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[TRANS] Kyuhyun: Because it seems like there is a misunderstanding about the fire in (my hotel in) Taiwan… In short, until the time when (the fire broke out) I was still in the room arranging the concert ment matters with managers and staff so we were late during the time of evacuation; after hearing that the fire was suppressed, rather than climbing down the stairs and breathing in the smoke, I chose to stay in the room. 

All the staff except the ones in my room followed the (hotel’s) instructions, went down and waited outside (the hotel) for 3 hours or so.. saying that if there is any problem, it’s not going to be a big deal, (but I think that) the problem (lies in) me who kept going on with work with the staff. I didn’t intend to let the controversy happen after such a good performance.. Have a good night! 

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I’m not okay today
I’m a crumbling version of myself
I cry at random things at terrible times like standing in the supermarket
I have no room in my head to worry about all the things I need to focus on
I have too many maybes and not enough yes
Nothing is constant
Nothing is safe
Nothing is okay
And neither am I

But I will stand by myself until I am okay because the me that is okay wouldn’t want to give up on the current me

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random, i know and i don't know if you can relate. but, i've been playing the sims literally all day in the dungeon of my room and i just went downstairs for the first time in forever and it's kinda dark and i screamed because i thought i saw a slug on the floor, but it was actually an ice cube. i feel like ea should have a warning on their game, like, instead of don't drink and drive, "don't sim and life. happy simming. :))" it's been a long day, i apologize if this is a waste of text.

DONT SIM AND LIFE sjdvnlfkqdw;asnlvdkm;w

whenever i finish playing i feel like im a gremlin coming into the light bc time goes by so quickly and suddenly its midnight ack!

I’m a very nostalgic person, and for the most part I hate it.  I get so attached to memories, the past, certain items or place, sometimes people, and there’s no way to detach myself from them.  

My parents sold our house.  My dad built it over 20 years ago and it’s the only house I’ve ever known.  It’s two decades of my life in memories, and in two months time it will be gone.  The master bedroom I ran to when I had nightmares; the playroom where all of us would sleep on mattresses every Christmas eve; the kitchen I almost blew up the microwave in (and am still reminded of to this day); the backyard that’s seen trampolines and hot tubs come and go, and countless Easter egg hunts; and the living room where we all sat in a circle and my dad told us through a broken voice that my mom had cancer - one of the handful of times I’ve ever seen him cry.

I know the loss of this house doesn’t mean a loss of the history or the memories, but it’s an ending, it’s a loss.  And the worst part of it is that the building will still remain, painted over with new memories by strangers.  There’s no burial, there’s no proper goodbye.  I can’t stand across the street while they tear it down as I remember it and mourn.  I have to drive by it every so often and see the trees they’re trimmed, the unfamiliar cars in the driveway, the new coat of paint.  

It’s selfish, I know.  I do wish the new caretakers their own memories, they’re own attachment, happiness and sadness and all life has to offer. 

I don’t know any other way to say goodbye, so that’s what this is, I guess.  Goodbye.

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53. What has been you worst haircut/style?

Pfft I suppose that would be a toss up between when I was five I crawled under a dining room table and cut off all my hair into a bucket using a pair of scissors (which my dad tried to (unsuccessfully) hide from my mum in a ponytail), or when I was 9 and hated my fringe so much that I cut several inches off of it. My mum tried to neaten it but yeahhh, didn’t work well. Good thing my hair grows quick xD

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Because it seems like there is a misunderstanding about the fire in my hotel in Taiwan.. In short, until the time when the fire broke out I was still in the room arranging the concert ment matters with my manager and staff so we were late during the time of evacuation ; after hearing that the fire was suppressed, rather than climbing down the stairs and breathig in the smoke, I chose to stay in the room.
All the staff except the ones in my room followed the hotel’s instructions, went down and waited outside the hotel for 3 hours or so.. saying that if there is any problem, it’s not going to be a big deal, but I think that the problem lies in me who kept going on with work with the staff. I didn’t intend to let the controversy happen after such a good performance..Have a good night!

Parce qu’il semble y avoir un malentendu à propos du feu à mon hôtel à Taiwan.. Pour faire court, jusqu’au moment où le feu a éclaté, j’étais encore dans la chambre organisé la question du discours pour le concert avec mon manager et le personnel donc nous étions en retard pendant au moment de l’évacuation ; après avoir entendu que le feu avait été maîtrisé, plutôt que de descendre les escaliers et respirer dans la fumée, j’ai choisi de rester dans la chambre.
Tout le personnel à part ceux dans ma chambre ont suivi les instructions de l’hôtel, sont descendu et ont attendu dehors pendant 3 heures à peu près.. disant que s’il y avait un problème, ce ne serait pas une grosse affaire, mais je pense que le problème repose sur moi qui ai continué de travailler avec le personnel. Je n’avais pas l’intention de laisser la polémique arriver après une bonne performance..Ayez une bonne nuit!

Today just…wow. I got yelled at this morning before work cuz I woke up and I had to pee. Yes. That happened. 

Went to work. Got yelled at there for shit that happened on my day off. Got yelled at for doing things correctly and legally. K. Sure.

 Also almost roasted to death there because special snowflake coworker has low iron and refuses to let anyone turn on the a/c despite the fact that it’s 80 degrees outside and about 100 inside because OMG SHE MIGHT FREEZE and they cater to her. Fuck the fact that my own health conditions = can’t get overheated. So I’m close to puking and passing out all damn day. 

Current status: in my room. Under a fan. In the a/c like: 


“Are you two serious?” White watched ‘her kids’-and that really did feel like the truth now, as they argued and had argued for the past half hour. Not that this was anything new; she was quite used to hearing their fighting from her quarters especially with Pink. Actually, it was more often Pink would dash to her crying because ‘Yellow was being mean.’

These two…just found anything to fight about.

“You need…to stop stealing my stuff,” Blue growled at the yellow monarch.

“I told you, this brush is MINE,” Yellow snapped. “It was in my room and you probably stole it like you do all my stuff.”

“You need a new haircut better than you need a brush,” Blue retorted icily, a smirk on her face at her sister’s affronted glare.

“How dare you!” She suddenly snatched the tiny blue Pearl on her sister’s shoulder. “Well if you’re going to keep stealing my stuff maybe I’ll steal your Pearl!”

Blue gasped and then she looked down at the uncomfortable twig like little thing by Yellow Diamond’s side. She snatched her up. “Well maybe I’ll steal yours!”



White put a hand in front of her mouth to hide the amusement as she watched both of her kids angrily storm off with the opposite Pearl thrown over their shoulders like a sack of potatoes.


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Do you have any thoughts about Takumi's relationship to Mikoto? He clearly loves her, as how when he mentions in his my room lines that his scarf was made by Mikoto, he gets all silent afterwards as if he were reminiscing. Yet, even this interaction and the one they have in the Drama CDs, Takumi's anxiety still persists. I'm not saying that parents could magically whisk away anxiety, but you'd think with their closeness he would've had a better support system, at least predating her death.

Well, you have to remember that not only was Mikoto the single parent of 4 kids, but she was also the ruling Queen of Hoshido. Though Ryouma seems to have taken on some of her duties in preparation for his own ascension, she still had a lot on her plate. With how fond the Broshidos are of her, i have no doubt that she always tried to make as much time for them as she could, but there is no way she could have given them all the love and attention they needed. Especially as required by their various mental problems (I stated before that I think all Broshidos have some form of anxiety, Takumi and Sakura are only the most obvious), which have causes and origins that were often beyond her ability to truly help with. (at least by herself)

That doesn’t mean there weren’t times were she could have done more. To focus back on Takumi, let’s look at what happened in the Brithright Drama CD: So Corrin comes back, and Takumi has a bad first encounter with them, after which he apparently spends his time avoiding them and holing up in his room. Mikoto likely knows about this, but doesn’t approach Takumi at all, probably deciding to give him space or something. It’s only when he runs into her room and directly screams his insecurities at her, that she comes through. Tells him she loves him and reassures him about his place in the family. Something she should have done earlier.
Of course, I don’t want to be too harsh on her for that. She is only human, and she has just gotten back her child that was kidnapped under very traumatic circumstances. Plus, she knows that she will die soon. It’s not unreasonable that she wouldn’t have the mind to focus on Takumi’s issues as well.

So yeah, I think she did the best she could. Given how much the Broshidos love her and all. But she was only one person with many, many things to take care of. It’s no surprise that there were times she just fell short.   

Dear Charlie,

2:21 am

I’ve been feeling really lost lately. I don’t have the energy to do anything anymore. I barely do my homework, my grades have been dropping and I don’t hang out with my friends as much anymore. This past week I’ve had off from school and all I’ve done is stay in my room with all the lights off and stay in bed all day. I don’t interact with my family and they’ve started to notice. They’ve noticed I’m not as happy and excited about things anymore. That I don’t take interest in the little things and I have that “I don’t care about anything” attitude. My mom is worried that I might be depressed and might need to see a therapist. My sister has been diagnosed with depression before. They went though hell and back for her so I don’t want to burden them with this drama. I’m scared that if I go to a therapist they’re gonna say I have depression too and I don’t wanna know the truth. I don’t like burdening people. That’s why I keep to myself. I feel this empty feeling in the middle of my chest. Maybe I do need help… maybe my mom is right and I do need to see a therapist. Anyways thank you for being such a great listener:)

Love always,

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