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“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

2017.04.28 // dotted, grid, lined, or blank paper? [ april study challenge, 28/30 ]

would u believe i almost forgot to post today thanks superstar smtown if i hear rookie rookie one more time i will break something.

anyway back to studying. i don’t really have a preference i suppose? beyond not blank paper bc i can’t write neatly w/o lines or guides.

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I decided to start doing Maltese vocab/grammar lists because I only know of one other blog here that makes them (they’re amazing, so go check them out at @maltese-boy!!) and I feel like there aren’t enough resources on the Internet for our language. Right now I’m not taking requests but in the future I probably will. Special dedication to @gigibuffone, I hope they’ll be helpful!! ☺


Iva - Yes
Le - No
Xi ftit - A little
Forsi - Maybe
Ma nafx - I don’t know
Merħba - Welcome
Ċaw - Bye
Saħħa - Goodbye
Jekk jogħġbok - Please
Grazzi - Thank you
Ta’ xejn/M’hemmx imniex - You’re welcome
Jiddispjaċini - I’m sorry
Skużi/Skużani - Excuse me (sometimes used as ‘sorry’ too)
Lilek ukoll/Tant ieħor - Same to you (singular)
Lilkom ukoll/Tant ieħor - Same to you (pl.)
Għandi pjaċir - Nice to meet you

Il-ġurnata t-tajba - Good day
L-għodwa t-tajba/Bonġu - Good morning
Il-wara nofsinhar it-tajjeb - Good afternoon
Il-lejla t-tajba - Good evening
Il-lejl it-tajjeb - Good night

Awguri - Congratulations/Happy birthday
Il-Milied it-tajjeb - Happy Christmas
L-Għid it-tajjeb - Happy Easter
Il-vaganzi t-tajba - Happy holidays
Il-vjaġġ it-tajjeb - Have a good trip/flight
L-isbaħ xewqat - Best wishes

X'jismek? - What’s your name?
Jisimni… - My name is…

Kif int? - How are you?
Tajjeb/tajba [ħafna]. (m/f) - I’m [very] good.
Mhux tajjeb/tajba. (m/f) - Not good.

Kemm għandek żmien? - How old are you?
Għandi [3-10] snin/[11-19]-il sena/[20+] sena. - I am… years old.*

Minn fejn int? - Where are you from?
Minn/Minn + definite article… - I’m from…**

Fejn toqgħod? - Where do you live?
Noqgħod… - I live (in)…**

Tifhem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż? - Do you understand Maltese/English?
Nifhem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż. - I understand Maltese/English.
Ma nifhimx bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż. - I don’t understand Maltese/English.

Taf titkellem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż? - Do you speak Maltese/English?
Naf nitkellem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż. - I can speak Maltese/English.
Ma nafx nitkellem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż. - I can’t speak Maltese/English.

Narak! - See you! (singular)
Narakom! - See you! (pl.)

Ħu gost! - Have fun! (singular)
Ħudu gost! - Have fun! (pl.)

Ħu ħsieb! - Take care! (singular)
Ħudu ħsieb! - Take care! (pl.)

*Numbers will be explained in another list. “Għandi” literally means “I have”.

**Some countries and places take an article, others don’t. For places starting with a vowel always use the definite article ‘il-’ (ex. (’minn’+‘il-’=) Mill-Ingilterra - From England, Noqgħod l-Ingilterra - I live in England). There is no rule for places starting with a consonant, you have to learn them by heart.

If some things aren’t clear or you’d like more explanation or you want to know how to say something in Maltese, just ask! :)

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Name 5 OTPs from 5 different fandoms! ///w h e e z e s//

1. Soul X Maka (Soul Eater)

2. Chise X Elias (Mahou tsukai no Yome/the ancient magus’ bride)

3. Sans X Frisk (undertale)

4. McCree X Hanzo (overwatch).

5. orange x blue (splatoon)

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