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The first day of rehearsal, I was intimidated, because I’m a big SNL fan. It was like, Holy crap, I’m working with Andy Samberg. He turned out to be really nice, so then I thought, Oh, this is awesome. Now he’s my friend. He’s a nonstop idea machine; Andy’s brain is constantly going. I’d expected this zany, crazy, energetic type of guy, but he’s actually very laid-back and sweet.

There’s a certain sweetness and squareness to the way she plays comedy, and I mean that in the best possible way. There’s something very genuine about Melissa.

andy samberg and melissa fumero | good housekeeping magazine (january 2014)


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

randompersonality  asked:

Hey, big fan here with a question. I've read somewhere that you used to make your own books. Is this true? And if so how did you do it?

Hi! Yes, I used to make all my books from scratch. Posting pics below of my limited edition book Charlie’s Widow. (Tim Burton has one in his collection.) You can see pictures of my other hand made books here

I started when I was a kid and learned mainly from online tutorials. I also took some book binding lessons in Sydney. I would spend hours taking books apart and stitching them back together. I was absolutely fascinated with books, not just in the fictional world they held, but also the mechanics. The different binding techniques, the type setting, the paper stock. I am totally book crazy. When you’re passionate about something you’ll gravitate toward it. You’ll naturally want to learn and experiment. And you’ll make up your own little systems as you go. 

Papyrus Joins Tumblr
Papyrus Joins Tumblr

When a very innocent and naive skeleton joins Tumblr, he has to ask his not so innocent brother about certain things that he seems to be quite familiar with…

This does not mean that I hate Underlust, Undertail or Fontcest, this is simply an interpretation of how I think Papyrus will react. I, in fact, quite like all 3, which you can see on my blog XD

Please excuse my dreadful voice acting and editing… I can’t do either of their voices well, and yes I do ship Papyton and Sansby, but that’s my personal opinion.

Anyway, enjoy :) (pictures below)

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Kuroko Tetsuya & Nigou phone wallpapers [540x960px] // requested by anon ♥


The first thing I did after our telephone conversation was go up to my room and see what he could have possibly taken that would remind him of me. Then I saw the unyellowed blank spot on the wall. Bless him. He had taken a framed, antique postcard of Monet’s berm dating back to 1905 or so. […] The picture would remind Oliver of the morning we first spoke out. Or of the day we’d decided to picnic there and had vowed not to touch each other, the better to enjoy lying in bed together the same afternoon. I wanted him to have the picture before his eyes for all time, his whole life, in front of his desk, of his bed, everywhere. Nail it everywhere you go, I thought.


Morgan Rielly - Older Brother

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Requested: Yes: Can you do an imagine where you’re dating Morgan Rielly but you haven’t told him you’re Sidney Crosby’s little sister? Maybe you told him a fake last name or never told him your last name?

Edited: Yes

Word count: 833

Summary: he finds out you’re Sidney Crosby’s little sister

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