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So I was watching the episode, “Phoebe Cheats” and I just have to point out this picture.

A bazillion questions pop into my head simultaneously when I look at this: What the actual hell?  I know Helga walks around with Arnold’s photo in a heart-shaped locket.  But there’s a difference between “a photo of Arnold that could very well be his school picture” and a “random photo of Arnold taken at the park.”  Seriously what is even up with this picture?  Where and how did Helga even get this picture?  What the hell was Arnold doing when this picture was taken?  He’s like, looking directly into the camera, and posing for fuck’s sake!  Who even took the picture?  Was it Mr. Simmons while they were doing some sort of class activity?  Was it Gerald just for the shits and giggles?  I mean, I don’t even know where to start!

Suddenly, I want 30 more minutes worth of story in addition to the original 11-minute episode because hot damn, I need to know these answers.  Now.

Home Delivery (Everlark Drabble)

This is in response to an anon request that everlarkdrabbles posted earlier:

Can you make a drabble wherein katniss is at home, pregnant and peeta is at the bakery.. And Katniss gives birth alone, and peeta comes home to katniss delivering the baby.

I was really excited when i saw this drabble prompt and got right on it. Hope you like it!


“What are you doing?” he says as I dip my hands in the bucket for another rinse.

I fumble to keep the phone crooked between my ear and my shoulder as I mumble, “Nothing… just some spring cleaning. You know, getting the house ready.”

“Katniss,” his voice crackles a bit through the receiver, “you know you should be taking it easy until your mother comes next week.”

Sighing into the phone, I comply reluctantly, “Alright, boss. Just let me finish this and I’ll stop to have lunch then rest until you get home. Okay?” I hunch over for a moment, feeling a twinge in my back, most likely from all the work I’ve done getting ready for this baby to come.

Once my breathing slows and steadies, I realize I’m still holding the phone. “Katniss…”

“Yeah?” I exhale and bite my lip, cringing that Peeta may have caught me.

“Why did I hear you whimpering just then?”

“Ah nothing, just a little stiffness in my lower back. I’ll finish up and rest. I promise.”

I hear him swiftly inhale, and can only imagine what’s going on in his mind. “That’s it. I’m closing early and coming home.”

“No, no, honey. Don’t come home on my account. Really. I’m fine, Peeta. Stay at the bakery, sell those cheese buns and cinnamon rolls.” I picture him as I’m sure his face is etched with worry, but smile at how protective he is. I imagine how handsome he probably looks at work. His apron is likely on, his hands covered in flour, and his chest filling out that Mellark Bakery t-shirt just so. “And Peeta?”

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After binging through the tv show “Stranger Things” a few months back, I instantly felt the need to draw something based on it’s greatness. I doodled out all of it’s little characters, posted the drawing and went on about my business.

Then something amazing happened. I received a message from Claire Bush of Halifax, West Yorkshire. She said she had seen my “Stranger Things” print and loved it. She asked if she could make a cake based on my drawing. I couldn’t reply fast enough. First, I sent her a paragraph on how my my family loves CAKE!!!! Then I told her absolutely yes!

Yesterday I woke up to see these pictures in my inbox and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite as cool (and delicious looking). Claire of “Sweet Sugar Sixpence” Bakery made this cake for her son’s birthday (Awesome job Mom!). I bow to you Claire, you are amazing. Thank you so much!

Height: 5'9
Before 17 years old maybe: 280 pounds,
Current 20 years old: 260-268 pounds

I’ve been questioning whether or not my work is making a difference because it’s been at least six months of consistency and I’ve only lost about 20 pounds. But then I look at pictures like this and really see the difference. So instead of
measuring pounds I’ve starting tracking inches, pictures and body fat percentages! My goal is a body fat percentage of 15-20%. Currently at 28%

What I did: determined how many calories my body actually needs, HEAVING LIFTING, at least 15 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week, eating mostly fish, eggs, lentils, and beans for proteins, lots of fruits, veggies, and yummy salads. Quinoa, sweet potato and lentil pasta for carbs.

“eBae” - A Love Letter From Thief X fanfiction featuring Kenshi Inagaki

Bachelor Auction AU featuring cameos by chiapeto, littlehevn, otomesass, and shortymcpunkbutt

Rated PG for language, references to alcohol, and general shenanigans

With a clink of their drinks and a cry of “Bottoms up!”, Amy, Chia, Kay, and Xiao toasted the beginning of their long-awaited girls’ night out, the culmination of weeks of frantic text messaging and juggling of schedules. Between full-time careers and other obligations, finding the time to hang out together had become harder and harder lately for the increasingly busy ladies, each of whom was looking forward to a night of letting down her hair (or hiking up her skirt as the case may be). However, once Kay had found out through the nonprofit animal shelter she worked for that Tres Spades Casino was holding a charity Bachelor Auction, all four girls immediately cleared their calendars to check out the infamous hot spot and even hotter guys that would be up for grabs at the gala fundraising event.

Slowly sipping her margarita, Amy looked around the elegant ballroom in which the girls were seated. Thanks to Kay’s connections in the charity circles, they had been able to snag one of the coveted VIP tables situated right up against the runway, guaranteeing that they wouldn’t miss one muscle ripple of the men who would soon be parading on stage. While the table had been a little pricey, the girls definitely got what they paid for. From the expensive china on which their many plates of appetizers had been served to the tuxedoed waiters who served them, Tres Spades was more than living up to its lavish reputation.

“I had heard this place was pretty posh, but I had no idea it was this fancy,” Amy remarked, pointing at the chandelier above their heads. “That thing is so huge I almost expect the Phantom of the Opera to jump out of it!”

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The Signs When They're Eating

aries - *inhales the whole thing in one bite* “I AM THE HULK”

taurus - *doesn’t realize how much they’ve eaten* *moaning mid chew*

gemini - “yummy yum yum yummy” *eats in small bites to savor it*

cancer - “fooooooooooooOOD, i love you” *big bites tbh*

leo - *rips food into smaller pieces while talking* *chews louder than they think*

virgo - *cuts food into orderly patterns* *is picky about ingredients* *then inhales it like a tiger rawr*

libra - *takes pictures of food before eating it* “this is gonna look good on my ig”

scorpio - “is that blood or ketchup?…just wondering..” *eats quietly*

sagittarius - *covers their mouth while chewing but still manages to get it everywhere* “i’m luvin’ it”

capricorn - *giggles when they burp but is very good with manners around other people* *but when alone they eat like a savage*

aquarius - *names their food in their head before eating it* *very messy at times* *also sticks their tongue out before putting the food in their mouth, wth*

pisces - *good manners too but silly* *makes food jokes* “what did one tomato say to the other tomato that was behind it? KETCHUP”

Home Delivery

Drabble Prompt: This is in response to an anon request that everlarkdrabbles posted earlier: Can you make a drabble wherein katniss is at home, pregnant and peeta is at the bakery.. And Katniss gives birth alone, and peeta comes home to katniss delivering the baby. I was really excited when i saw this drabble prompt and got right on it. Hope you like it!

Author: joshs-left-earlobe (joshs-left-earlobe)

Original Post: joshs-left-earlobe

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I’ve been caught up on my homework for once in my life so I tried to do a realistic drawing again on my iPad. I dunno, I know I’m not the best at it but I like doing it occasionally. I actually love how this turned out. I just like the way the candy bar…ice cream…I dunno what it is but it looks yummy and I like the way it looks in the picture. 

Also why does Jack have to have amazing gorgeous eyelashes that are impossible to draw. 

This took approx 5 hours to do. 

Note to self: possibly give this a better background when you are better at backgrounds