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Thoughts on Berena? I know you’re not into it, but follow people who are

Berena seems adorable and I want them to be happy and have nice things. I’ve almost watched them a couple times but I think they might not be together and I think I would want them to be together very badly and I’m not sure how my heart will take that. 

They kiss really pretty and the fic is good and I do rather adore them. The manips are good, the actresses are amazing and hilarious and I love how much they also ship them. 

Wholesome, quality excellent ship. 

There’s a cute thing I especially like with badly wrapped wine? I support them. 

I Am So Over Canon OQ and OQ Shippers (A Rant)

**DISCLAIMER: I will be speaking about OQ in general terms but please note that I do not mean “ALL” Outlaw Queen shippers. If this post does not apply to you, take no offense to it. If you feel offended by it, my mama always told me “a hit dog will holler” and “if the shoe fits…”**

So, I’m in an anxiety ridden mood and I’ve been passive aggressively sitting on my thoughts/feelings about this issue for a while and I’m at a point now where I just HAVE to say something:

Outlaw Queen shippers don’t give two flying fucks about Regina.

We have become almost as bad as Captain Swan shippers with our obsession over Robin/Sean. Lana has become our pretty prop, much like JMo did in the end for CS.

Robin has been dead for nearly two seasons and we’re still trying to get him back, refusing to watch because he’s gone…as if Outlaw Queen was solely about Robin.

I get being mad about how the writers screwed us over. Hell, I’m the same girl who was/is/will probably forever be bitter about Mark Sloan being killed off in Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy, which is now in its 14th season.
I was a SUPER hard Addison/Sam shipper on Private Practice. I felt like Shonda screwed Addison and Sam over . When Jake came into the picture, I didn’t like him but y'know what happened? I realized that Jake made Addison happy and being an Addison fan, I was all for her finding happiness even if it wasn’t with who I wanted.

When the new characters were announced, 3 of which were WOC, I saw a LOT of Outlaw Queen shippers bitching in Adam’s twitter mentions about how “we don’t care about these new people because it’s not Robin/Sean”

I’m sorry but no, matter of fact HELL NO.

It’s upsetting to me that OQ shippers don’t wanna see Regina happy because she’s not with Robin.

If you think Regina’s happiness can only be found in Robin then a) you don’t respect Regina’s autonomy, and b) you CLEARLY missed what Regina stated her happiness to be in 4x20:

“My ending isn’t with Robin. My happy ending is finally feeling at home in the world…Robin is just part of that world,”
And he was part of that world and unfortunately, that world was turned upside down and Robin is sadly no longer part of it.

Just because Robin died doesn’t mean Regina’s whole world stops.

If you claim to love Outlaw Queen, you would know and respect that Robin would want Regina to be happy, and he wouldn’t want her doing that alone. In fact, I’m pretty sure Robin would say something very similar to Daniel,
“Love Again”

I won’t even begin to touch on the grossness that was/is reversing Regina’s infertility curse/wishing that baby Peanut was dead while actively harassing people who learned to love baby Peanut, being mad about the Marian/Zelena thing because it stood in the way of an OQ baby.

I am sad about the way OQ played out on screen, but I didn’t start watching this show solely for Robin/Sean, I was here for Regina first and foremost and if you claim to love Regina like you say, her happiness shouldn’t be determined on whether or not she ends up with Robin.

I would address how it makes me feel as a WOC OQ fan to see y'all defending, protecting, and demanding Sean come back to the show but from what I’ve seen, dead ass silent about the way that Regina/Roni could and has been seen as a stereotypical Latina caricature by many WOC, some of whom are OQ fans. In fact, some of y'all LOVE that shit where Regina is all curly haired and wearing jeans and whatnot; you’re probably working on fics where Roni is sassy and probably has an accent and she meets Robin the bar…

How many of you have actually bothered to read through posts about the concerns from POC fans in terms of the treatment of the new WOC? How many of we’re upset that someone literally erased Gabrielle Anwar and replaced her with JMo for a manip? The bigger question is do y'all care that we’re getting 3 new WOC?

My guess would be no, since a lot of y'all dismissed them while you were begging for Robin/Sean to come back…

It’s gross and bordering on racist; it’s privileged at the very least. So that being said, I’m done actively shipping OQ in canon, because my fellow/former shipmates don’t give a damn about Regina. She’s just a pretty prop so that y'all can write cute domestic fanfics where Robin has his beautiful wife and they have their beautiful little naturally convinced princess…possibly with Henry and Roland (who is more than likely Regina’s bio son) as supporting/background characters.

Oh, and sex, lots and lots of sex…


Camren in #7/27TourUK Summary

They first arrived at Dublin (which is not part of UK by the way) I just want to include them here. 

October 3 - Dublin Ireland

You all got so hyped upon seeing this. Lauren wearing the top, Camila the bottoms. And at the same day people. Way to feed your delusional mind right?

Yes, she did that. We all know that’s Camila’s iconic funny face since the very beginning of time. And now, that’s Lauren’s favorite funny face to pull. Want more receipts? Video

Here they were leaving their hotel the next day, apparently Lauren didn’t change her outfit. She took a shower or even just a bath right? 

Camila posted her charity tee, she was the one who designed it by the way. If you have time and want the shirt for yourself, go check her Instagram. Lauren also liked per post. This was not an accident.

Lauren sang If I we’re a boy during soundcheck in which, if there will be next time, we have to remind Camila that she can really blink while staring at Lauren the whole time. Video

October 5 & 6 - Glasgow

They arrived at Glasgow and rest day for the girls, but apparently it was not a very good day for Lauren. She received lots of hate from Twitter. 

This one is fake. Please don’t trust believe anything you’ve found in the internet. @CamilasSpotify verified it.

What can I say, we stan two lovely dorks. They were wearing some traditional Scottish hat from the audience.

October 7 - Manchester

Whole day timeline of the girls. Imagine your everyday life like this, it’s tiring right? So please stop with all your dramas and immature thinking.

Camila rapping Look at Me Now by Chris Brown  during sound check and Lauren just being Lauren. Laughing and staring and can’t contain her happiness while looking at her Camila. This is a good video by the way. OT5 is alive. Video

Also, Lauren left the crowd in awe by embracing this flag proudly.

October 8 - Cardiff

Before Camila, Ally and Dinah started singing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, Lauren can’t get enough of Camila that Mani nudged her to start a conversation with her. Whipped right? Video

October 9 & 10 - London

Rest day of the girls, Camila was spotted with fans and watched the debate after while Lauren was with friends. Also, Lauren blocked a Camren Shipper who won’t stop tagging her in sexual manips. WHY CAN’T SOME OF YOU BEHAVE AND ACT AS AN ADULT AND STOP TAGGING THEM WITH ALL SEXUAL CAMREN PICTURES?

Camila saw a fan using this and told her it’s cute. (She later then said she thought it’s her with the fan and not Lauren) I’m not so sure with that Camilita, it’s very obvious that you’re with Lauren. Video

London Sound Check. The girls were live at Capital FM’s Facebook. This was the time Mani kissed Lauren in the cheek. Video

M&G London, Lauren being Lauren and well, Camila being Camila.

October 11 - Nottingham

Lauren sang Can’t Feel My Face while Camila sang Don’t Let Me Down. Indirects? Maybe. Video

These two lovely ladies during Meet and Greet. 

October 12 - Birmingham

Camila announced her new song with Machine Gun Kelly entitled Bad Things. Immature people who obviously don’t know the whole truth pretty much created drama everywhere and was very quick to judge. About their parents, let them be. They’re just being parents. Stop harassing everyone!

The girls are obviously fine during sound check and yes, they really look tired. 

Camila was talking about the moon, how she love the moon, how beautiful the moon was, how she wants to personify the moon to be with her, to be her friend and so on. As you can see, Lauren was definitely smiling in the end. If you’re confused, Camila - Sun. Lauren - Moon. Video

Lauren with all the side glance she made for Camila was definitely on point. Not just once or twice but three times. Video

Next stop Barcelona Spain! 

P.S: Honestly, you can have your opinion about Camren and I can have mine. But please, don’t ever tell me that Camren is dead just because you based it to all of the drama that just happened recently. They are not their parents. And certainly the girls already knew about the song even before Camila announced it yesterday. So stop with all the hate. And let’s just enjoy our precious ship.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my followers.

Thanks for following my blog; I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my gifs and my somewhat eclectic selection of reblogs. I’ll be offline for most of the holidays, but I’ll be back with new edits at the beginning of the year. See you around!

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Please talk to me about gtop. I'm new to the fandom and I hardcore ship that two. Do you ship it too? Are there like 'proofs' that they're real? Please go crazy with me

omg, my favourite kind of ask. so i answered something for another anon a while back xxx 

the most ~concrete~ you’re gonna get in the way of proof is the cyworld messages back in the day (they used to call each other turtle and shell for gods sake and the amount of just BOYFRIEND pictures found on top’s old acc is mad lmao)

but then they also share pyjamas (honestly what straight men do this), jiyong had a habit over the past year of liking/posting gtop fan art and manips like this. then there’s stuff like jiyong maybe - very possibly - keeping a gift bag that seunghyun gave him for YEARS

they met in middle school 😢…danny from 1tym recently took part on a podcast where he talked about them being friends before they joined YG like…people know about them being buddies which i find very cute?

and for some reason this is my favourite gtop moment 

The Time Of My Life

Characters: Dean x Reader, Charlie (mentioned)

Word count: 786

Warnings: Language, a shirtless Dean, fluff

Unasked for AU: #1 I’m sleeping over at my friend’s flat from university after study group and just got woken up in the middle of the night by their roommate, who is sitting in the kitchen, listening very loudly to the dirty dancing soundtrack and crying. Like wtf, I didn’t even know they had a roommate and normally I would yell at you but damn you are cute. You really need to stop tho dude, its 4am, some people in this house want to sleep AU 

A/N: This is part of my 1.7k Followers 7 Drabbles celebration. Au requested by Anon

7 Drabbles Masterpost

[Feedback is the best way to show your love]

Yes, I know this is a manip but I love it though I love Jensen’s real tummy better.

AU #1: The Time Of My Life

His eyes opened suddenly, and he blinked a few times before realizing where he was. Dean’s mind adjusted itself to reality, there was no Jennifer Grey in a pink sundress dancing with him, or was he wearing black slacks and black silk shirt, no. He was on his sweats, apparently the heat was still too high because at some point he seemed to have removed the t-shirt he originally slept on.

Also, this wasn’t his room… Oh right, he decided to spent the night at Charlie’s, after full 10 hours of Database Administration. And he heard it again, the melody that woke him up in the first place.

Now I’ve had the time of my life

No I never felt like this before

Yes I swear it’s the truth

and I owe it all to you

“What the fuck?” He sitted up on the couch he’d crushed earlier, looking over at his friend, Charlie was still snoring, apparently undisturbed by the 80’s blasting hit.

Getting up, he quickly thought about shaking the redhead awake, but desisted when he saw the way the droll pooled around her open mouth. His bare feet lead him around the small corridor where he laid eyes on her.

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It’s another time
It’s another day
Numbers they are new
But it’s all the same.

Fallulah - Give us a little love
Citizens! - True romance

Hi there!
This post (and many further posts, I’m afraid) will be dedicated to my favorite OTP in the PotC universe, norribeth.
I became obsessed with it in general and the good Commodore in particular 3 months ago. I can’t believe that I have not seen this man from the first time I watched PotC. I mean, gosh, he is a gorgeous man! And he really deserved happiness.
So I read a lot of norribeth fanfics which gave me some ideas about my own fanfiction and inspired me to make collages and manips with James and Liz (or just James). I’ve seen some great norribeth works here, but also read that the norribeth community on tumbler isn’t very large. It should be improved! Still it EXISTS and I’m very happy to be a part of it! More cuteness to come :)


So I read @whindsor‘s Silver and Honey and I’m really enjoying it. It’s very cute and I love Mika and how she interacts with Bucky. And as a constant coffee drinker, I enjoy how much the drink is realistically represented in these people’s lives. Props. 

Please accept these humble edits as proof of my enthusiasm. 


watch out zooey and joseph, there’s a new iconic™ cover of “what are you doing new year’s eve” out there, and it’s by the pythons’ very own athena and @judewho! it’s not an exaggeration to say that athena asked to record the video over and over again because she kept messing up and giggling, but what’s new? it’s not often that she does singing collabs with other people, so consider this a christmas miracle!

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! This here was my first AE animation in full :)

@dejinyucu is basically the sweetest person alive and gave me layered assets from Autumn’s Journey to play around with when I asked if I could try my hand at animating the CGs from the game. 

There was a terrible glitch with Kerr while rendering this (part of him stayed stationary while other parts moved; the man lost his fingertips, parts of his hair,nose and chin) and I improved quite a bit since I made it, but its still pretty cute, so I’m posting it :D

I’m not very particular on the boys’ animation, but I really like how Aura’s turned out ^^