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“can someone explain why japanese game show ‘slippery stairs’ hasn’t made its way to our part of the world yet” – Twitter: juanbuis

I lost it by 15 seconds. My face hurts. I’m crying so hard. My nose is running. I look like an Oscar-winning performance from Viola Davis.

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yo what did you do to your taz drawings to give them that delicious soft vellum look? bless u

merge all your layers, duplicate, put a gaussian blur on the top layer (the amount will vary with how big ur drawing is, but just make it so it looks all fuzzed out), then set the blurred layer to like 30-40% opacity!


part 2/? of our med au!!!

also pls check out citras art for this too!! its in her twitter moments here!! :))

idk about them but the way i memorize it is repeatedly banging my head against the wall until it retains in my mind


okay but if anything just remember that one time ,after singing mama, gerard pointed to his mom in the front row and said “mama !!! this is the closest you’ve ever been to me , and this is gonna be totally in appropriate , but I’m going STRAIGHT to third base !!!” before proceeding to shove his hand down his pants


PLAYLISTS for mitch, jonas, sidney, scratch, javier, and cliff! these are a few songs/bands i think the characters would listen to. some of them i admittedly didn’t actually listen to before adding to playlists (coughs, javier’s and cliff’s..) so i hope they’re not too?? awful?? sorry i just can’t listen to juggalo or country tunes oops. i’ll probably periodically be editing these

feel free to suggest other songs for them on my twitter!

mitch: metal, thrash, rock

jonas: indie/alternative, synth, 60s-80s

sidney: pop punk, alternative

scratch: punk rock, british rock (is that a genre who knows)

javier: juggalo music i dont?? know

cliff: yeehaw

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Opening NIght

Kage-chan (x
Tomorrow is finally opening night.
I’m going to sleep with this ball that I’ve practiced with every day for the past two months at rehearsals.  
I’m extremely nervous, but… Tomorrow I’m going to enjoy Engeki Haikyuu with all my heart!!!
Good night~!

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Okay while I’m at it (i mean talking abt my art policy w someone laughs)
I would like to share this thing happened to me from months ago.
Something I rlly have to tell to all my followers or people who visit my page.

To begin with, I’m a really flexible kind of artist regarding my own art’s policies.

Use as icon? Use it. Use as header? Use it. Repost? Redraw? Trace? Reference? Yep, totally don’t mind, go ahead. I see those stuff as ways to appreciate my art, instead i would like laughs at it and “wow why would you like my ugly art cries, thanks tho.”
There is only one thing I ask from you all, “a credit”, yep, a link back to my tumblr. Or my twitter, or my name, just anything.

Because all I want is “respect and honesty” alright, you don’t need to ask my permission, but if you respect me & my art you surely would at least write down my name on the caption right?

Lol i became too sappy im sorry.
And well so, it’s not rare, but not often either for me to saw my art getting reposted. But this one particular haikyuu page in fb reposted my art without a credit to me. I wouldnt tell which art and which page bcs i don’t want problems. Please don’t look it up either i beg you.

Ok so, ofc my friend is like “haru isn’t this your art?” So I’m like “oh yes it is”
So i went to the page, and comment, kindly and politely, to put my link to tumblr on the caption. Thought, honestly, i wouldnt mind if they don’t do it either bcs if you see the comment section, the link is there, right there.
But this page, instead of choosing to just ignore the comment, which is already quite rude, choose to delete my comment.
My friends are like “whoa wtf, do u need a hand” but I’m too tired of shits already so I’m like “nah it’s cool.”

Ok, so, I’m no big artist, and I’m totally cool with this kind of thing. But it’s rlly unrespectful to the artist to do this kind of thing man. If you can’t support the artist by buying their stuff, commissing them, well excuse u, at least pls support them by respecting them.

To the admin of that page, i forgive you but please don’t do it anymore cries.

I’m sorry for rambling too much, i just feel like i need to make this post so some ppl would know all i want is my name written on the caption
Here have a KageHina :’) i haven’t been drawing so much lately cries //rolls away

baby eyebrow &summer haircut

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Au Queen hmm?~ What's Yugi like in your pirate Au?

LOL you made me realize I never drew Yugi in my Pirate AU

So I took the chance to do it now x°D he’s supposed to be Atem’s younger brother (I’m sorry, I had to justify the resemblance somehow lol) and he’s from a very rich family who owns colonies (despite being so bad at history I chose this way for accuracy and clothing reasons) and when he finds out Atem might be still alive (they believed him dead after a shipwreck) he sails stealing one of his father’s ships lol (his closest friends will be the crew 🔥)

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99 and Marlowe

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongin

Genre: Soulmates!AU (kWritersNet May Prompt) + Angst 

Prompt: “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

Rating: PG-13 

Word Count: 4,158

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cosplays both mother and son bc i’m my own vampire family

3/100 [4.21.17] || (man I swear the pic is clearer) sooo… today was one of THOSE days. Those days when everything is just horrible for no reason and I can’t move without breaking anything along the way. I broke a glass, my coffee spilled while I was shaking it (I was making it iced using a shaker lol), burned my pointer finger while making oatmeal for breakfast, and Min Yoongi has yet to resurrect smh. Sooo… how was your day? I hope your’s is better than mine