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“You know the safe word – right, princess?” Daddy whispered in your ear. Hearing him say your name was enough to send you into overdrive, but all you could do was try to muster a nod. Namjoon had you completely helpless. From the gag ball in your mouth to the restraints that had you firmly locked into on the cross, all you could do was let Daddy have his wicked way with you. With your nod acknowledged, Daddy revealed his riding crop. “It’s time to make you squeal, baby girl”. As Namjoon began to tickle your clit with the leather end of his crop, you begged for more. “Say my name baby, say my name and I’ll go harder than ever before”. Of course you obliged, and you screamed his name constantly as he hit your dripping wet pussy harder each time. The sting of the leather drove you wild, and there was absolutely no need for that safe word of his. 


You couldn’t see a thing. Being blindfolded by Daddy was definitely a new experience, but complying with every one of his wishes was nothing new. So, there you were, waiting on his bed – ready to feel whatever he wanted you to feel. As you sat there, waiting in anticipation, you felt your lets open wide. “Now baby, be a good girl for Daddy and relax” whispered Seokjin. And with that, you felt Daddy press down hard on your clit. It felt like heaven, and you moaned out in joy. Before you knew it, he had two fingers thrusting into you harder than ever before. Your other senses were completely heightened, and before you could climax – you could feel Daddy’s thumb making its way into your tight little asshole. “Ahh Y/N, I wish you could see how happy you’ve made me… but I guess you’re gonna have to wait ‘til I’ve finished filling both of your holes up… and I guarantee you that I’m not stopping anytime soon…”


So there you were, wearing one of Daddy’s breathtakingly gorgeous rope creations. To be honest, you weren’t surprised by Taehyung’s love for Shibari, but the concentration and skill involved when it came to turning his baby girl into an actual work of art blew you away. “Jayiga, let’s do this more often, you look incredible” he gasped. His eyes on you made you hornier than ever, and the feeling of coarse rope on your pussy made you want his hard cock like never before. You felt over the moon to be Daddy’s one and only muse, but you were even happier once he cut you down, unwrapped you, and had his filthy way with you all night long. 


Finally, everybody was out of the house for once, and that meant only one thing: it was play time for you and Daddy. “Baby girl, fetch your leash – it’s time for me to take my little slut for a nice long walk around the house” Jimin commanded. “You gripped your pink glittery lead between your teeth and brought it to Daddy on your hands and knees, looking up at him with your dewy eyes. “You ready princess? Who knows, if you crawl like the good girl I know you can be, Daddy might even treat you to his nice big dick” he tempted. The walk was more than enough for you, you loved looking up at Jimin as he tugged you along. But hey, he knew how to make you cum like crazy too…


After some serious making out, Daddy threw you over his knee. You were ready to feel the force of his hands when, all of a sudden – he stopped. This is so not like him, where are the spanks?! “You didn’t think you were getting off that easy tonight, did you girl?” Daddy smirked as he revealed a leather flogger. Your eyes widened, and your pussy dripped at the thought of the leather stripes brushing over you. “I can’t wait to see your ass tomorrow, Y/N. I’m not gonna stop until you scream and beg for mercy, you hear me?” Sure, you were walking funny for days, but you couldn’t stop thinking about Daddy and his wonderful flogger.


As if all of your BDSM antics weren’t thrilling enough – tonight, Daddy took it one step further. With you tied firmly to a chair, Yoongi skilfully attached a ball gag that covered your mouth. He looked at you filled with lust, and began to masterfully inspect your whole body, biting and kissing your skin as he went along. “I’m nowhere near finished admiring this scene, girl. But trust me when I say this: the only reason that gag is going to be loosened is for me to force my whole cock down that pretty little throat of yours…” Daddy threatened. Although you couldn’t move, you had never felt sexier; Yoongi’s touch was driving you wilder than ever.


You always teased Daddy about his uniform in the dope video… and you were thrilled to find out that he still had it. You begged and begged him to wear it, you needed to see Jungkook in that police uniform. But, like everything with Daddy, conditions had to be imposed. “Y’know baby girl” he growled, “If you want me to completely get into character, you know I have to handcuff you, right?” You had never thought those words would come out of his mouth so casually, and without even thinking about it, you held your wrists right up to Daddy, ready to comply with everything and anything. As soon as you saw him above you in that uniform you almost lost it, never mind when he pulled your ass up and filled you out completely…

Seen this image thousands of times growing up, my uncles and the home boys running games on the table, somebody always looking outside or standing outside keeping a watchful eye on the scene, my dad would be in the kitchen usually discussing his old dope boy days while one of his protege’s is putting him on game on the present time. I felt at home during these times. my uncles always gave me game that I still translate into my daily life today. Had no idea that they were trying to stir me away from the dope game…it worked, for the most part…

every thought i had about 2x22 as i had it (these are getting longer and idec)
  • kal el what r u doing!!!!!
  • maggie should just become a deo agent now she’s there constantly anyway
  • my aesthetic: kara and kal el fighting among dank explosions, lesbians kickin back and watching it unfold
  • im in awe of this fight 11/10 would watch again
  • fuck that opening was on point
  • ew heteros i dont care about this can u just yeet him already
  • im love alex’s winter jacket seriously give me a christmas special w alex in her winter wear and kara wearing like summer clothes bc she doesnt feel the cold, moaning that she cant wear a christmas sweater w/o feeling on fire
  • lena and alex should drink together like wynonna earp and nicole haught give em some scotch and let them both obsess over kara
  • lena my smol child i will adopt u and be ur mentor despite being both younger than you and totally unremarkable 
  • brenda strong is a milf and i will fight u over this
  • lena’s about to cross her mom again i can feel it in my bones
  • wow i cant believe winn and clark are dating it’s canon
  • me, every time monel is on screen: YEET HIM ALREADY YOU COWARDS
  • “what happened here?” “everything” alex why do u think that is a helpful answer this man is the director of the deo he’s gonna need specifics
  • why r they advertising this fight like fuckin pay per view
  • cat grant is a liar she’s definitely seen star wars and even if she hadn’t she’d have enough pop culture knowledge to fuckin know basic shit about it she’s just trying to cheer up kara and clark
  • “did you know he’s dating kara danvers” this is shit writing why would lena specify ‘danvers’ like bitch u allegedly think kara is the link between u and supergirl what other kara would u be talking about
  • amazing acting: everybody pretending to care about what happens to monel
  • kara and kal el *have super emotional scene* me *is distracted by kara’s entire body and hair and face and also kal el’s junk*
  • @teri hatcher: fight me please. 
  • i fucking love these fight scenes
  • *alex is put in charge* maggie: SHOTGUN BEING UR SECOND IN COMMAND
  • super in character: winn being nervous around evil parents
  • oh james hey there what u been up to bruh
  • “Alex, tell me what to do” all these sister moments are killing me
  • I’m so impressed w melissa being able to act so well opposite a limp beef sandwich. wow. amazing. wHY R U GIVING HIM THE NECKLACE
  • them: *kiss* me: *chanting* YEET YEET YEET YEET YEET 
  • this music is dope tho and im still so impressed w melissa
  • the deo is celebrating. somewhere, probably in texas, vasquez watches on the news, and kisses her gf lucy lane, happy their friends are safe
  • Danvers Sisters 4 lyf
  • (I’m not gonna touch that proposal give me a fucking kiss holy shit ill post about it later)
  • “i turned down rob lowe” is that??????? a brothers and sisters reference???????????????????????????????
  • cat is the mentor i need and also of course she knows kara is supergirl im love her
    • h e r o ‘ s j o u r n e y
  • the fuck is in that pod

k heres some truth. next season will be perfect time to explore angry kara again. kara who has sacrificed everything yet again for a planet she did not choose. kara, who flies off into the distance, upset and angry and not at all at peace. kara, who has to watch her sister and everyone around her find and settle into happiness. they have so much to work with and i really wanna see them give melissa some good material again

officer jeon

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ngl when i first saw the dope mv i thought he was the oldest im sorry jungkook

someone pls stop him

he is still a precious baby bun

he really is


officer jeon at the crime scene? idk man im not coherent enough for this shit

ill just leave the next one to your imaginations….

bonus: bangtan police arrest me pls

now to purify this post some bun!kook; 

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he has the cutest bunny smile ever

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I am posting my all-time favourite collections over the next lil while, see here for previous posts

Prada Spring 2010

As far as Prada collections go, Spring 2010 was very straight-to-the-point and easy to digest. No hidden political or social messages for which Miuccia is so famous for. It was like the Prada girl had decided to just f it all and take a month long vacation.. while still looking really chic of course. Some might say it made this collection a little boring but nearly seven years later I still adore it, which I reckon is saying something. I don’t really talk much about the beauty looks in shows because beauty is not my forte in the slightest, but I really digged the look on display here. Messy hair kept somewhat tidy in pigtails, bright red lip, barely any makeup anywhere else and clear nails. The clothes themselves had a similar vibe, starting out with quite basic styling but then the embellishments and the prints rolled out (the lil touristy beach scenes are still so great). I do have to make mention of the dope crystal chandelier dresses and the equally as dope crystal chandelier shoes (and then I have to direct you to the campaign video starring Rasa Zukauskaite), because I STILL, nearly seven years later, dream of wearing the shoes and dancing around like Rasa in the video. Apparently Vanessa Traina bought three pairs because of course, why wouldn’t you?

qalllavich  asked:

i've been looking EVERYWHERE on tumblr for a gifset of all of taehyung's 'scenes' or appearances in the 'dope' music video but couldn't find one. can i request that?

your request is my command ♥ lol here’s the link ^^ – /post/141603223592/as-requested-gifset-full-of-taes-cut-on-dope or you can visit my page to see :) i only did his solo cuts tho, but i wish you’ll still like it :) thankyou ^^

The Asagao Routes That Never Happened 2

People liked the first one, so… Here’s some more. I haven’t been able to get this out of my head, anyways.
WARNING: THEY’RE LONG. (This one was a little more thought out, ya know? A bit. Everything’s still a bit out of order, but whatever.)

Jimmy - Did you think I was going to change my mind? Nope. Can’t catch them ALL.

Luke - A “dope” concert scene. Hana watched Luke as he got really into it. Despite not necessarily having the same tastes, she enjoyed anything he enjoyed. She ended up really liking the band. (probably Starbomb- er, Moondynamite)

- They stream a random game, and get one HECK of a donation train. Hana starts crying, and Luke comforts her with his amazing hugs, only to start crying too.

- Over half of said donations came from the Hidden Block guys.

- Whenever Luke streams alone, Hana always finds time to stop by and donate a dollar or two. Despite how small it is, he always smiles the most when he sees her donation.

- During the Flower Festival, they spouted terrible pick-up-lines at each other, and Luke started up campfire songs by the bonfire. Hana thought it was adorable.

- During one of his “concerts,” Luke rapped about a “beautiful, wonderful, and amazing” girl. Little did Hana know, he was rapping about her.

- Hana frequently wears Luke’s clothes- including his beloved snapbacks. He wants to get onto her about it, but everytime he sees her doing it…He just CAN’T.

- He cannot help but be completely shocked whenever he sees her wearing something new. He thinks that she just looks absolutely STUNNING no matter what she wears.

- Freestyling isn’t really Hana’s thing, but OH MAN, can she sing. He caught her singing one time. His jaw dropped lower than PBG’s grades.

- Hana felt uneasy about performing in front of several people, but with Luke’s support, she sang in front of Hidden Block- who in turn, promised to support her with the force of 10 million suns.

- They take turns singing each other to sleep.

- They eventually go out and do a duet together, and the crowd absolutely LOVES their chemistry.

- Hana soon realizes that she loves singing. Despite her fears, she chases after it as her new dream.

- Luke made Hana shine. He helped her gain the courage to show the world just how bright of a star she was. But he never let her shine alone. He was always by her side, shining just as bright. Luke, her inspiration and shining star.

“Can I show you some Yungtown love?”
“I might be Yungtown, but I can take you somewhere else…”
“[insert love song lyrics here]”

Jeff - He’s a bit dense about Hana’s crush at first, to say the least. Ian brings it upon himself to tell Jeff Directly. Very directly.
- Like, I’m-gonna-interrupt-your-failing-conversation-with-Hana-to-say: HANA LIKES YOU, YOU IDIOT.

- Their first date consisted of sitting together under the stars as he talked passionately about how badly he wanted to “reach the stars.”

- During the Flower Festival, they competed to see who could win the most plushies. Hana won.
- They then “donated” all of the plushies to Jimmy, who just laughed maniacally, for some reason. Except that one hamster Jeff won. Hana kept that.

- Amusement Park scene. She’s super nervous and throws up after the first one, but she ends up loving roller coasters. Actually, she drags Jeff to all the coasters, including the most hardcore coasters of the park. The ones he didn’t want to go on. Okay, he threw up after those.
- THEY EARN MORE PLUSHIES FOR JIMMY (this time, Jeff keeps a pink flower plushie)

-She can’t help but find his goofy butchered English and pointlessly obvious statements adorable. Also, his laugh. OH HIS LAUGH-

- She may or may not call him Joof for fun. Hanuu is also something that happened for some reason.

- She takes every dare the hidden block guys throw at her- with no regrets.(Well, some regrets…) She even goes out into the wilderness monthly to…adventure.

- Essentially, Jeff revives the adventurous side of Hana. The part of her she thought would never return. The part of her that brought excitement and joy to her life. He’s made her happier than she ever thought she’d be. And PBG can’t compete with him. Jeff, her newfound lover and fellow adventurer.

“We’ll blast off into space- together.”
“Hana, not even space can contain my love for you.”
“Wanna see my…‘hamster?’”

Wallid - During the flower festival, he made countless references, promising he’d explain them to her at one point. She didn’t understand a single one. But just as she was regretting her decision, he takes her hand and dashes to the bonfire. He asks her to dance. Needless to say, her regret faded.

- He teaches her various things- games, memes, internet culture, and so much more. That was the hardest she’s laughed in a while. She proclaims it as their first date.

- Wallid isn’t much for sappy love. He keeps their relationship friendly, but loving. At first, Hana was concerned, but she grew to realize that it was just his way of doing things. She understands. And agrees.

- He definitely doesn’t sing cheesy 80s love songs to her whenever they’re alone. And certainly doesn’t sing terribly on purpose…

- Wallid is like a ninja. Now you see him, now you don’t. It irritates Hana sometimes, but they’ve both learned to use it to their advantages.

- Shane pokes fun at Hana quite often. It’s clearly lighthearted, but it irritates her sometimes.
- She asks Wallid to teach her the ways of a “troll.” She tests it out on Shane. It works like a charm. She does it again. And again and again and again and again and again and again and again. She loved it.

- She soon blossomed into a social butterfly- and a bit of a prankster. Something she never thought she’d become. Something she’d learn to embrace. And someone TO embrace. Wallid, her helping hand and fellow memelord.

CHEESY LINE: “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you- never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.”

Caddy - She always sits through his angry rants about games, no matter what. Late at night, early in the morning, lunch, evening- you name it. She just can’t help but completely admire him when he’s passionate about something. Even if that something is a ridiculously bad video game.
- One time, he rambled over the phone, and Hana just put him on speaker as she did her homework. Mai was confused, to say the least.
- Another time, it had been a particularly exhausting day, and it was quite late at night. He was grumbling something-something about…some random obscure game. He felt something hit his shoulder. He rapidly glanced to it, and was met with… Hana? She fell asleep on him. He began blushing furiously, and instantly took it upon himself to carry her back to her dorm.

- Hana once told all the hidden block guys that her name meant flower. Ian glanced at Caddy, saying, “Hey Caddy, don’t flowers make you explode?” Caddy clamped Ian’s mouth shut, harshly blushing.
“They do. She makes him explode… With love.” Oh, Luke.

- Caddy once tried to have Hana learn how to wield a gun. He never tried again.

- Hana once asked Caddy to sing her a lullaby. She didn’t sleep that night.

- Hana accidentally called Caddy “daddy” once. Shenanigans ensued.

-During the Flower Festival, Caddy easily won Hana several stuffed animals. He was dangerously good at that shooting game.

- Caddy is a terrible influence on her language. He’s gotten her to say just about anything.
- Mai may have yelled at him for that.

- Although it took some time, Caddy inspired Hana to be more decisive- to have confidence. She gained a belief that people want to hear what you have to say. That what you say and fight for matter. That if you don’t stand up for yourself- it might end up like… Last time. So she did. She found her strength. In Caddy, her lover and fellow fighter.

“Everyone is a beautiful person, but I think you’re much more beautiful than most.”
“I won’t salvage you Hana, I want you here with me.”
“Wanna see how I do it in my garden?”
“It’s Caddy, not daddy… But I’ll take either one, actually.”

Mai - Bullies persecute them for their love. But they hang on - together.
- Hana knows that they’ll pull through. Mai is at her side, after all.

- They get both of the clubs’ full support. They help fight for their right to be at each other’s side- as more than friends.


- Mall scene: Ian helps Hana pick out an outfit for her first date.
- They run into Jimmy doing the same for Mai. It gets a bit awkward.

- During the flower festival, they see people giving them weird looks. They knew- and disapproved. But Jared and Satch strutted by, each gazing at the other intently. They were also holding hands. Jared smirked triumphantly.

- More blanket forts.

- Weekly ice cream dates - with Paul being careful.

- Mai almost constantly compliments Hana. Mostly, about being adorable.

- Kissing “practice” takes place at least once a day.

- Mai also likes creating innuendos to make Hana blush. Mai thinks Hana looks even cuter when she blushes.

- They spend a good amount of time shipping the guys together while they’re in their dorm room alone. (WHY? What did you think they’d be doing, you dirty-minded–)

- Mai unintentionally steals things from Hana, but she really doesn’t bother telling Mai about it.

- They frequently use each other’s clothes, and no one notices. Except Jared or Ian on a good day.


- Mai will literally throw down with anyone who dares hurt Hana.

- Mai loves taking Hana out to super-fancy restaurants, and constantly refuses every time Hana offers to pitch in some cash.

- Hana, with Mai’s help, becomes comfortable with who she is. She found that it doesn’t matter what other people think- as long as you’re true to yourself. That being different- a main character- is just fine. Mai, her best friend and lover.

“You’re more than just my best friend, Hana.”
“We don’t need these boys when we have each other!”
“Why would we practice kissing when we can do this for real?”


(Bonus: Jared’s REAL deep dark secret is loving N’ Sync and Justin Timberlake.)

Er…next time! Too late now. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! You’re a fantastic person!

Chapter 39: Learn


“I’m hom-” I quieted myself before yelling.

We finished filming earlier than expected, so I wanna surprise Chris and Angie.

I tip toed to Angie to see her sleeping with a little too loud snores coming out. I smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead exiting. Now, where’s Chris? I walked to hear light moans. Woman moans.

“Oh fuck Breezy!”

My smile dropped at the sound of that. Oh God please. Please tell me my fiancé is not fucking another woman in our bed.

I slowly opened the door and walked inside. For some reason, the room was covered in gold. Why gold? I looked over to see Chris laying down with a woman riding him.

“Chris!” I roared with tears streaming down my face.

His eyes widened and he looked at me with a blank expression. He didn’t respond.

“How the fuck could you! Fuck some hoe in our bed!”

Once again, Chris didn’t respond nor made an attempt to. Why the hell is he not saying anything?

I looked at the woman and I grew even more angry. Bria. He’s fucking the nanny.

“I’m not some hoe.”

“You’re right. You’re a trashy hoe called Bria.”

“No, I’m someone you already know.” She smiled wickedly. “Make your brain work.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. What the fuck is she talking about? She smiled even more.

“You thought it was over, Rue. But it just begun…..”

“Kae, wake up!” I felt a hand shake me. I opened my eyes to see Joey.


“Wake up! We got a plane to catch and you over here napping when you should be packing!” Joey took his bags then looked at me. “What’s wrong?”

“I just had a weird but bad dream.” I replied.

“Well, are you ok? Do you want to talk about it?”

I shook my head standing up. “No. I just wanna go home.”

“Ok let’s go!”

“Thanks Pat.”

I exhaled deeply. Back in L.A. Home sweet home. I can’t wait to see both of my babies and get that welcome home sex. I walked into the house and dropped my bags. I watched as a blonde lightskin woman come out holding Angel. Bria. Holding my baby.

“Chris, I-” she stopped looking at me. “Oh. You’re not Chris.”

“Yes. I’m not Chris. I’m his fiancée Kae.” I took Angie from her.

I kissed her face repeatedly. “Hey cutie! I missed you so much!”

She giggled touching my nose and putting her fingers in my mouth. I bit down gently pretending to eat them. Bria cleared her throat and I glared at her.

“I didn’t know you were coming today.” She stated with an irritated tone.

“No offense, but it really wasn’t any of your buisness.” I commented. “Where’s Chris?”

“He’s filming the music video for Loyal.”


I got inside my white Porsche and drove off. That dream, that interaction. I need to figure out who Bria is.

And fast.


Fuck! What the hell is she doing here so early? This just messes up everything up! Now, I definitely can’t get Chris with Rue in the way! I’m so angry right now!

I dialed Big Daddy’s number after her bitchass left.

“What is it, Gold?” He answered. “Is Chris Brown dead?”

“There’s a flaw in the plan.” I stated avoiding the last question.

“That is…..”

“Baby Rue returned early.”.

“Damn it! Why didn’t you kill Brown when I told you to?!” Big Daddy spat angrily.

“What should I do?” I asked swerving his question again.

“You figure that out.”

He hung up and I scoffed loudly. Well, I honestly don’t care if Baby Rue is here or not.

I still want Chris.


“Ok so we’re gonna be filming these scenes with-”

I stopped talking to see Tyga walking in with a tiger cub on a leash. Everyone stared at him and he looked up.


“Nigga, why the fuck do you got a tiger?” I asked.

“Because it’ll be dope!” He cheesed feeding the tiger something.

“Well, is it tame?” I came up to the tiger.

“Uh, yeah. I guess.” Tyga walked away with the tiger and I shook my head.

I felt my eyes be covered by some small woman hands.

“Guess who?” I heard a whisper in my ear.

“There’s too many women on this set. You gotta do better than that.” I removed her hands and turned around.

There she was. Standing there as beautiful as ever. Damn, I missed her.

“Rueche!” I hugged her tight and kissed her face.

“Baby, I can’t breathe!’

I chuckled kissing her lips. “What are you doing here?”

"Finished filming early so I decided to surprise my baby.” She wrapped her arms around and looked up at me. “My Jake from State Farm.

I smiled. “Well Jake from State Farm missed his Tink Tink and is gonna tear that pussy up when we get home.”

"Why home? Doesn’t your dressing room have a lock?” Kae winked.

My eyes widened. “You are a freak!”

“Hey everyone! Um, me and Kae need to, um, talk so take a break!” I announced as Kae grabbed my arm.

“How long?” Someone asked.

“Don’t worry about it!” I replied as she continued to lead me to my dressing room.

Once we got inside, I locked the door behind us and just stared at her ass.

“Damn, I missed this ass.” I pinched it and she giggled.

“Well, it’s all yours, Papi.”

I grabbed her by the waist and planted kisses on her neck. Damn, she smells good. I planted them along her jawline as I removed her shirt and started to undo her belt buckle.

“Eager much?” Kae smirked.

I pulled her pants down and kissed her hard fighting her tongue with mine.

“Very.” I reached around and smacked her ass earning a yelp from her.

“But Chris, the couch is too small.”

I looked over at the couch then at the long make up table and grinned widely.

“Fuck the couch.” I threw all the shit off the table and took off my t-shirt. “Bring your fine ass over here.”

Kae grinned obeying. Before I could lift her on top of the table, she bent down on her knees and pulled my jeans off.

“I ain’t the only one’s that’s eager.” I commented as she pulled off my boxers too.

Kae got a grip on my dick and licked the tip. She kept licking my shit as if it was ice cream. I groaned when she took me in my mouth.

“Damn, suck this dick, baby.”

She bobbed up and down and I held her head for support. She took her mouth off, and began to give me a handjob. She went back to sucking and started to deepthroat CJ.

“Damn you sucking the skin off my dick!”

I felt my dick twitch hitting the back of her throat. I let go of my load which she swallowed without hesitating. She got up from her knees wiping her mouth.

“Miss my head game?” Kae asked innocently.

“Yes and I know damn well you missed mine. Get your ass on the table, girl.”

She got on the table and laid on her stomach. “Like this?”

“You know damn well not like that but I still like this postition tho.” My hands crept into her panties pulling them.

“I’m surprised you didn’t rip them this time.” Kae commented with a smirk.

I smacked her ass harder this time and she yelled louder. I watched as where I smacked her had a cherry red handprint.

“Did I hurt you, baby? Do you want Papi to make it better?” I rubbed her asscheek.

“Yes.” She answered in a little kid voice.

I kissed it the spot and kept rubbed it. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her ass.

“Turn over.”

Kae turned over on her back and I pulled her legs making her pussy meet my mouth. I licked up and down her clit and sucked on it as if it was candy.

“Eat my pussy already!”


I began to penetrate with my tongue and she moaned.

“Damn I missed the taste of this.” I mumbled petting it and going down again.

I spit on her pussy and rubbed it sticking a couple fingers inside. She groaned and I kissed her lips. I sucked on her titties fingering her making her moan more.

“Oooh baby!”

“You like that, baby?”

“Aww yes!” She gasped.

I slurped on my fingers and ate the box again. Kae grabbed my head pushing her pussy more in my face. I pushed her hands off and held down her shaking thighs. Without warning, Kae released those sweet juices. I wiped my mouth and pecked her lips.

“Miss my head game?” I mocked her tone.

Kae smirked rubbing her pussy. “Yep.”

“I know something you miss even more.” I pulled her legs to the edge.

“That is..?”

“My dick game.” Without any warning, I plunged into her and her mouth formed an O.

“Christopher!” She screamed.

I didn’t reply. Just kept stroking in and out of her quickly. I pushed my whole length inside her. Ooh I know she missed this dick. Who wouldn’t?

Kae grabbed her breasts that were flopping up and down due to the motion. I removed her hands.

“Don’t do that shit.” I rammed harder into her.

I spit on her pussy and she rubbed it as I kept pounding her pussy. My pussy.

“I haven’t fucked you in the air for a while.”

Before Kae could respond, I had her in the air and began to beat the pussy up while standing.

“Ooh Papi! Fuck this pussy!”

“Fuck. Who’s your daddy?” I gritted out.

Kae hid her face in my neck. So she’s not gonna answer me?

I took her and placed her on the couch in missionary position.

“I said Who. Is. Your. Daddy?” I asked between my slow strokes.

Kae smirked. “I don’t know.”

“Well you’re gonna learn today.”

I pounded her shit fast and hard as her leg went up to the air and I heard her whimpers.

“Mhh Chris!”

“Who’s your daddy!”


“Say it again!”


“Damn right!”

“Ooh Papi I’m gonna cum!” Kae breathed out.

“Hold that shit.”

She groaned and I replaced my dick with my tongue. I licked up and down making it even more wet and rubbed it hard. I bent her legs behind her head and entered her again.


“You like this position, baby?”

She nodded.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, Papi. I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum then.”

I pulled out and she squirted like a water gun. I grinned placing my dick inside and rammed her shit until I bust too. I released her and she laid on top of me out of breath.

“Damn baby. That was so good.” I traced circles in her back.

“Amazing.” Kae planted a kiss on my lips.

We got dressed and exited the dressing room.

“Im not done with your ass.” I pinched her ass. “Wait until we get home.”

Everyone looked at us as we came on set.

“The fuck y’all looking at?”

“You know we heard that, right? Like your dressing room ain’t soundproof.” Mijo stated.

“Shut up. We didn’t do anything.” I replied.

“Then why can’t Kae’s ass walk straight?” We looked at her limping away.

“What? This is my pimp walk!” She continued to limp outside and we shook our heads laughing.

“You guys are some freaks.”

“Aight, thanks everyone. Let’s call it a day.” I annouced going back to my dressing room.

I shot Kae a text:

To Wifey:

You better be naked in bed when I get there.

I found a familiar looking nigga outside of my dressing room.

“Can I help you?” I asked him.

“Uh, yes. Do you know where I can find Rue? I gotta talk to her.” He answered looking around.

“Rue-” I stopped when I realized who he was.

“You’re that bitch ass nigga that raped her.”

“Look it was a long time ago.”

“Still rape. I’m surprised you had the balls to come to my face after what you did.” I spat resisting to smack the shit out of him.

“This is import-”

“No. Stay away from Karrueche.” I ordered opening the door.

“I need to talk to her.” Thomas stated.

“Stay away from my fiancée. I mean it.” I slammed the door in his face.

When I finished, I drove home thinking. What he got to talk to her about? I pulled up in my driveway and entered the house. I went to Angie’s room and she was fast asleep. I walked into Bria.

“Oh sorry!”

“Its ok. Since Karrueche’s back, am I fired?” She inquired with fear in her voice.

“What? No. Me and Karrueche are really busy people.”

She smiled walking away and I continued to my bedroom. Kae was in bed but she wasn’t naked.

“I thought I told you to be naked.” I got on top of her.

“Oh really? I didn’t know.” Kae replied sarcastically.

I chuckled. “Well, you’re gonna learn today.”

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favourite (current) three tv shows: Suspicious partner, Goblin (it will be my favourite one forever), Jessica Jones (i still have a thing for her)

top three characters: Grim reaper (Goblin), Gook Doo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), Hawkeye (Marvel)

top three ships: Markson (GOT7), Sugakookie (*screams* Beyond The Scene) (u know how i always reblog some sugakookie stuff and be like kfjshkdhfksdfsoga;p YES), IwaOi (Haikyuu!!!) (cuz maaan have u seen their chemistry and all this childhood friends material)

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The Phantom Menace: Now This Is Drinking™

My drunk liveblog of The Phantom Menace is as follows goodbye:

  • Lol these politics are not making sense already
    • Isn’t a trade federation like, a conglomerate of entities that trade
    • Not one autonomous entity that taxes trade routes between other entities
    • Jedi Knights, “Guardians of Peace and Justice

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

  • K first line from a Jedi is “I have a bad feeling about this” yep me fuckin’ too, about this movie and about the saga as a whole
  • Obi-Wan has a bad feeling about something “elsewhere…elusive” perhaps good ol sheev sticking his dick all up in the senate is what you’re sensing?
  • “close the blast doors…that will hold them” ok, that’s up for most poorly delivered line in the whole saga
  • “this is an odd play for the trade federation” is it really tho are u really surprised
  • That Amidala dress is so iconic I could cry just looking at it
  • I feel really sorry for the actors playing the trade federation
  • And jar jar kinks has arrived
  • “Exscqueeze me” JFC that line is dated
  • God obi-wan is hot why the fuck did pamde go for Anakin are you srs
  • Why is the gungan city theme so fucking ominous
    • IS IT
  • And why the FUCK did that fool have to use the phrase “big doo doo” jfc George lucas how 1995 can you be
  • I’m not drunk enough for gungan speak. Time fr another shot.
  • “What is to become of Jar Jar Binks”, says Qui-Gon
    • Funny, the fandom is still asking the same question
  • Was this movie geared towards 5-year-olds
    • yes
  • The invasion of naboo is not happening quickly enough
  • “coruscant uhh that doesn’t compute uhh wait YOU’RE UNDER ARREST” battle droid humor is lethal. Kill me
  • Qui gonn is gon lookin’ for a remote planet called tattooine
  • Please George lucas I don’t want to hear how jar jar kinks begins his day
  • Wy did natalie portman have to be 14
  • Jake Lloyd I am so sorry
  • Qui gon is doing such a better job of putting up with watto than I would
  • “mind tricks don’t work on me, only money” same watto, same
  • Not that I know shit but Anakin sounds like he has a pretty heavy accent when speaking in watto language
  • “we have nothing of value”, says qui gon. But wat about the fallen prince of gungan land
  • Pretty sure this fucker selling fried frogs in the market is unkar plutt
  • Ya padme the republic doesn’t exist out here ever heard of the OUTER RIM U 1% scum
  • “is there anyone friendly to the republic who can help us” and SHCMI SAYS “NO” LMFAO I AM DYING
  • “there was no father”…………………K
    • Yes there was
    • His name is sheev
  • Can I just skip the podracing scene
  • My dick has 20,000 midichlorians
  • Darth maul’s exit of his ship is just like kylo;s and I am aTTRACTed 2 it
  • Why have I never noticed sebulba getting a massage
  • The jar jar fart joked makes me want to eat myself from the inside out until I am oblivious that it ever happened
  • I’m sebulba
  • Is that jabba™
    • Or another hutt
  • Sebulba yelling while flying his pod is how I feel watching this movie
  • That two-headed fucker sportscaster is one of the most poorly animated things I have ever seen
  • Schmi looking away from her holopad and cringing needs to be gif’d
  • “why do I sense we’ve picked up another pathetic life form” thank you obi-wan
  • And so anakin’s whining begins
  • Can we appreciate schmi skywalker 4 one sec plox
  • There are few things more attractive to me than a man in a cloak
  • Seripusly why did you pick ankin wobi-wan was right ther
  • Amidala’s outfits are breathtaking
  • And so is palpatine’s hair
  • Me waiting for Anakin to bring balance to the force
  • Mace windu is fucking DONE
  • Dear George lucas: u can’t just stick a horse head on a human body and call it an alien
  • “the boy is dangerous they can all sense it why can’t you” KEEP IT REAL, OBI-WAN
  • “u won’t be a problem, ani” – qui gon k tell that to your dead apprentice
  • Anakin’s about to fuckin cry watching padme talk to gungan king
    • The first of many cries
  • Liam neeson looks like he was so fucking over this gungan alliance scene before they even filmed it
  • Why does padme speak so differently now that she’s outed as the queen
  • Were people impressed by battle droids when they first saw the CGI hordes of them in theaters real question
  • Darth maul enters naboo fight scene—cue arousal
  • Darth maul removed hood, arousal intensifies
  • Abakin pulling misc levers in the cockpit and somehow this lil shitshow takes off in the fuckin speeder LOOK HOW #BLESSED HE IS
  • The deflector shield is too strong what’s fuckin new
  • Since when does padme have a batman grappling hook
  • Is there a single scene in this movie that doesn’t have CGI
  • I love seeing qui-gon on his knees
  • Obi-wan tryna keep it together
  • The obi-wan vs maul scene is dope af
  • Let qui-gons be bygones
  • Kiss ur fuckin trade franchise goodbye goodbye bitch
  • “qui-gon’s defiance I sense in u” heard that
  • And alas, my favorite shit in the whole movie; jedi funeral
  • Newsflash: darth maul is still alive
  • And I’m turning this shit off before the gungan parade makes me vomit all this precious booze up

Location: San Francisco
Reason: Temple Nightclub
Tune: In My Head - Galantis
Snack: Tomato Soup
Vibe: Cold

I’ve been to San Fran a heap of times as a tourist and to shoot, but never to play a show, so this was a first and I was damn excited! Before the show we wandered around the cold streets of San Francisco CBD trying to find a good coffee, to no avail. We did however stumble upon a spice shop and I found lavender dark chocolate. Fun fact; I’m obsessed with Lavender everything, so this combination was so amazing.

Temple nightclub is next level. From the sound system, to the lighting, to the rooms behind the scenes, to the 100 year old lift that still works on a rope and pulley system… it’s one that sticks in the memory. My show was so so great - ahhhh I was getting so much energy from the crowd and right before I got on they were chanting ‘Tiger, Tiger, Tiger’…um how cool… not going to lie I got goosebumps. I met the resident DJ, DJ TripeXL, who played before and after me. I love listening to DJs who really know their shit, he was dropping the most dope tunes and I was definitely wiggling my booty.

Tiger xxx

Tiny Thought: Alex and I decided that this year we are going to Burning Man Festival.

Interstellar was definitely… unexpected.

Allow me moments to ponder what it was. It’s been 10 hours since I walked out of it and I’m still like

And I’m not exactly sure how I can describe it but it was dope, and felt like a doco/art film at times, but it was surprising. Really glad I went out of my way to avoid almost any information about the plot, but even if you’ve read the synopsis… it still kind of comes from left field. And seeing it right after Inception was a nice contrast.

Check it at IMAX if you can, the changing aspect ratios kind of swallow you into the scenes. Not going to lie, I cried a lot… I’m a weakling when I see people I like crying. Might’ve been delirious from the overnight screening.

I’m seeing it again tomorrow so hopefully I can wrap my head around the third act a little better.

I Still Don’t Understand This About Cece

in game over charles finale, cece said she was getting drugged up , tranquilized etc all the time she was at radley, so if that was happening , how did the transition happen and when? at 12 charles was still charles, and after, the board at radley thought charles pushed marion off the roof, then cece said the next couple of years they doped her up on tranquilizers and that the quacks felt bad for almost killing her , so they let her out for a funeral (metaphorically burying charles and mrs d accepting charlotte as her daughter) but charlotte still has to stay in radley, then they show charlotte studying ,so im guessing charlotte is 18 or 19 and in this scene she is fully a female she looks like a female. so when did the transition happen?  from my understanding its a process that requires hormone treatments etc, it takes time, and do we know if a full transition happened like the sex change? those treatments cant be mixed up with all that radley was giving her.  when did all this take place. does this even matter at this point? o_0

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