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Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. 


Pokemon/BNHA X-over

Midoriya Izuku 

His mother is a pokemon breeder. Focuses on having a well-balanced team, wants to be like All Might, would like to become a decent pokemon trainer. (Secretly dreams of becoming the pokemon champion one day, but also feels like that would never happen.)

Pokemon (by the time he reaches the League): Bibarel, Togekiss,  Vaporeon, Eelektross, Lucario, Flygon

His first pokemon was Bidoof, which he found being bullied by other kids for being a “useless, weak pokemon.” Tried to defend it, got beat up, bonded with the pokemon -> first pokemon ever. It’s not a pokemon he captured, but a ditto begins following him shortly after, which he befriends. Received a Togepi from his mother (again, considered weak by the neighborhood kids), found an abandoned Eevee, and caught a Tynamo on his travels after leaving home. Was very happy when he caught a Riolu because he wants a Lucario like All Might, and rescued a Vibrava from drowning in a stream.

All Might/Yagi Toshinori

The Pokemon League Champion; he is also regarded as a famous hero for single-handedly taking down a villainous group that wanted to take over the world. He was gravely injured during the skirmish however, which led to his eventual wasted away look. His pokemon, Mimikkyu and Zoroark, use their abilities to conceal his real appearance whenever he is supposed to be the champion and not just “Toshinori.” He doesn’t actually use Mimikkyu in battle as “All Might,” and Mimikkyu was the first pokemon he ever caught. 

When he was a teen, he looked up to the then champion (Nana) whose main pokemon was a Pikachu. Before she passed on the title to Toshinori, she made a new outfit for Mimikkyu, saying that they shouldn’t try to copy those they admire—rather, they have the potential to surpass, and should strive for that. It’s also thanks to Mimikkyu that he meets Izuku.

Pokemon: Milotic, Zoroark, Talonflame, Lucario, Sylveon, Garchomp

Bakugou Katsuki

The asshole rival, and Izuku’s childhood friend/neighbor. His goal is to capture all the pokemon that exist, become champion (the best, better than All Might), and capture Zapdos. (Yeah he already said he wants to capture all pokemon but Zapdos is important.) He used to want Zapdos as his first pokemon because he really liked the way it looked. *COUGH*AESTHETIC POKEMON*COUGH*

Pokemon: Primeape, Typhlosion, Voltorb, Gyarados, Aggron, Tyrantrum

Mankey was technically his first pokemon. As a child, he ended up pissing it off, got pissed off in turn, and engaged in fisticuffs with it—surprisingly keeping his own and earning its respect. When he received his Cyndaquil, Mankey avoided him (lol) which confused/aggravated Katsuki, but just before he left on his journey, Mankey appeared, intending on coming with. Caught a Voltorb he found because he thought its move Explosion was badass (took it to a poke center to get it healed and then threw like twenty pokeballs at it until it gave in), fished out a magikarp from the river and then proceeded to train it because he knew it would become super powerful, found and attempted to engage in fisticuffs with a docile Lairon while hiking (which he got his ass kicked in, because it was a Lairon, but he kept trying anyway and the Lairon started to feel sorry for him). Received a Tyrunt from a jaw fossil. (Katsuki, Mankey, Tyrunt, and Gyarados are all Super Aggressive and literally engage in free-for-alls while the docile Lairon, Quiet Cyndaquil, and Modest Voltorb all just sort of watch from the sidelines)

His mask-thing is what he wears during competitions as part of his “look.” Otherwise, he usually just wears an army hat.

Todoroki Shouto

Son of Elite Four fire-type user Endeavor. Favors water/ice types. His goals are to capture the legendary Volcanion, and to defeat his father.

Pokemon: Charizard, Dragonite, Weavile, Frosslass, Aurorus, Glaceon, Sharpedo

Received Charmander as his starter from his father. At first he never actually uses it in battle (hence his 7-pokemon team), but ultimately decides that there is no harm in using his Charmander in battle—he isn’t his father and would never battle like him despite using a fire-type. (And his Charmander just looks so sad whenever it watches the others battle. RIP). Received his mother’s Dragonair when she was moved to the hospital. Encountered both the Sneasel and Frosslass in the snowy mountains while training (they ganged up on his Dragonair, knocking it out, and Charmander was like “oh hell nah”). Hatched his Eevee from an egg, received Amaura from a sail fossil, and encountered a Sharpedo while swimming. (it bit his leg, which caused his Protective As Fuck Dragonair and pokemon friends to proceed to beat the Sharpedo black and blue. He felt really bad about that, so he took the Sharpdeo to the poke center to get healed, but when he went to release it back into the ocean it refused to go away).


She felt his knuckles slide against hers. Then his hand was in her hand, his palm was pressed against her own. A tremor moved through him. Slowly, he let their fingers entwine.

For a long while, they stood there, hands clasped, looking out at the gray expanse of the sea.

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OT3 doodles

ngl the best thing I found out today is that Teru is a small baby compared to the BoKuro, it makes my shipper heart very happy~


Okay I’m finally catching up on those selfie tags, this is a hybrid of the selfie and selfie x bias tags. 

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