not my pictures again

I accidentally left my ps4 on and forgot about it and left the boys standing there, and by the time i came back four in-game days had passed and the last photo i got was this picture of prompto

He looks so upset


“Wtf dude. Four days without food. How could you?”

this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes
18 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Yuri!!! On Ice"

Just passing on the buzzfeed article of YOI, if any of y'all haven’t read it yet….


Ignis at camp with his mug is strangely relaxing to look at

twenty times time (lazytown) -- keyboard cover
  • twenty times time (lazytown) -- keyboard cover
  • @galactimatic

this has been one of my all-time favorite lazytown songs since i was a lil youngin, i hope y’all enjoy!

my naem is yak
and thru the porte
i styck my nose
and giev a snoart,

but tunge is longe
and hyer i stand
you giev me bred
i lik yor hand