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Back up, you're writing a book? THAT'S AWESOME! Tell us more!! <3

Yes ^-^ it is called The Boy with the Bite. You may recognize the universe as the one in my fic The Monster in the Room, which was in reality my test for an original novel (series, actually, but we’ll see how the first does) ((im gonna make up one of those plucky bull hunk back of the book summaries hang on))

The story follows a boy named Caleb Fisher from the town of Tremont, where terrible things never happen, yet sometimes still do. In the shadows of the wood Caleb is the victim of a mauling with stretching consequences, and finds an unexpected ally in a talking black cat named Jack Bennett. This cat warns the boy as best he can about the dangers of the full moon but understands grimly that there are no real explanations to make it any better, not really. Now, Caleb is left with nothing as he is forced to leave his family behind and go in search of answers to new questions with strange new companions,and redefine for himself what a ‘monster’ really is.

Breaking out on the scene with her first full length novel, Christina Donahue continues to defy and surprise. With twists, turns, tears and terrors, this book will keep you reading till the last page.

Fake As Shit News- 4/5 : “A young adult page turner with some new twists on old mythology”

Poopy Butts Quarterly- 4/5: “A whole lot of familiar myths remixed in a new way, with a dozen different cultures’ mythologies making an appearance at one point or another. Kitsune, Banshees, Goblins and more, a summer story you won’t want to miss”

Bullshit Bulletin- 3.5/5: “If you want real emotions and palpable tension while also having a fair shot of getting blindsided by a troop of frat boy pixies then this is the book for you. Humor, tension, regret, and acceptance, all wrapped up in one.”

DUN DUN DUN that was really funny to write lol

So my driving teacher looks like paul rudd and each day that goes by i get more and more baffled that everyone in this damn city has a dopplegänger that is famous

like did I mandela effect into a world where it’s somehow anti-Semitic to say Jesus was Jewish, because I’d really like to get back to my own reality, maybe Hillary won there

I have no idea at what point I hit a limit of unrealness in a dream where I begin to suspect I’m in a dream but every time I’ve had a lucid dream it was fucking wild as shit so I’m gonna guess my perception of reality is pretty fucked up if I only begin to think something’s off when an army of my mom are firing arrows at my castle as I run dramatically over the tops of the castle walls. And the only reason I thought something was off was that I was running and not getting tired.

No, but I would love to be at whatever meeting took place to decide how long Aaron’s prison sentence would be. Eighteen Months i.e One year and six months for GBH, which Aaron pleaded guilty to (like I know he has a history) but it’s still excessive like they literally threw the book at him. But then they reduced it to twelve months which is still extreme in my opinion, but in reality, Aaron will only be inside for what a month tops? 

Like, come on Emmerdale, even if they repealed, they wouldn’t go from twelve months to four weeks, give me a fucking break here. He was obviously charged with GBH with Intent. Even if they felt the sentence was too harsh, it would go down to four or five months.

I mean, get they didn’t want Aaron in prison for too long, but they could have at least tried to make it a little bit believable. 


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Hey jackson, I want to start really living, making my reality better than my dreams. I don't know where to begin? I want to start saying yes and doing things that scare me but I feel like life doesn't present me with opportunities to do that or to put me out of my comfort zone. Do you have any advice?

Yeah for sure, I think that a good place to start is by just changing up your routine a little bit. Whether that be by waking up a bit earlier to go and exercise, or even just to go out and watch the sunrise, or doing something you don’t usually do. Changing the way you eat and being active with your time etc. 
I think that setting goals also is a massive way to make life exciting. So for example you could say:
“Okay I have a 4 week break coming up for uni” or whatever and say im going to go on a trip during 2 weeks of that. SO that means you need to start planning, booking, saving etc and that’s all exciting stuff.

Stepping out of comfort zone can be done anywhere anytime, it simply means doing stuff that you usually wouldn’t do.
You hardly run? go for runs.
You never swim? go to the beach every morning.
It’s all about changing up your lifestyle to go from a regular routine to something that’s interesting everyday…
For example I love to tackle my fears… they say you can never truly get rid of fear but you can befriend it, and I think that’s a cool thought. So I have a fear of heights, but I went indoor rock climbing the other day with my mates and it was so much fun! And I really had to push myself to overcome this fear, and with encouraging mates there to help me out it made it all the more interesting :) 

So yeah, make small changes, tackle new challenges, push yourself and start doing those things you’ve been putting off, or start pursuing those passions and that dream of yours regardless of how big the challenge may seem.
Cliche as hell but the journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step…