not my skin

HELLO.  LOOK AT MY NEW DAUGHTER!! shes super smart, rich in melanin, BEAUTIFUL,… i love her!! i just wanna see her grow up!! Thank you blizzard gb


my pudge. 😊
stretch marks and a keloid on my belly button because I pierced my belly button three times by age 19…
I love it though! I’ve been in this body for 22 years and never had any major health problems.
I’ve always found it quite baffling that people assume because someone is plus sized that their health is terrible?
Not the case.
Never assume.
Anyway, here’s to body appreciation- for all the girls with stretch marks, scars, discoloration and skin conditions alike; you are too, beautiful!
Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different.
Love yourself and fuck what anyone else has to say.

cuil-chan  asked:

after that official fanart (OTABEK IS WEARING A CARDIGAN), I basically started to picture him as a bit of a fashionista ("You can wear whatever the hell you want, but I'm not wearing a tracksuit if i'm not training or in a competition, no way in hell"), but in his own kind of way. and I don't know I really like these losers okay----

omg he def is like even his outfit when he hung out with yuri (and declared they’re undying friendship or whatever) was perfectly coordinated. but he’s also chill abt it like if yuri wants to where an outfit with three clashing leopard prints das cool but ya boy beka is gonna look good™