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quick note to fanfic writers

So I have noticed that there are times when I read fanfic and I really enjoy so much about it - the dialogue, the characterisation, the descriptions. And then I find my enjoyment is hampered a little bit, not a huge amount, by incorrect dialogue punctuation. I realised this is a common problem in fanfic, and I figured a quick tutorial regarding dialogue was in order. I know it seems like a small thing, but I honestly think putting a comma in the place of a full stop/period makes all the difference with a fic’s readability, and the rules themselves are fairly straightforward.

First, just to clarify, a dialogue tag is a verb (i.e. a doing word) that describes how a word is said. Examples of dialogue tags are “said”, “shouted”, “cried”, etc. If the word does not describe specifically how the word is said and instead focuses on another action by the character (such as “coughed” or “laughed” or “smiled”), it is not a dialogue tag and should not be treated as such.

So, when writing dialogue that ends with a question mark:

“Have I told you how much I love you in that dress?” He murmured. (Incorrect)

“Have I told you how much I love you in that dress?” he murmured. (Correct)

The second example is formatted correctly. Remember, you only have to capitalise a word, unless it’s a proper noun (usually names), at the beginning of a new sentence. The “he” is not capitalised because it is still the same sentence and the word “murmured” is a dialogue tag.


“More than a few times now.” She teased. (Incorrect)

“More than a few times now,” she teased. (Correct)

Again, that whole line is one sentence because the word “teased” is the dialogue tag that is directly describing how the dialogue is being said. Notice the comma, as opposed to the full stop/period, and also the fact that “she” is in lowercase. 

If the word you are using is not a dialogue tag, you do need a full stop/period. For example:

He coughed, “you look chilly, though.” (Incorrect)

He coughed. “You look chilly, though.” (Correct)

This is because the character coughing is separate from the dialogue itself, which is why the sentence and the dialogue are two distinct sentences. Notice that therefore the start of each sentence is capitalised.

When you continue the dialogue after the dialogue tag:

“I didn’t mean that,” Oliver said, “although I didn’t see it as breaking my vows. Not when your life was at stake.”

Note the underlined commas and the fact that “although” is in lowercase. The way you test this is simple. Simply take out the dialogue tag in its entirety, and if the sentence still makes grammatical sense, you use commas and lowercase. 

Let’s test this out.  

 "I didn’t mean that, although I didn’t see it as breaking my vows. Not when your life was at stake.“

Yep. It still makes sense, so you have punctuated correctly.

Compare that to this example:

"I remember this one too,” she said. “You know, I thought you were going to bleed to death in my car.”

Note the underlined full stop/period and the fact that “You” is capitalised. This is because the sentences are clearly separate (whereas in the last example it was a bit more ambiguous). If you’re confused, just use the test set out above - take out the dialogue tag and see if the sentence makes grammatical sense.

“I remember this one too, you know, I thought you were going to bleed to death in my car.”

If you know anything about comma splicing, you will know that that sentence is most definitely not grammatically correct, so a full stop/period after “too” is in order.

So, in summary: 

~use a COMMA and lowercase when using dialogue tags such as “said”, etc.

~use a full stop/period and capitalise the first letter when using verbs that are not dialogue tags (such as “smiled”)

~if you’re unsure when splitting dialogue with a tag in between, take out the tag and see if it makes sense as a sentence on its own. If it does, use commas and lowercase, and if it doesn’t, use a full stop/period and capitalise.

I hope that was somewhat helpful! Grammar is a strange thing - you often don’t realise you’re doing something incorrectly until it is pointed out to you, so don’t feel bad if you realise you’ve been wrongly formatting dialogue all this time! :) It’s not a huge deal, but it honestly makes such a difference for me when reading a fic and not having the flow of the story stopped because I’ve noticed the same mistake being made over and over. Anyway, my inbox is always open if anyone has any questions about this or anything else. I used to beta a lot back in my HP days, so if you’re unsure about anything grammar-wise, I’m your girl. (I mean I’m not your girl - I wasn’t making a pass at you or anything. Or maybe I was…)


Monuments by Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

In the words of the artist Mathieu Bernard-Reymond:

To create these Black and White photographs, I use financial charts and statistics as basic shapes to produce photographic representations of global economic and ecological concerns. The charts have been modeled using a 3D software and integrated in landscapes I photographed.  By turning these curves and sculptural shapes into massive constructions close to memorials or monumental sculptures, I intend to reach something beyond data. My purpose is to underline their fundamental link to landscape and thus, to human  and natural history. I have been working on this project since 2005.

Follow the Source Link for images sources and more information.


“Don’t worry, my lady. I won’t tell a soul”

“Who the fuk”

If Plagg noticed Tikki in Ali’s pocket instead of eating cheese in a trash can.

Based of ladyofacat’s post. @ladyofacat

The fact that social justice tumblr is so outspokenly and aggressively against veganism really underlines my growing realisation that a lot of “activism” on this website has its basis in performative efforts, rather than true moral beliefs and convictions. A lot of this supposed activism is all noise and no action.

It’s terribly easy to hit that reblog button, slap on a “#sj” or “#signal boost”, and proceed to contribute precisely nothing to the cause. It requires the same amount of effort to reblog a social justice post as it does to churn out shitposts and vine compilations. Doesn’t exactly put the “active” into activism, does it? That callout post you liked the other day? Really put a stop to the rise of the far right.

This extreme need to be the most woke, the most progressive, the most ideologically pure, all while putting in an absolute bare minimum of effort, is precisely why so many self-proclaimed activists and social justice advocates despise the idea of veganism. You can’t become vegan by reblogging a bunch of photosets and sending out a few angry anons. You have to actually make changes that will affect your daily life.

So when they gleefully call all vegans rich white racists, pointedly speaking over poor vegans and vegans of colour, when they circulate posts about mistreated vegetable farmers (pretending they never ate a vegetable in their life), but ignore the treatment of workers in the meat and dairy industries, when they regurgitate over and over every single scrap of misinformation that lets them maintain their façade of righteousness /all while never examining their own actions and inactions/, they are proving over and over that they would sooner stab their own ideals in the back than take a good hard look at themselves and put even an ounce of dedication behind their empty claims.

American woodcock’s dance :D !!

The lyrics : 

Biche oh ma biche lorsque tu soulignes, au crayon noir tes jolis yeux !

Biche oh ma biche moi je m’imagine, que ce sont deux papillons bleus !

Translation : 

Dear oh my dear when you underline with a black pencil your beautiful eyes! Dear oh my dear then I imagine that they are two blue butterflies!

It’s a french song from Frank Alamo called “Biche, ma biche” inspired by “Sugar and spice” by the Searchers :), the song was perfect with their bouncing xD

If you want to listen to the full song go there :) Hope you will like ^^ 

amaziingdil  asked:

I'd love to hear your mental health headcanons!! Esp about saeran and Saeyoung. I feel like most people forget about Saeyoung bc saeran is arguably worse off but that boy isnt neurotypical in the slightest

Hello I’m back and the reason I’m doing this one first is because mental health sucks am I right okay moving on


  • I’ve seen a lot of people suggest NPD but I personally disagree?
  • I don’t think Zen actually believes a damn word he says about how great he is, on any level. It’s 100% fake it til you make it. 
  • Only he figures he’ll never make it so I guess he’ll just fake it forever hahaha
  • And Zen shows literally zero trace of some of the other NPD criteria, like illusions of grandeur and increased self-importance, a sense of entitlement or exploitative behaviours.
  • So, not NPD. And while he has at least a depressive episode in his route, I don’t think I’d diagnose him with Major Depression either. 
  • He obviously has his own issues that he struggles with, but I don’t think any of them are diagnosable. 
  • Although I did see someone (you can read the post HERE) say he could have Body Dismorphic Disorder, and I really liked their reasoning, but I’d never heard of that before so I can’t speak much on it. 


  • Yoosung has been diagnosed with both depression and anxiety
  • The RFA all practically forced him to see someone after Rika’s death. That’s when he was diagnosed and prescribed SSRIs. The medication helped a lot, and he’s doing a lot better now that he’s on them and has a therapist
  • I also headcanon that he has Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • I’m not just biased I swear
  • At first I thought I was but I’ve seen other people say this so it’s become official Mystic Drabbles Headcanon
  • I also headcanon that Yoosung feels kind of guilty about that one. Because like… his life is fine? Especially when he looks at people like Saeyoung, who have gone through so much worse. He feels like he doesn’t have the right to be as “messed up” as he is?
  • He’s wrong, of course, on so many levels, obviously. But he can’t help how he feels.


  • Is stress a mental disorder because she definitely has that
  • She might have some traits of OCPD? I am not at all an authority in that, but she is a strict rule follower, likes things to be clean and in order, and would rather sacrifice sleep and meals to get her work done than leave something unfinished or do any less than her best, or let anyone else do it for her. She likes things being perfectly on schedule, and perfectly clean (especially when it comes to a certain cat’s messy white fur). And despite being miserable, she’s reluctant to try to change anything.
  • But like Zen, while she does have her issues, I don’t know if I’d label any of them mental illnesses, as her above traits don’t really interfere with her day to day life severely and she manages to sort out some of her major issues with slight encouragement.


  • I headcanon him as autistic because I am a sheep
  • I don’t know very much about autism though, so I don’t trust my abilities to write him as such, or even elaborate very much, without being inaccurate or offending someone.
  • But it’s clear he has issues with interacting with and understanding others, but it’s not because he’s uncaring or cruel. He truly seems like he just… doesn’t understand sometimes. But he is willing to listen when people try to explain.
  • He’s trying, and he’s clearly learned to function despite his hardships.
  • My tol awkward son, I’m proud of him


  • Hahahahaha nothing about this boy is neurotypical
  • I mentioned before that he has at the very least Borderline traits, maybe not the whole disorder
  • And definitely PTSD. For obvious reasons.
  • I also recently changed my headcanon for him from depression to bipolar (probably type 2? I’m not sure.) Because honestly it fits him so well? He goes from laughing and joking and building a thousand robots while hacking into like NASA or something for the lolz because he can’t slow down enough to focus on one thing…
  • To talking about how he’s useless and nobody and shouldn’t even exist, and feeling so down he can’t get anything done.
  • He’s another one who’s done fairly decently at learning to function around his issues. 
  • (I headcanon this is partially because he’s done a fair amount of research on them. He likes learning, and he understands the importance of mental health care. He just doesn’t always feel like he deserves it.)
  • Or, at the very least, survive through them.
  • I’m proud of him too.


  • He has many issues. Feeling responsible for everyone and everything, his low self-esteem, believing he deserves to suffer…
  • But while none of these are mentally healthy, I think they stem more from him being a victim of abuse than a mental illness.
  • Aside from, of course, the PTSD that stemmed from said abuse. This is obvious from the withdrawing from his friends, being increasingly self-destructive, and his obvious constant stress.


  • Saeran is another very Not Neurotypical one. 
  • I already discussed him having BPD.
  • And it’s obvious he has PTSD.
  • I forget if I mentioned anxiety? But that too. 
  • I feel like he’d also have social anxiety and/or AvPD? In his case, the fear of social interaction comes off as anger when he’s distressed.
  • And in the Ending picture on the couch, he seems very closed off and withdrawn from the group. 
  • We don’t have a lot of canon instances of Saeran interacting with anyone besides Saeyoung, but I feel that he would be very not okay with the risk of rejection or criticism. He would push people away so they wouldn’t get a chance to hate him. 
  • And how could he not fear disapproval when you consider what that’s looked like his whole life? Disapproval=abuse. Being anything less than perfect=abuse/brainwashing. And he most definitely wouldn’t describe himself as perfect.


  • I feel like they would almost be mildly obsessive compulsive traits but not exactly either OCD or OCPD?
  • It’s like
  • Their life was orchestrated to cause OCPD but somehow they managed to be… not?
  • But they still have some obsessive compulsive quirks, I guess you could say? 
  • Like… if one thing is off in a room it doesn’t just bug them, they literally have to fix it. Maybe not immediately, but they can’t just… leave it. They know that even if they leave the room it’ll bother them for the rest of the day.
  • (They may or may not have had to stop in the middle of a firefight to straighten a painting once. They did.)
  • It’s different if a whole room is a mess. They still want to clean it, but it’s weirdly less… urgent? They would definitely feel better if they could. They would feel even better if they could scrub down everything completely.
  • (You may have noticed that they wear gloves? Yeah they may or may not be somewhat of a germaphobe. They are. 
  • Funny enough though, their cleaning habits are not really related to this. They can deal with the germaphobia much better than they can deal with the messiness.)
  • (More on that another day~)
  • They’re also a bit of a perfectionist, although they’ve learned that not everything can be perfect and can usually deal with that.
  • They also wouldn’t delegate their work to anyone else but that’s more… avoidant and distancing independence than anything OCPD-like. 
  • (It’s also kind of low self esteem. Who would help someone like them?)
  • They also have the “unstable sense of identity” thing that I can only ever find information on in a BPD sense, but they don’t have that either. 
  • So. Yeah.
  • Personally I think I’d label them PDNOS (Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified)

Disclaimer: I have never taken a non-science college class. Meaning, I have no idea how to take notes for humanities or social sciences. Not saying this method won’t work for that, just that I can’t guarantee it will. Also, this method is not about achieving pretty notes, only structured practical notes.

What you’ll need:

  • Notebook. I use a notebook. Most people I know use a notebook. Why should YOU use a notebook?
    • You won’t get as many handouts (if any) as in highschool.
    • Professors won’t ask to see hw in your notebook. For all they care, your notes could be a comic about the class. As long as you pass, you do you.
    • You don’t have as many classes in a day so even if you carry around notebooks, your bag won’t be all that heavy.
    • You can divide it into three sections: class notes, seminar notes/work and lab work. All in one for your studying comfort.
    • Professors WILL reference that formula from 3 classes ago and when you have no idea wtf they’re talking about, you can just flip a few pages.
    • Seriously, no one in your class wants to hear you snap loose leaf paper out of your ring binder.
    • And let’s be honest, your notes are going to get jumbled up any other way.
    • If you’re taking a continuation class and you’ll need to revise from these notes, it’s much easier to pull out a notebook than to look through the thousands of notes from all your classes and try to figure out which are the ones you need and what is the correct order.
  • Two pens, three tops. Blue for general notes, black for sections and the other color for subsections or underlining. Go for black for general note taking if you want to (I do it too sometimes) but blue strains your eyes less.

In class:

  • Structuring notes: not every structure works for every subject and professor so you should figure out a method for each one. That said, I usually start out with a basic structure and then tweak it along the way to better suit my needs:
    1. The name of the unit should be your ‘big title’. ‘ORGANELLES’
    2. Every ‘big topic’ (very easy to identify – usually the professor will make it really clear that you’re moving on to a different topic or it’ll be on the slides) inside the unit is assigned a number. ‘3. Mitochondria’
    3. Every ’big aspect’ of that topic is a subtopic. ‘3.4. Structure’.
    4. If there are even more sub subtopics, continue with the numeration system. Otherwise proceed to use bullet points for any enumerations. If there are enumerations inside these enumerations (wow enumerception), change your symbol for each level. Instead of bullet points you can use dashes, squares, spirals, Xs…
    5. The exception for this is when the enumeration corresponds to steps in a process. In that case, I number each step and circle the number.
    6. For each level you descend, indent your text. It’ll be easier to not get lost. Skip this if you’re working with a small notebook and you’re afraid of running out of pages.
    7. Sticky notes are your best friend. Does some random piece of info the professor just decided was important enough to be mentioned not fit into your very methodic structure? No problem, add a sticky note. Cute + calls attention to it, so you won’t forget.

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Perhaps it’s my destiny to remain a bookkeeper forever, and for poetry and literature to remain simply butterflies that alight on my head and underline my own ridiculousness by their very beauty.
—  Fernando Pessoa
Storm of Lust

It was obvious we weren’t meant to be forever, but that night our paths crossed and for a short moment we found one another. We found one another and yet I didn’t realise I was looking for her, but it’s when I saw her that I knew she was what I needed, I knew she was what I was searching for. The next day we would be strangers to one another, but that night we somehow found each other in what seemed like an endless sea of people. The next day we would be back to our normal lives, but that night nothing could stop us to have some fun. Everything about her was special and enthralling, she obviously wasn’t “perfect”, as if there is such thing, but she was for sure more remarkable than any other girl in the room. It wasn’t her look that immediately winded me, of course she was beautiful, but the first thing I caught about her was her scent as she passed by me at the bar. The usual cloud of smell in the club could not contain the gentle turmoil that was her aroma. The smog of alcohol and sweat was easily pierced by the soft ray of her fragrance. And as she passed by me a whiff of her aroma was casted on me, her sweet scent caressed my nose and grabbed me by the chin, my head had no other choice but to follow her silhouette in the crowd. She smelled delicious and flavourful, she smelled like love and passion, and she smelled sweet and somehow rough, all that at the same time. In no time her perfume drowned my mind with desire and burned my lungs with passion, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling anymore but for sure it felt good. After that, I had no other choice but to leave my drink there, I had no other choice but to leave my friend mid sentence here, I had no other choice but to follow her. I joined her on the dancefloor, took her by her hand and spun her toward me, she giggled and stared into my eyes. Spinning her around sent a gust of her fragrance that only charmed me more. Quickly we sweated and moved with passion and yet our clothes were still on.

After that everything else happened so fast, we talked, we danced, we drank, after that it didn’t take long before my mind began to spin. She proposed some shots and enchanted by the idea I followed her back to the bar. There she moved closer and closer to me, there I think I pulled her towards me, there she mentioned a discreet place for later. Before I could respond anything, we went back dancing. On the dancefloor, we could not leave one another and after dancing for a while she bit her lips and gave me a bewitching wink. Then, she left her friends there as she dragged me through the room, she dashed down some stairs and I followed her to another floor, then we flew across a calmer and less crowded room and we dove down some more stairs. We landed into a small and dark corridor, she turned to me and said with a mischievous smile that we should not be bothered here. But honestly, she could have brought me anywhere I would have followed her anyway, at this point I was completely under her spell. At the end of the long corridor she opened a door and invited me in. To this day, I’m still not sure who did what next, I’m still not sure what happened afterward or at least in what order. Next thing I remember was the intoxicating feeling of her lips stuck against mines. I could not let her go, her lips’ taste stayed on my tongue and her lipstick reddened my mouth as she took my breath away. A mere tease of her inebriating body and already I craved to lick more of her, I hungered to eat her, I thirsted of her juice and I demanded her moans. Even the few shots we took beforehand could not dull our senses. It seemed as if our outrageous lust sharpened our minds and controlled our bodies in this devilish act.

Our tongues latched on one another and caressed around in our mouths. It seemed as if our tongues like our bodies could not be separated. After all, we could not stop to touch and caress one another as we spun around the small bathroom. In an indecent whirlwind, I pinned her on the stall door, she straddled me on the seat, I bent her over the sink, she pushed me on the wall. We were in a continuous tempest of passion almost too small for the room to contain. After she pushed me on the wall, she latched her claws on my shirt and kissed my chest. Her crimson lipstick stained the white fabric of my shirt, she was obviously and lewdly marking her catch while unbuckling my belt.

Though our foreplay was long it was rushed, it was passionate but delicate, it was rough yet sweet, and somehow our foreplay was hot in that cold bathroom. Or so it seemed to us. Our foreplay could have been a few minutes or many it did not really matter. Time obviously did not stop for us but we surely did not want to waste any second, we wanted to use every minute we had with our bodies before getting caught. In an instant her mouth was on my crotch, she was tasting me through my underwear, passing her lips on my bulge and underlining my swelling with her tongue. Then, in a quick motion her fingers snatched my underwear down. I could hear her silently savour me as her lips lapped on my cock. Surprised by her mouth work I stutetered a ccurse as I closed my eyes. I could not see anything but I could feel her tongue trace my length and I could feel her saliva quickly coat my cock as her tongue coiled me. Once she got me to the hardness she wanted, once she filled her hunger, we quickly switched place on the wall. Swiftly I spread her legs apart and pulled down her pants. My hands dove into her panties while my mouth began to cover her breast. My teeth then pulled down her bra as my fingers slowly slid inside her. Once inside of her, I heard her swallow her saliva and let out a faint sigh of relief as she enjoyed the penetration of my roaming fingers. Then, my nose rubbed against her skin as my mouth caressed its way to her nipples, circling around her nipple I felt her push her breast in my face as she took a deep breath. At this moment, my fingers pushed deeper inside her as my palm pressed against her clit, there I felt that my warm hand on her sensitive button made her shiver as she slightly grasped my forearm. I let her take a moment before my fingers began to viciously pump in her and my palm began to rapidly quake on her sensitive clit. Quickly, her juice dripped on my hand as I devoured her breast. Nibbled and fingered she tighten her grip on my arm as she let small moans escape her mouth. Now, with my mouth all over her breast, I must say that her body felt like honey, a delectable nectar that stuck to my lips and rolled on my tongue. The warmth of her body made me forget the staleness and coldness of the bathroom atmosphere. After a while, my hand slid away and all my fingers latched to her body as my mouth went back to hers. My hands wanted to brush her silhouette, my fingers wanted to paint her curves as our lips coloured our mouths of her red lipstick. Her moans tamboured into my ears and the rhythm of her gasps mixed with the music to restlessly hit my eardrums. Even tough I was still rock hard I could have been satisfied with just stealing her some moans, but her mischievous eyes said that she had more plans for me. She then let herself fall into my arms and I lift her up as she wrapped herself around my hips. I pinned her to the wall and we continued to exchange some deep kisses as we grinded against each other. I could feel that her soaked panties could barely restrain my cock as the tip was beginning to push between her lips. The tempo of the grinding continued to be heavy and dirty and we both knew what we wanted next.

I let her down to her feet and we went to the sink. Her back to me I caressed some kisses on her neck as my hands stroked her figure. I then bent her over, or more like she bent herself over before I could do anything, anyway we both wanted that either way. I eagerly took protection from my pocket and quickly put it on, my cock was throbbing as I could barely wait to feel more of her. I gave her a little slap on her beautiful ass and pushed her dripping panties aside. Then I slid my cock up and down her wet lips as she backed her rear on me. I pushed the head in and we both let out a moan of solace as she began to slowly move her hips, her ass moving in circles while the head of my cock was barely pushed inside her.

She shivered as I rammed my cock into her. The pounding of my cock in her echoed in the room as the mirror trembled from the blasting music of the club. Her moistness made lewd noises and this mesmerizing sound covered the noise of the locked door that was shaking because some people were trying to get in. I honestly did not realise she locked the door behind, everything happened so fast. But, I did not give it more thoughts as now I pushed deeply into her, she was only stopped by the sink as she received inside of her all my cock. The walls were shaking and we could not tell what was causing it, the pounding music of the club or the fierce ramming of my cock that was rocking the sink on the wall. I continuously pushed into her as my whole cock pumped in her with ease and rapidity. My hips rammed and shoved my cock into her with harshness and strength as her panting and moans only enhanced the music. In a way, it seemed as if her breathing and quivering had matched perfectly with the beat of the music. Actually, it almost felt as if the loud and energic symphony of the club could only be background noise to her suggestive and provocative moans. She closed her eyes and she let out cries of pleasure as I slapped her ass and pounded her pussy some more. She looked at me in the mirror, not at me as a person but as a momentarily giver of pleasure, she seemed to have been happy with her catch as she slowly brushed her tongue across her lips. I gave more strength in my thrusts, using all she gave me to burry my cock. Her hips tuned my pace and pushed on my cock at the right moments, she made sure to have all of me in her, she made sure to use all my length while she shivered on it. If at this moment, we would not have been both so selfish, our act would have been so selfless to one another, but in a way the meaningless of our sex was dedicated. After all, we did not want our moment together to last forever but to be memorable. So, I kept fucking her senselessly, her face inches away of the mirror as she moaned and shivered under my shoves. With this heated sex her shameless pleasure made her icy reflection fluster. Her warm moaning breath crashed onto the dirtied and old mirror as steam began to cover it. She sang for some more and I gave it to her. Then, I felt her getting closer and closer. She let her head fall down and she tightly grabbed the sink in front of her as her legs began to quiver. But, I grabbed her hair while pummeling my cock into her, I then pulled her hair to make her see the lustful scene in our blurry reflection. Her whimpers quickly crescendoed and it did not take much more time before we both finished in a gale of moans and grunts.

I gave her a kiss on her back as I retired myself. We both slowly took back our breath for a moment. She readjusted her clothes as I threw the condom in the trash. We put back our clothes while exchanging satisfied grins to one another. Then, she came closer to me and stared into my eyes as she bit her lower lip. We both wanted an encore but at the same time we both needed to take some air after this tornado of passion. She kissed me one last time and turned toward the door, freezing me on place with a huge smile on my face. She unlocked the door and began to open it, but she stopped for a small moment, she slightly turned her face toward me but without looking at me, she seemed to have had a brief moment of hesitation but then she disappeared in the confused crowd waiting outside the door.



Big thanks to @pherthedarkwarrior @metaphoricalpluto @protheangel and @theaurasentai for being my biggest fans!

Wow…52 followers. That’s…that’s a milestone in my book! You know what this calls for?


52 might not be a large number. But that’s not going to stop me from making the prizes cool!


- You must be following me! Following me then unfollowing me just to get the prize is not cool and you will be forfeited.

- No NSFW requests! Slight gore is okay though.

- You may only enter twice (2 times)! You enter with Reblogs! LIKES DON’T COUNT

- You must reblog from this post from me! Trust me, I will check.

- If you win, please be patient. I’m a high schooler with a real life job. I don’t have all the time in the world.

- I’ll attempt to draw your request if you win. However, please be respectful if I ask you to change your prize.


First Place: A full body (or half body) character with both color and shading (most likely digital, I can’t find my colored pencils)


Second Place: A full body (or half body) inked traditional drawing using line shading (will be black and white, maybe greyscaled)


(note: you will only have one character in the drawing)

Third Place: A traditional sketch of a character. Possibly full body, depending on the details of the character.


(Picture taken quality WILL be higher quality than this. I took this one in a dark room and I just brightened it)

Fourth Place: An MS paint drawing of a character. Possible full body.


So go ahead and enter!



Chara’s presence in Undertale

Charas presence in all runs has always been incredibly obvious, Chara IS there and it’s canon, which is why I’m not labeling this as a theory. This is not touching on Narra!Chara in anyway. Although if you wish to read up on those, I would recommend SaveLoadReset & PassiveChara

Spoilers for Undertale below

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“You’re in my creative writing workshop class and you write poetry and i write prose and your writing is so beautiful i always end up leaving little hearts and compliments over your stuff and underline all my favorite parts and i’m kind of in awe of you and i’m amazed bc you actually do the same to my stuff and whenever i get my workshopped papers back i always look for the one with your name on the top first and every time you make a comment about something i wrote in class when it’s my turn to be workshopped i get butterflies in my stomach” AU

- (@speedforcelesbian)


Mama tried to raise me better, but her pleading I denied
That leaves only me to blame ‘cause Mama tried