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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (四月は君の嘘)

These lively and expressive character designs from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso by Yukiko Aikei (愛敬由紀子) were featured in the February 2015 issue of Animage Magazine (Amazon US | JP).


Although I hate scanning books and bending the spine, I can’t not share this! This story is the epitome of what I love about Kuroo and Bokuto’s friendship :DDD

The gist of it is, during the summer camp secret practice, Bokuto and Kuroo get into an argument which leaves the rest of the guys wondering if they should intervene. But Akaashi is like “nah” and sure enough, Bokuto apologies, blaming his outburst on the summer heat and asking Kuroo to reconcile. The bros then start making out…with tongue and all lol, so that “fight” earlier was them dicking around as usual. Kuroo kisses Hinata as a thank you for attempting to intervene and Bokuto wants to do the same to the others but Akaashi is tired of his shit. The next day, Daichi pays Kuroo a visit after hearing what he did to his precious #10 lol. 

This is from「ガッシュク!! 」, which features several funny short stories set during the summer camp by different artists. If you like Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, Tsukishima and Kageyama being dumb then it’s perfect for you! :9