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but it’s so cringey that steve’s team is out here shading louis’s team. i don’t even blame them is the thing, but you KNOW there’s a problem when ½ of the collaboration’s manager is liking fan tweets about the lack of participation from the other ½ of the collab’s management. it’s just not good and it makes me so mad that this is a thing that’s actually happening…. because louis’s team…. is actively screwing him over…. like what even is this? how is this permissible? who is holding crusty & friends accountable? how is this real oh my gosh they are literally screwing him over so bad. not just him but steve and everyone else involved how….is….this….real….

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Chicago 2017 - Arrow

Got to twitter and I was

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So many HVFF tidbits. Thank you @jbuffyangel , Laura, natalie on Twitter.

Stephen Amell:

“you’re gonna love 5.20.. because all my scenes are with emily which has never happened before..” - natalie‏ @amellxwood  

We had figured this much already by SA previous tweets but it’s always nice to have it confirmed

 Jen @HVFF‏ @jbuffyangel tweets:

Cutest little boy just asked if Oliver was going back to LOA. 

sa: I fight alongside someone in the LOA before the end of the year

There’s a few choices for this. Sara, Malcolm, Nyssa, Talia (don’t think she would be along side Oliver though), we know are LoA and they are all still around. *crazy thought ALERT* Yao Fei came to mind too, he was Talia’s student once so he could have been LoA, by Season 1 we didn’t knew about LoA nor it’s involvement with Arrow so I do consider this crazy but possible *end of crazy thought ALERT*.

The presence of Katrina Law on the cross pannel and her remark 

Katrina says her sister needs a beat down bc she’s messing with her husband

makes me hope that it could be Nyssa

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5x20 two truths and a lie: in the arrow suit, every scene is with Emily and he falls down a elevator shaft

SA not giving much up. We know that in 5x20 he will be in the Arrow suit (the sleevest one from Season 4 was on a Behind the Screen Pic he tweeted); and every scene is with Em he had just told the audience. So the  he falls down a elevator shaft is more than likely the lie.

SA: important to compartmentalize his confession with his actions in S1. There is a element of Oliver enjoying it too much in s1

This one sort of confirms the way they are moving on to connect Season 6 to Season 1. Olive’s confession must be considered to connect with Season 1 Oliver (if I am reading it correctly) Oliver Season 6 confessed a secret of Oliver Season 1; that secret is not from Oliver Season 6, Oliver Season 6 is a diferent man. 

There is a scene in an upcoming ep where the stunt coordinator asked how heavy if a gun Emily could carry.

Has to be bigger than a machine gun, we know she can handle that

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so I’m really curious.

- Felicity tries the salmon ladder in an upcoming ep

Emily can do the salmon ladder. Not sure Felicity can

EBR can do the Salmon Ladder… that’s… that’s…

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And now I’m wondering when is Felicity going to try. Will Oliver be there or not. Will Oliver catch her when she falls. So many happy thoughts after that…

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Oliver and Felicity have a great scene where he asks her not to go after Helix a certain way. She explains why she has to.

This is a long scene that sets up the final five eps #olicity

Sorry I meant go after Prometheus. He asks her not to used Helix a certain way

To sum up these three tweets from Jen the first tweet should read “Oliver and Felicity have a great scene where he asks her not to go after Prometheus. He asks her not to use Helix a certain way. She explains why she has to.” and being that it set’s up the final five episodes (5x19-5x23) chances are that this scene takes place in 5x18

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I know this will set things in motion in a way we are not use to, with Oliver and Felicity tackeling the same foe but from oposite/conflicted paths but still I’m pumped and excited to watch it happen.

- SA: it would be amazing if Oliver is outed but he doesn’t know if they could sustain the show.

I guess GA is not going to be outed at least not this Season.

SA: doesn’t know if olicity will get back together but they will explain why there’s a cold almost robotic distance between them

I know that SA is refering to something that happen between Season 4 and Season 5 still this gave me jitters

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- Baby black canary asked if William will find out Oliver is his dad: SA: I’d bet money on that happening

Kudos to SA for this, he’s a dad and it shows, so the way he shows Oliver caring and concern about William is deeply appreciated.

On a viewer’s point of view this is something I wouldn’t mind have happen off screen. If on screen IMO it would fit on the last bit of the finale after all the dangers are put to rest.

I asked Stephen how he wants the final battle with Prommy to go. He said he wasn’t sure. Depends on what he does

I’m aiming for epic. The details I’m prepared to be surprised and amazed.

Then I asked if Oliver was going to come out of his with a stronger moral code and Stephen said yes I think so

GA will rise as a hero by the end of this Season IMO it’s the end of the 5 years arc they had set for that to happen and I do think they will stick to that part of the plan. Heroes have strong moral codes, they can be a bit more radical or different from regular people, but they have one, GA will to.

From  Tricia‏ @TriciaTesH

- Talked to Stephen re 5.22 & Holy Shit comment: he said that we will be the most excited about any Finale after its final scene.

I know many are thinking Felicity, I’m thinking Talia is the reference on the “Holy Shit” I’m thinking that maybe this is when Oliver fully graps the way Talia has been playing everyone; himself, Felicity, John, the Team, and Prometheus, included; that would set up an awesome Season finale.

- He also said that if you’re a fan of show since S1 u will love 5.22 & see a character that we’ve haven’t seen since S1.

This one had me wondering and wondering… most of S1 characters showed up in later Seasons, if not present time in flashbacks (Tommy included).

As far as I can recall (I can be wrong) only one character key to Oliver’s growth never showed up again: Yao Fei Gulong.

On later Seasons he’s mention, and his name is on one of the Island graves but he never shows up again.

We know he connects to Talia. We know Talia knew about Oliver because Yao Fei had started his training (we still don’t know how she knew this). We are all wondering on the why SA covered the names in the four Island graves on the Behind the Screen Still… so maybe Yao Fei is alive?

Is it crazy? Yes. Is it possible? Hardly. Can they pull it off? it would be a shock of epic proportions, I don’t know

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David Ramsey

Jen @HVFF‏ @jbuffyangel tweets

- Thea will be back during the end of season crisis but speedy is tbd

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So great to have her back. 

Diggle tells Wild Dog in an upcoming ep that we don’t have our tranquilizers so make it as non bloody as possible

This was david commenting on the violence of arrow and how they are moving Oliver from an anti hero to a non killing vigilante

Diggle leading the Team and the Team going non lethal…

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- David Ramsey: There’s a BIG chance for romance for Olicity (re: the end of the season)

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Laura‏ @lschin12 tweets

- Asked for 1 word tease of rest of S5 + my friend guesses OTA. David quickly responds w/ “they get back together,” thinking she said Olicity.

David implied it would be before the end of the season. Also compared them to Dyla again. I asked about Olicity babies and he said for sure.

Also said it’s a show, there had to be conflict at some point for them but he thinks they’ll get married and have babies at some point.

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You know, I never knew people actually made videos on our best moves on tour or our best live vocals. Someone kept tweeting me all these videos and I spent about an hour just watching them. Not my own - well a few of my own. It makes me miss the touring days and meeting everyone who helped us get onto that stage. Anyways, what’s up? I’m Lauren and I like grilled cheese.


so as many of you know, twenty one pilots recently released their special hometown Columbus tour and my dear friend Ashley @joshdunverified desperately wants to see them. but here’s the problem: tickets are only available to US citizens and ashley is canadian. i really want her to go to these shows because no one deserves it more than ash so if you could please retweet these tweets and tweet the band #LetAshSeeTØP so we can get her to these shows guys!!!

can i just say something real quick ? not every rp is cliquey. most of the time, if you think an rp is cliquey, it’s because you are not trying hard enough. that sounds mean as fuck, but in twitter rp, you gotta be extra with it sometimes. it moves so fast, so dm people. reply to them. make connections. most of you crying that every other rp in the tags is cliquey aren’t replying to other people and either hide in your dm’s; or don’t dm anyone at all. i’m not saying cliquey rp’s don’t exist because i know damn well they do. but, in my opinion, for an rp to be cliquey, that means that there are multiple groups of people who strictly and i mean STRICTLY interact with their “friends” only. that’s fucking cliquey. just because not every member of that rp comes running to reply to your bland tweet doesn’t mean an rp is cliquey. so, anyways, don’t come to my inbox saying how some rp is cliquey if you don’t have receipts. i’ve literally got the same message twice today about it, and i don’t wanna hear it.

Hey Mel! Nice to see that it was you who spammed my inbox after I exposed both you and Veronika.

You explicitly said in those tweets that you didn’t want Veronika to get backlash; well too bad, Veronika is a fucked up person who deserves to be exposed.

Also the video made against Shiloh was just ~coincidentally~ deleted the same day Veronika was exposed as the one behind writing the email. You’re not slick. We know Veronika is trying to erase evidence.

P.S. I know enough to confirm that you both are shitty people who put down Shiloh to feel better about yourselves! Have a good one~


One time one of my friends asked me if Brent was happy….

And I was like, ‘Well I like to think he is.”

And then the rest of the day I was worried about whether or not Brent was really happy omg it broke my freaking heart to think if he wasn’t….AND THEN THE REVELATION CAME….Brent tweeted about not being able to find Chocolate Chip ice cream at the grocery store and I thought, ‘ah, all is right in the universe, he is OK, he just wants his damned chocolate chip ice cream omg.

But it really freaked me out.

I have chocolate chip ice cream now because he loves it. lol. So I just want to be prepared you know if he EVER comes to my house, I have freaking chocolate chip ice cream baby and also I will bake you a THOUSAND chocolate chip cookies. (He likes those too.)

We got this.


Why I Love Black People, Reason #8,372.

So last night, some poor intern at Yahoo probably lost their job with this tweet.

Learn to proofread, Beth!  Anyway, Black Twitter was not bout to just let that slide and the GOLD going down in the #NiggerNavy hashtag has me crying.  Now, I know some of my white friends/readers are slightly uncomfortable reading that hashtag, and that just means you were raised right.  But Black America has enacted a brief – very brief – reprieve where you can read and even chuckle about the n-word without collapsing into a puddle of guilt.  Note, this reprieve is not extended to speaking or typing, so I bet not see none of y’all’s handles on Twitter trynna participate.  I already know Buzzfeed is probably finding one of their many Black folks to compile a list and blur out the i-g-g in each tweet so they can post it and catch those clicks real quick.

And tell your Trumpublican cousins to stay out of our hashtag with their whining about how racist it is that we can say it and they can’t.

Edit:  I don’t check for Buzzfeed so I was wrong.  I mean, yes, they already made a post, but they didn’t blur anything.

“Write novels.”

I have a friend who’s a journalist. She’s ridiculously awesome and I really want to name her because everyone should know just how awesome she is, but this isn’t a time where it feels wise to reveal the political thoughts expressed by a journalist in private, at least not without her permission.

The day before I saw her last week, I’d locked myself out of Facebook and Twitter. I’d been forced to realise the psychological harm they were doing me outweighed any political good my frantic clicktivism could possibly be accomplishing. My brother had called, on my sister-in-law’s instructions. “R. says you’re tweeting and facebooking constantly about politics,” he said. “She said ‘call your sister, I don’t think she’s doing well.’”  

“I’m okay, probably,” I’d told him.

“I don’t think you are,” he said. 

I felt a little better, though not by much, by the time I met my friend for lunch. She was shaken, she said. Democracy was falling apart. I muttered weakly that perhaps it wasn’t quite that bad. She said she’d rather act now than hope for the best.

I agreed. But act how?

She said she was getting onto the board of various charities. She was writing about the best way to report on extremism, avoiding the terrible false equivalencies of the “he said/she said” approach which has blighted our discourse with such ghastly effect.

I said I was supporting the Stop Funding Hate campaign. Giving to Planned Parenthood and ACLU over there, refugee charities over here. Writing letters. Trying to think of useful ways to get involved in local politics.

“You know what you should do,” she said.

No, I really didn’t.

“Write novels,” she said.

I told her that in the days after the election I felt as if art had been revealed as an empty joke. An indulgence we could no longer afford. As if I would never be able to justify doing it again. What we were even going to write now? Flimsy, tinselly distractions from ghastly reality? Or sharp-eyed, unflinching commentary that no one except the already-convinced would ever read? What was the point of art?

No, no!” she said. “Art is what will save us.”

“But it hasn’t,” I wanted to scream. We tried and tried. We’ve filled the world with our stories, our songs – we’ve tried so hard to make our stories better - with diverse casts and empathy and hope – and it’s not enough; no one’s saying it was perfect, or that the attempt was anywhere close to  finished. But we were trying. And now look. 

It is so important, she told me, that there is art already made and due to come out in the coming year that embodies the opposite of this. Diverse, progressive stories, that are not going to go untold whatever happens.

I’d had in my mind two quotes. Peter Cook, on Germany’s satirical clubs of the thirties “that did so much to prevent the rise of Hitler.” 

And Kurt Vonnegut:

During the Vietnam War, which lasted longer than any war we’ve ever been in - and which we lost - every respectable artist in this country was against the war. It was like a laser beam. We were all aimed in the same direction. The power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high.“

But if they hadn’t been there? I thought, looking at my friend. Who was fierce and bright-eyed and smiling. Those useless satirists and artists and musicians pouring their spirits into their art and watching it land on the floor of history like that dropped custard pie?  What if there was nothing to look back on in those times but a culture in militaristic  lockstep, or perhaps worse, slumped in dead-eyed indifference?  After those years-long nightmares, what would there have been to wake up to? Maybe it was absurd to find the thought more chilling than the reality of what had happened, to feel that it would have been an international death of the soul,  but .. still …

If artists couldn’t prevent disaster, could they at least preserve something precious from being lost while it endured? If they hadn’t stopped a single war, had they at least kept the rot from penetrating the human culture unchallenged? 

It’s not enough. It’s not enough.

“Write novels,” said my friend stubbornly. “Write novels.”


You know how I never do comics? Well I’ve done one and it’s not even for one of my main fandoms I don’t know how this happenned

Inspired by this tweet (and @limoncello-bella who sent it to me) :

Basically punk!Bucky and skinny!Steve domestic modern AU where no one ever imagine that they’re together (not even in a romantic way, just that they might know each other???) Checkout lady is mind-blown by the idea that this nice small boy might know this big scary guy (she has noooo ideeeaaaa)

Sketchup is a blessing and I’m never doing background any other way again. Not v happy with the colors but I had no idea what to do, so i’m posting it like that. Full view please, and don’t repost! Thanks! ♥

too many white ppl not wanting to speak up bc they’re scared of bein ostracized by their white friends…and u know what i’m really sick of? white ppl who never bring up issues on their own. they wait till all the people of color on their twitter feed, on tumblr are discussing something and post a shitty rephrasing of a post a person of color already made and better to seem involved. they try to rehash a point that has been made millions of times to the point where it’s common knowledge and play this off like they’re accomplishing something. you don’t have to teach poc about racism. we fucking know all about it.

y’all are silent 364 days of the year but then when poc are upset about something you decide to chime in with your obligatory white two cents that accomplishes nothing. and you won’t bring this stuff up in front of other white people either. not ever. you’ll listen to the white people around you being openly hateful and you’ll keep your mouth shut. all this talking like you care and then you refuse to confront your racist and hateful white friends because you don’t want them to exclude you or get mad at you. if you care about us why the fuck you want friends like that in the first place? 

we can tell when you’re posting shit just to seem like “one of the good ones” and we can tell when you post stuff bc you’re scared the big bad people of color will come for you if you don’t and you’re just trying to cover your ass

Patron Saint Bluebell

Hey, listen. I know the world’s on fire. But listen.

I’ll tell you a thing.

On the day after the election, when everything was worst and all I could do was go numb or cry hysterically, do you know what gave me the most comfort?

It wasn’t the words of Lincoln or Gandhi or Maya Angelou, it wasn’t Psalms or poetry, it wasn’t my grandmother, it wasn’t contemplating the long arc of history. It wasn’t even hugging the dog.

It was the Twitter account @ConanSalaryman.

This is a joke account. It’s somebody who narrates as if Conan was working in an office. Tweets usually sound like “By Crom!” roared Conan. “You jackals cannot schedule a mere interview without gathering in a pack and cackling?!” or “Conan slammed his sword through his desk. Papers and blood rained through the office. Monday was slain.”

I followed it awhile back and have found it funny. (I’m not a huge Robert Howard fan inherently, but whoever is writing these does the schtick well.) But if it had not posted once that day, no one would have noticed at all.

Instead, Conan the Salaryman posted something inspirational. And then replied to dozens of people replying to him, for hours, in character, telling them that by Crom! it was only defeat if we did not stand up again, that the greatest act of strength was to keep walking in the face of hopelessness, that the gods have given the smallest of us strength to enact change, that we must all keep going as long as Crom gave us breath, and tyrants frightened Conan not, but we must look to those unable to fend for themselves. (“Though by Crom! We must hammer ourselves into a support network, not an army!”)

I have no idea who is behind that account. But it was the most bizarrely comforting thing I saw all day, in a day that had very little comfort in it. There was this weight of story behind it. It helped me. I think it helped a lot of people. If only a tiny bit–well, tiny bits help.

I have been thinking a lot lately about Bluebell from Watership Down.

There’s absolutely no reason you should remember Bluebell, unless, to take an example completely and totally at random, you read it eleven thousand times until your copy fell apart because you were sort of a weird little proto-furry kid who loved talking animals more than breath and wrote fan fic and there weren’t any other talking animal books and you now have large swaths memorized as a result. Ahem.

Bluebell is a minor character. He’s Captain Holly’s friend and jester. When the old warren is destroyed, Captain Holly and Bluebell are the last two standing and they stagger across the fields after the main characters. By the end, Holly is raving, hallucinating, and screaming “O zorn!” meaning “all is destroyed” and about to bring predators down on them. And Bluebell is telling stupid jokes.

And they make it the whole way because of Bluebell’s jokes. “Jokes one end, hraka the other,” he says. “I’d roll a joke along the ground and we’d both follow it.” When Holly can’t move, Bluebell tells him jokes that would make Dad jokes look brilliant and Holly is able to move again. When Hazel, the protagonist, tries to shush him, Holly says no, that “we wouldn’t be here without his blue-tit’s chatter.”

I tell you, the last few days, thinking of this, I really start to identify with Bluebell.

I am not a fighter, not an organizer, certainly not a prophet. Throw something at me and I squawk and cover my head. I write very small stories with wombats and hamsters and a cast of single digits. I am not the sort of comforting soul who sits and listens and offers you tea. (What seems like a thousand years ago, when I had the Great Nervous Breakdown of ‘07, I remember saying something to the effect that I had realized that if I had myself as a friend, I would have been screwed, because I was useless at that kind of thing. And a buddy of mine from my college days, who was often depressed, wrote me to say that no, I wasn’t that kind of person, but when we were together I always made her laugh hysterically and that was worth a lot too. I treasured that comment more than I am entirely comfortable admitting.)

But I can roll a joke along the ground until the end of the world if I have to. And increasingly, I think that’s what I’m for in this life. Things are bad and people have died already and I am heartsick and tired and the news is a gibbering horror–but I actually do know why a raven is like a writing desk.

So. First Church of Bluebell. Patron Saint.

Keep holding the line.

anonymous asked:

Hey Thomas! A few days ago you tweeted "Well, cluck me gently with a chainsaw," and it has been stuck in my head ever since because I have no idea--- what on earth does that mean? It's driving me nuts, pls respond.

Did you see what it was connected to?? It was connected to a picture of three hens in sweaters the same colors worn by the Heathers from the movie and musical of the same name. It was a multi-layered joke, I know, but there ya go lol


øld twenty one piløts facebook statuses

Okay so I know everyone is talking about this:

But you may also want to know that the official Yuri on Ice Twitter account posted this tweet just after the episode:

This is about an All Night Talk Show and Screening of the whole series that will take place on the 11th February. Also you may want to know that the talk show is with Kubo and the three main seiyuus (Toyonaga, Suwabe and Uchiyama). So, if we don’t get news about Yuri on Ice before this date, DEFINITELY look forward for this event because we will most probably get news then.

ok but SO MUCH happened in these tweets I’m still wrapping my head around all of it!  I’mma bulletpoint it:

  • they hired a new manager!  
    • nobody is more stressed out about it than dex
  • tater is texting bitty
    • you know that when bitty was on that point streak that Jack was bragging (gushing) about it to everyone within earshot
  • bitty and jack’s first valentine’s together
    • who’s surprised that Jack was 110% extra?
  • rans & holster planning for the future
    • I’m so stressed out about this actually like the thought of them fighting about it makes me so sad
  • SO MUCH nurseydex flirting.  
    • SO.  MUCH.
  • Tango is a Devils fan
    • I don’t know why I find this so endearing but I do.  does this mean Tango is from Jersey?
  • Jack requests that Bitty send him a selfie every morning
    • they are so gross
  • Bitty mentoring Whiskey!
    • even though whiskey is still hanging out with the lax bros
  • actually the most concrete confirmation we have in canon yet that Lardo and shitty are dating
    • I mean you could argue that the tweet only confirms that she’s dating a white person 
    • so you can pretend it’s like Camilla or whatever
    • but the way chowder talked about it as if it’s common knowledge who Lards is dating and we’ve only ever seen her in canon with Shitty
    • it basically confirms that she and shitty are an Established Relationship

And then there’s Bitty being not even remotely subtle, once again:

immediately followed by:

I mean JFC BITS.

I really appreciate all the gentiles reblogging my post about Richard Spencer’s antisemitic tweet, but I’m seeing a lot of comments like “Antisemitism is back!” And “I never thought I’d see Nazism again” and “haven’t people learned from the Holocaust?” And while I can understand how shocking it must be if you were truly unaware of this, but please just know that Jewish people have been keenly aware of antisemitism in the US, and many of us will tell you it never went away. So if you’re reacting to this with shock, then I ask two things of you:

A.) Please follow Jewish bloggers. Many of us routinely post about antisemitism, and you’re more likely to see it if you follow us. I can provide recommendations if anyone wants them.

B.) Please be aware that we don’t see antisemitism solely from Nazis; there’s a lot of antisemitism on the left as well that is arguably much more difficult to address. Please make an effort to learn about it and combat it even within your own circles.


“I am thankful for music. It sounds like a way-too-simple statement… but it is as deep and heartfelt as it could be. I need it every day.”