not my photo my edit tho

book aesthetics: girls reading v2: woc (x)


Yuri!!! On Ice - Yuri Plisetsky & Otabek Altin Aesthetics

note: these two are honestly friendship goals tbh?? i want me a friend like otabek. also, im taking YOI requests: more info

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hello this is my desk at work ♥
the dog plush gets me through tough deadlines and crazy revisions

my cubicle is really big tho but there’s not much in it – i like keeping my stuff within reach ;; i probably have to redecorate soon because i took down some old photos from the walls hhhmmmm ;;;

((edit: bottom photos are from 2015 i think ♥ – i don’t really use the mac much [[it’s like trying to figure out how to pilot a spaceship HAHA rip]] so they let the temp assistant use it in the mean time mmm))


Danielle Wilds

“Dan’s good people, but she’ll work you to the bone”

Danielle was smiling in every photo, a toothy grin that was equal parts menace and mirth | Dan won’t believe you’re okay until she sees you with her own eyes | Dan’s annoyance faded under real warmth as she greeted Wymack and Abby | Dan tried her hardest to include him, checking on him anytime she was neaer him on the court | Dan finished first and went to check on them


Some photos of my Dio Brando cosplay from Desucon 2017!

Sorry for the quality and edits, we didn’t have time for a proper shoot (doesn’t matter since there’s a lot to fix in this, my hair was already a mess and I even took the wrong socks with me lmao)

bless @capn-rogers for taking these!

anonymous asked:

Imagine next hei briskeby video is of them going through instagram


like they’re playing another dumb challenge game thing that involves instagram and muta’s on elias’ phone and then he’s like “…bro why did your sister just like a photo of even in bed with some random guy?” and elias is like ????? then he snatches the phone off him the rest gets edited out or smth i’m….i need to lie down 

for my dear anon asking for a tutorial on how i edit my legacy pics

idk if this helps im really lazy when it comes to my legacy bc theres too many photos to deal with. ( like well over 2,000 in my other folder ) sometimes the process changes depending if its like orange or dark af idk.

heres @cat-nerd-sims super cute n awesome action set tho!!! def check it out she’s a babe.


Next Gen OCs + Alana and Nicola Dunbar 

aka Alana’s Instagram aesthetic is as on point as her backhanded compliments to her twin sister and Nicola just wants to upload pictures of her plants.