not my nuzlocke

“The most reliable thing about honor is that there is always someone less honorable than yourself.”

After finally finishing preparations, I am ready to begin my first Nuzlocke comic.

I’m eager to get things started! This is a Pokémon Colosseum nuzlocke challenge, and I’m quite pleased with how the story unfolded throughout the game and throughout writing my script. I only hope that the rest of you will come to enjoy it.

Thanks to those who read and spread the word,



So while playing my Japanese nuzlocke I wanted to point something out Guzma addresses kukui with respect, calling him either San or professor. Granted it’s distant like you would a stranger, but still for his character I found it interesting.

Meanwhile kukui addresses guzma like an acquaintance or like you’d address a child calling him guzma-kun.

Japanese is so nuanced like this you can get a feel for their relationship in an instant.