talk with him. He never responded, nor did you expect him to. 

For some reason, today was little different. There was a man standing at James grave. You knew James and he was not one to have many friends, so another person visiting his grave was wrong.

“Excuse me, sir, can I help you?” you asked, walking up to the grave

“I could have sworn you would recognize me” you heard a familiar voice say

“Do I know you?” you asked, getting closer to the stranger

“I’d hope so” he said, turning to you. 

There he stood. The love of your life, whom you thought to be dead, standing at his own grave

“J-James?” you questioned nervously

“Did you miss me?” he asked, a cocky smirk spread over his face

“You’re, you’re dead” you said, tears streaming down your face

“Does it look like I’m dead” he said sarcastically

“I identified your body, you were dead” you insisted 

“Honey, do dead people walk?” he questioned 

“You, you bastard!” you shouted, banging your hands on his chest. “There was funeral, I had to bury the love of my life!” you screamed angrily

His hands grabbed your wrists to stop you from hitting him more “relax, (y/n), I’m back” he said 

“What does that have to do with anything!?” you asked 

“It means ‘there love of your life’ is back for you” he said dramatically, eyeing you up and down “and he sure has missed you” he said seductively

You reluctantly pulled yourself away from his tight grip “how could you do that to me?” you asked

“I did what had to be done” he said plainly

“And you couldn’t tell me that until now? It’s been three years!” you said, starting to get angry again

“Why don’t you give daddy a hug huh” he said jokingly “maybe that will make you feel better”

“Why don’t you come make me” you said, fists clenched  

In one swift motion, he grabbed your hand and pulled you into a hug

“I win” he whispered into your ear

You may be angry with him right now, but you could never stay mad at him, you did love him after all

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I’m pretty sure the Bus containing all those monsters was like some Mary Poppins / Time Lord shit because that didn’t seem to nearly be big enough to fit all of them in there
Unless inside were they just really really cramped?
I’m now imagining Jerome stuck between these monster-creature-things just being like ‘what the actual hell is going on here I mean come on where am I meant to do my bows and stuff? There is not nearly enough room in here to be as dramatic as I want to be’

Ice Cream and A Movie

For fedoracat because her birthday was a while ago and I finally finished her present.

Characters: Danny Fenton and Randy Cunningham


WordCount: 1,911

Summary: While hanging out with Danny, Randy realizes there maybe more to their friendship than he thought.

Danny looked over at Randy and smirked. “You sure you’re gonna finish that?”

Randy turned in his seat slightly, putting his body between Danny and his ice cream. “Yes I’m sure.” He grumbled and took a couple more licks.

Danny laughed, “Dude, I’m not gonna eat your ice cream. I was just wondering because isn’t that your second cone?”

“Maybe.” He kept shifting his eyes between his ice cream and Danny between licks. He had to be wary with his food. If he wasn’t carful, Howard almost always managed to make off and consume it.

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Mollyhall, I am scared, for myself and for my friends. And I don't know what to do now. But I also want to thank you for opening your heart (and your inbox) to all of the people who are scared right now. You are wonderful and we are here for you too.

i know you are. i am too. it’s a scary and confusing time. it feels a lot like a hopeless time, but it isn’t. i know that it is easy for me, a comfortably middle class white woman, to say that. but it isn’t a hopeless time. i promise you. we’ll buckle down and link arms and get through it because there isn’t another option. if you can’t find it in you to hope right now, that’s okay. i’ll do it for you until you can.

guys, i know that today is such a hard day, and tomorrow will be too, and the day after that. i know that i can’t begin to understand how hard. i know that it will be harder for so many of you than it will be for me, and i know writing posts on liberal-leaning tumblr might not really matter, and i know that i am better and kinder and stronger on here than i am in my real life, where every time someone looks at me i want to flinch. 

but i promise, promise, promise that the way out is through and we will. get. out.

I realize that chapter fifty was a clusterfuck of emotions, but I feel like this panel doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. Yeah, the dramatic scene on the field is what everyone remembers about Cry, but this page is one of my favorites in the chapter, and the entire series. What I’m referring to is the third panel.

Look at Mikasa. In her grief, she hugs herself closer to Eren, and presses her head against his back, crying. See, that was the single moment I knew every headcanon I had about them as kids was correct. It’s so obvious that she doesn’t just love Eren, she sees him as an anchor, as someone to turn to when she needs support. Mikasa is a damn strong character and does a pretty good job of keeping her emotions in check, but here, she can’t.

Really, I think Hannes was more important to them than any of them realized, enough to bring Mikasa to tears over losing him. See, I firmly believe that, as kids, Mikasa was an emotional wreck. We didn’t see what she was like in the year she lived with the Jaegers, we saw the end result, after a year of coping. And Carla’s death, in addition to the loss of her own family, shook her into what she is today.

So, it’s safe to assume that Mikasa was truly unstable and sensitive when she lived with the Jaegers. And if nothing else, this proves it. This is the first time Mikasa has been brought to tears by someone other than Eren after joining the military, and the first thing she does is get close to him and sob. Eren isn’t just her “family”. He’s her stability. He’s her rock. He’s a symbol of safety and comfort for her. The fact that she loves him is just a bonus, because the true beauty of their relationship comes from things like this.

Are you ready for more action? And drama? And romance? And tears?

Now, as you might recall, in our last installment Luhan was dealing with confusion regarding his sexuality.

Oh, Luhan, you are adorable!

But we’re all kind of sick of hearing about your attempts to escape the clutches of SLASH FIC DESTINY, so let’s talk about the other sexy lead.

Because, naturally, if Minseok is straight, then Luhan will be doomed to agonize over his confusion forever without any hope of closure. I mean this is fanfiction, so that’s the only possible way it could go. Which, admittedly, would be pretty fantastically angsty. But not nearly dramatic enough. Luckily for us, not only is Minseok gay, what he lacks in self-esteem he makes up for in self-awareness.

Oh, how opposite our leads are! But they’re about to get even more opposite. You see, having low self-esteem means Minseok doesn’t realize the extent to which he Brings the Boys Out.

He has the capacity to be a player, but not the awareness. He also just lacks the basic player mindset, and has difficult time even fathoming the life of a player.

What a nice (albeit kind of dumb) guy. He’s just written this way by chance, not because he is the writer’s ultimate bias. Ahaha… haha… ha… <.< >.>

But more angst is ahead because dear, sweet, oblivious sexlord Minseok is about to run into the sexy player from yesterday.

As Minseok is stretching for twerking practice, Luhan runs into the room, shouting something about how heterosexual he is and how even if he were gay he’d only be three-one-hundred-twenty-sevenths gay.

Minseok instantly recognizes him as the supreme hottie from the sports field, and invites him to practice twerking with him and his crush, Jongdae.

But, damn, does he looks good doing it.

It turns out that though Luhan is generally amazing at everything he ever attempts to do on any occasion, he’s quite painfully terrible at twerking.

Fortunately for Luhan, his rival, who he has to to actually accept as his rival, is even worse at twerking. I would recommend covering the eyes of any children in the room before looking at the next gif, as children may not have yet developed the capacity to withstand such high levels of second-hand embarrassment yet.

Can’t win ‘em all. Another tragedy in this ansty, ansty fic.

But all the suffering you were put through by witnessing the Jongdae gif is about to be erased. For the king comes out, and shows off his unmatched ass-shaking abilities.

I’m not sure that QUITE counts as twerking. But is anyone complaining? Doubtful. I’m definitely not complaining.

But as this is an angst fic, we must do something to make our readers cry. And that thing will be cutting off this chapter right before Minseok’s actual twerking begins. Ooooh, what a harsh cliffhanger! I am so cruel!

What do you think will happen next?You’ll have to wait until the next installment of XIUHAN ANGST FIC to see how this tragic tale continues to unfold.