not my oc no


there it is

warning :old kinda uglee drawings but it still has its charm???? 

anonymous asked:

Error!Sans C5

AAAAAAAAAND-! Everything was a Weird dream 9v9 (?)

OMFG! Guys you are all MAAD!! XD I don’t know why but when i do this weird Memes Error become the shining STAR of them XD Like… Seriusly i drawn error like that good? LOLZ And i will do a few more because the ChocoError was hardcore (?)


After the khornate Fuzz here goes slaaneshi one. Nurglite being next! 

Also bonus sketch of Fuzz being confuzzed about these things on a chest. Because, well, her original and khornate version don’t really have anything particularly interesting there. 

And suddenly…