not my pics there is link for the source

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Why no daily pics D:

Sorry guys I cant upload right now because I am going through a financial crisis. I had to cut my internet just to be able to pay some other bills. my pc doesn’t have internet and we’ll now all I have is my phone but I can’t link the sources and if I upload without sources people get angry for some reason. I’m sorry about this but it will take some time to get settled back again. Thanks for understanding.


tumblr doesnt let me upload 11 pics so i had to make it shorter :( 
//by that i mean i had to put 6 and 7 together 

still, i think that Mei really is into all this eco stuff 

and edgelord surely isnt >;/

//and oh, yeah, i left the link to my tumblr down there because a lot of people usually dont know the source when they repost my stuff on some other websites

the Critter Fam is amazing.
Less. Than. An. Hour. to find that video. 
so kudos and cookies to for being amazing and finding the vid and sending the link


I’ve had this pic of Matt pinned for a while, but I didn’t realize I didn’t get a source with it. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THIS CAME FROM (I’m using it for a reference and if it’s from a vid or something, I need that)

so far my Google skills have failed me horribly and I’m pretty much at my wits end.

So I’m calling on the Critter Legions for help. Help me figure out where this thing of our beloved DM came from! 

Cookies and Kudo Points for tips leading to a source!

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okay hi i post original edits and photography on tumblr. but unless one of my original posts has a link or something with credit in the caption, i don't care if people remove it. like if i post a pic of coffee and caption "seattle 2/10/17" there's no big deal if someone deletes the caption. that's why when i reblog photography and moodboards a lot of the time i delete the caption unless it's credit to an outside source. and sorry, but that does not make me an asshole.

Ok well maybe you’re different but like every mutual I know DOES NOT like it when captions are deleted ( @dawnisgone @ibuzoo @illuminosity @archistratego to name a few) and just because you’re different and don’t care (which is fine) doesn’t make it so everyone else who deletes captions aren’t assholes or that since it’s ok to delete your captions, it’s ok to delete everyone else’s because, generally, most people DO care if their captions are deleted so if you delete captions on other people’s works that actually does make you an asshole so moral of the story: don’t reblog content if you’re going to delete captions (and if you don’t like captions there are themes that hide them so you don’t have to delete them) and I literally cannot believe I have to actually tell people this

Fewer posts for now

Tumblr has been truncating/corrupting my source links and I’ve had no help from Tumblr support. The source links are important to the blog, because they allow you to view the original sources, usually in social media, and learn more about the men in the pictures I post. But now, in many cases, clicking on “source” for a pic in this blog just brings you to the main Instagram or Reddit or Flickr page and not that man’s page.

For the past few years I’ve been able to post to this blog directly from my phone, and as a result I’ve posted 50 or more pics a day, totaling nearly 40,000 posts in the archives. But to deal with this bug in Tumblr, I am now having to go to a computer and manually edit each draft post to put the source link in the caption. This will create a bottleneck for the blog, so for the time being you’ll only see 10-20 new posts a day. Sorry for this. If you develop “beard withdrawal” because of fewer beautiful bearded men in your day, blame Tumblr - and blame my own case of OCD for wanting an accurate source link on every post.

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Hey what's the source for your banner pic? The one that shows up on mobile I mean

yo sorry about that, tumblr didn’t notify me that I had a message.

the art on my header is from this guy on Pixiv:

Here’s a direct link to the art in question:

You might need to make an account on the site to view his works.

My Irving Plaza Pictures on flickr

I had been trying to decide if I wanted to share all my pictures from the concert or not but since I won’t be able to be at the Boston show I thought it would be nice to share mine and hope someone at Boston will take some and share so I can feel like I was there.  

So HERE is my flickr album with 450+ photos I took at Irving. I didn’t do any fancy editing or anything special so while I think most turned out pretty well there are some blurry ones that I kept bc I still thought they were good enough to see what was going on or how adorable and/or sexy Aaron was being haha. You can download/use the pics if you want just link the source if you do is all I ask.  Enjoy


Disclaimer: Somebody sent me this pic on my phone so I don’t have the source. If anyone has the original link please send it to me!

If you look at the picture frame next to the lamp in the first photo you’ll notice it’s of a HAND.

Now if you look at that same picture frame next to the lamp and Hanna in the second photo you’ll notice that it’s magically turned into an A!!!

The hand in the first photo could be irrelevant or it could symbolize that Caleb gives Hanna a “helping hand” in her A work.



So I hate to label this emergency but I am nearly starving!! I’m a young trans person soon-to-be graduate of college and I often go week to week without enough cash to feed myself due to trouble with my job, and attempting to save for a place to live afterward. I desperately need another source of in come and am opening commissions!!

Prices, all in USD:

  • Busts - $15 (b/w) $20 (color) x x
  • Torso -$20 (b/w) $30 (color) x x
  • Full body - $25 (b/w) $40 x x
  • Character sheets - $30 x (nsfw link)
  • Finished pin-ups (full pic + background) - $50 (b/w) $70 (color) x x
  • Comic Pages -$125 (b/w) $200 (color) x x x
  • Smut - $~20 (b/w) $~30 (color) [depending on situation] x x x
  • +$5 per character added to any of these categories  

No prices are final, especially finishes, comic pages, and smut, all depending on the content involved such as characters, backgrounds, etc. In regard to smut, my instant no’s are under/age, sca/t, non/con, parental in/cest, and pregnanc/y kink. I reserve the right to say no if your request makes you uncomfortable. I will do smut involving transgender characters!! 

All payment is due by the first draft of the commission. You will not receive the finished product until I am paid. I will happily do as many sketches as possible for you to get your money’s worth with the final product. You may request I do not post your commission on the net, or post it on your own blog with credit!!

Please contact me via email at! 

(Please signal boost if you can’t commission me.)