not my pics there is link for the source


Jared on stage                                                                                                  30 Seconds To Mars @ Anfiteatro Camerini [Soundcheck] - Italy, 14-07-2013 (I) - HQ photos 


Credits on pics

Special thanks to my lovely friend @miss-shannanigans for sending me the link to these pics!!

MAGI 337  Full Translation

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers ( Complete in this case) so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: Pics from Tieba Baidu / Imgur Link( full set) and  texts from Netabare ^^

By @maumauxmau and me ^^


The final chapter of the maximal response!!
Aladdin, Alibaba & co make their way into the sacred place in order to defeat the one who became god, Sinbad.

Night 337 “ The conviction of Wrath and Heroes”

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Hello uh senpai can I color some of your nalu line arts but I will credit you with permission *scratching my head nervously*

Suuuuuuure!! If my pics are black and white and I haven’t said otherwise in the description, you guys are always allowed to color my work.- AS LONG AS you don’t forget to credit and link it back to the original source ;)

Why are you sleeping on Kookiemon?

First of all, let me apologize for this huge delay. It’s summer break and I got a little bit carried away by the good weather (in other words: I was damn lazy and now I’ve to come up with a lame excuse)

Anyway, I’m here to present a new theme for my serie called “Why are you sleeping on Kookiemon?” The rules are simple: 1. Making you all fall in love with this gorgeous duo by rewinding to some great moments that’d happened between them. 2. Hopefully gain more shippers in this cozy fandom. 3. I have only the month July to achieve my goals. Plus, I have to exclude every event in 2016. 

Enough, gibberish already, you want to see some moments. Curious about what the theme for this week is? 

Rookie years

Y’all thought that Kookiemon only happened in the past year? Nah-ah, and I got the pictures to prove it (per usual, the following photos are from fansites <see logo> with the ‘Do not edit’ rule, please respect this) By the way, it’s a long ass list, so be prepared.

↪︎ Junkookie looks so cute with his hair bow! 

↪︎ They look so dazzling next to each other 😍

↪︎ How can you resist Kookiemon’s aegyo? + Joonie’s famous shades 

↪︎ The similarities in their fashion styles gives me life

↪︎ Cries forever 😭

And now a list of non fansites pictures.

↪︎ Evil maknae, since the very beginning.

↪︎ I’ve edited this 2 pics into lockscreen size, just for you guys. (by the way, look at their smiles, I’m melting!)

Some gifs for a nice ending

Part 1: Classic moments

Part 2: His gaze fixated on him (Kookie edition)

Part 3: Eyes speak louder than words (Namjoon edition)

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Can you not fucking steal photos and say they are yours 😒😒😒😒 like damn you stole Ashley Smith's pic and said it was yours

You mean the last pic I reblogged? It’s linked to her ig. I tag them as “mine” as in pics I post, not that they’re my pics. Some links don’t work because they’re from tumblr instagrams (like that have deleted the pics. Anyways you’re RUDE as fuck. Plenty of tumblrs post pictures that aren’t theirs and use different tags, my tag just happens to be “mine”.

wonwootie  asked:

Do you have any videos of shinee with dogs I need to see them to regain my sanity

worry not, I’ll provide you with all the shinee + dogs your heart can take (or not?) - starting with:

- jongkey and a small beautiful pup for the saem;

- more jongkey and a tiny pup for the saem;

- don’t forget the actual star of the bmu mv (+making of)

- and of the lucky star mv + making of (dl link only, sorry!);

- key’s dogs going to support them during the shooting of dtb;

- here you have jonghyun casually swallowing comme des down (feat. jinki);

- an entire key’s knowhow ep dedicated to comme des and garçons;

- and key’s my little television, of course~

- jjong & roo on 4 things show;

- oh and jonghyun’s instagram is also a great source for shinee + dogs goodness (preferably: fyjjong’s roo + blingstagram tag)

just like key’s insta;

- and lastly, I’ll leave here a pic of taemin with his pups adam and eve because we don’t get to see them enough:

theanonsisters replied to your photo “briantrose: Now that’s what I call a close up #supernatural fans! (x)”

Could I please stop seeing MY stolen fanworks on here!!! Once a picture is worked on and posted to tumblr it does in fact BECOME a FANWORK and not just a random photo to be REPOSTED


Hi! I made this post myself from Brian Rose’s insta. It’s his photo, not yours. Pictures tweeted by cast and crew are fair game and I linked back to the original. I also didn’t alter the original, afaik.

I would have reblogged it from you but you have me blocked, and I wanted the bts pic on my blog as a spoiler source so…no.

This is not a fan work. This was not a repost and if you wanted me to use yours I couldn’t so you have no one to blame but yourself.


tumblr doesnt let me upload 11 pics so i had to make it shorter :( 
//by that i mean i had to put 6 and 7 together 

still, i think that Mei really is into all this eco stuff 

and edgelord surely isnt >;/

//and oh, yeah, i left the link to my tumblr down there because a lot of people usually dont know the source when they repost my stuff on some other websites

My friend just sent me this pic she saw on Pinterest (hence why I don’t have the source). Someone please tell me this interview actually happened and if so please send me a link to the video!!! 😲

I just read the 4th installment of nozonico/nozoeli goddess’ 上林眞/Kanbashi Makoto’s/(group name:むしやき/Mushiyaki) NozoNico series and… wow. My kokoro hurts. The whole series’ characterizations are just amazing, and how their relationship developed since their first meeting. It all started with a simple handshake and gradually moved from friendship to perhaps something more. But how do you cross that line? Or should you even cross that line? Or was there even a line to cross at all?

  1. Anata to Akushu (Holding your Hand)
  2. I Trust You
  3. Little by Little
  4. Still Far Away   

^Just pixiv links and the cover art
OTL I can’t wait for the last one OTL My kokoro needs healing *goes to dig through pixiv for WAFF nozonico pics*

If you can buy doujinshis somehow through the net or something, I highly recommend this artist’s works (whether nozonico or nozoeli)

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Hey you added to a Dirk Gently post at some point with an edited pic of Colonel Riggins showing a card to a kid Dirk Gently I think?? And I was wondering where you saw that? Is it a deleted scene or something and like how did you access it?

hi! i did - the wot in child experimentation meme is the pinnacle of my contributions to this fandom. the image is a still from a deleted scene with riggins and young dirk. i’m on mobile so i can’t find the exact source atm, but i’ll try find it for you when i get back, unless anyone else has a direct link?

anonymous asked:

Where the heck did you get that still from? Jug eating the hamburger I can't find it anywhere you should link your sources when post something

RAS tweeted that pic, and since I’m not with my computer, I couldn’t add the link to it. When I get home, be sure I’ll add it.