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We’re Gonna Die, Now You Tell Me? *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Summary: Tony has had enough of you and Bucky dancing around the topic of you both being together. Himself and Natasha feel like you need something to bring you both together, so he sets up a Halloween spooky night, where he hires actors to play Zombies - unknown to you both, everyone is in on it. You and Bucky are left fighting fake zombies, grieving over “deaths” of close friends and feeling as though you had lost a chance at a life together because of it all.
Warnings: Swearing, gore, zombies and FAKE deaths of Avengers
Authors Note: I am SOOOOOO sorry. Tumblr has been messing me around, it won’t allow me to copy and paste things over, I can’t use my own photots or gifs I have to use other peoples. I have been trying to move stuff over but Tumblr has been a lil’ bitch. I am so sorry this is late, I am trying to get my fiction uploaded but that has to be written all over again instead of me just bringing it over! So sorry again, please forgive me - Rosalee

Tony’s P.O.V
“There’s no way this will work,” Steve chuckled to the billionaire, “like Bucky would fall for this!” Steve said, looking at the line-up of people before him, fake blood dripped down their faces, matted hair and dirty clothes; Steve had to admit that they all looked the part but Bucky was smart.

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Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Chapter 34 [Summary]

“G-good luck…”

Aaaand look who’s back! Just in time for the end of the 11 dogs match~

As usual this is just a quick summary of the chapter with my terrible phone quality photots which i’m terrible sorry for OTL (also there’s a lot of photos so please bare with me ^^;)

[spoilers under the cut]

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Update one me :/

Alrighty, well, I’m officially kicked out. I’ll be leaving tonight and staying in a motel for a night, and maybe after that… who knows. I don’t really know, I’m not too intimidated. I mean, I’m scared as fuck, but the shock hasn’t hit me yet. I still haven major belongings there but I can hopefully trust them with em. 

Always remember: Sophrosyne. If you meditate that word, you’ll be above the physical world and your happiness will always be inside of you, even in times like this.

Two more things - I gifted my boyfriend(oh god, ex, now *cries* ) this laptop since he WAS buying me one for Christmas, but, now they’re both gone so I might not be able to continue this blog for a while. I will reblog on my phone, but no photot edits unfortunately. I’m so sorry for anyone I left lingering. Really.

On the other hands, all of your donations here and there have given me hope. Some of you are so beautiful and giving and it makes me so insanely happy that you exist. Thank you.

Oh, quick thing.

I have some of my few last lingering pendants since I won’t be able to make more for a while, if anyone wants them. 

$7 plus shipping. Usually I sell them for more but, eh. :/

Overwatch, League Icons, and Bioshock II

Thank you all, SO, SO much. I’ll be back soon.