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Not sure why but..

Link Neal is always handsome and gorgeous and I bless the day his parents conceived him.We know this. but I feel like he is so much hotter when he’s looking slightly off camera at the crew or into the monitor. There’s just something about it that does so many things for me. But thats just my random opinion. Here’s some random pics/gifs that explain what I mean. Thank you for your time. ✌

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why is my friend….complaining so much rn……

the best coverage i’ve seen of the women’s marches by far has been y’all like literally thank you to my mutuals who went to the protests and took pics/transcribed speeches/just liveblogged about what was happening while you were in the thick of it. like, thank you


Yes, I’m back *throwing chips petals*. I’ve decided to do (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  and be back because even when I’m impulsive I plan it so yeah I’ve spend lots of time thinking if I’m ready to go back to posting ksjakdjdfhkdfhkahkh

So I’m back earlier than I planned  ヽ(・∀・)ノ this little break REALLY helped me to escape from thinking. Also, it was nice to play only for myself (* ^ ω ^) But there are few changes that I decided to do on this blog.

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I showed my grandma that comparison pic and asked if they looked alike in any way, she started laughing and said "not even a bit" and started to tell me how i looked exactly like my father when i was a baby lmao

To me there wouldn’t be a problem if he looked like at least one of the parents but he doesn’t??? Ieasted he looks like the guy who has zero blood connection with him like lmao pls 


yuri!!! on ice instagram: yuuri katsuki, viktor nikiforov, & yuri plisetsky

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