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Good things that happened in 2017 so far...

Now that we’re in the 2nd quarter of 2017, here’s a list of good things that happened so far…

Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets very high ratings

Ok K.O gets greenlit to become a new CN series.

Super Mario Odyssey confirmed to be shown at E3.

Sonic 2017′s official title gets revealed.

Samurai Jack’s 5th and final season premieres.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’s 7th season finally confirmed.

Dr. D returns from a long Hiatus.

Splatoon 2 releases this Summer.

Many youtubers start to play Breath Of The Wild.

Flying Battery Zone returns in Sonic Mania.

Star Vs the Forces of Evil gets renewed for a 4th season.

Rick  & Morty’s 3rd season finally premieres this Summer.

Prince Sidon is a meme.

Club Penguin Island.

Ms. Pacman on Google Maps.

Steven Universe being renewed again.

Ducktales returns.

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I will always protect you

Requested by @homicidalteenagedream        . I hope you like it.

You had arrived at the clubhouse so scared. Having been at lockdowns before was crazy but with a two year old was a nightmare.
“Momma, when dada comin”. You daughter asked tugging on your shirt.
“He will be here soon Raven, here play with you toys”. You gave her, her toy motorcycle and my little pony doll.
“Hey Y/N you doing ok”? Gemma asked
“Yeah I’m fine just worried about Juice and everybody”.
“They’ll be fine”. “Dont stress its not good for you”. She gave you a wink
Three hours later still no Juice. Raven was irritable and sleepy but she wouldnt go to sleep with out her dada.
The rumbles of bikes pulled you out of your daze. Gemma and a few club members went outside.
“Raven can you sit here with Chucky please”?
“Yes momma, can he play with my toys”?
You looked at Chucky and nodded “Yes he will play with you”. You thanked Chucky and proceeded outside
You saw Juice talking to Chibs. He looked so tired.
Walking over to him he hugged and kissed you deeply. “You ok, Raven”?
“Everyones fine Baby, just miss you”.
“I know its almost over”. He lied
You looked around and saw unfamiliar faces. You nudged Juice and he slowly turned around.
He told you to go inside. He walked over to Jax and got his attention.
Walking inside you panicked no Raven.
“Chucky wheres Raven”?
“She was right here, I went to get her a snack”.
Running out you screamed
“RAVEN CLAIRE ORTIZ”. Thats when gun shots rang in your ear.

Juice saw Raven running to him and the gun shot whirling threw the air.
He shielded  his daughters body with his own. He looked up and saw him brothers firing right back. Trying to protect their family.
“DADA”. Raven screamed
“I got you baby I’m right here, nothings going to hurt you”.
Everything stopped. Silence. You saw Juice on the ground. You ran as fast as your feet would go. You fell beside him crying
“Juice where is she”. “Oh god please no”. You yelled crying
“Y/N shes fine”. “She’s right here”. He got up slowly and had Raven in his arms crying.
“Oh Raven, I’m so glad your alright”. You kissed her cheeks
“Thank you Juice so much”. You kissed him
“I always told you that I would never let anything happen to my girls”. He said smiling.
“And your son”. You put his hand on your growing baby bump.
“Really, a son”. He cupped your face kissing you deeply.
Chibs came over and told Juice that they had one alive.
“Y/N go inside and go to my dorm, wait for me there”. “Raven you listen to mommy ok”.
“Yes Dada”. She kissed his cheek and held his finger.
“I’ll be back before you know it”. He wipped a tear away
“Please come back to me, to us”.
“I will, like I said I’ll always protect your from this life”. You kissed him one last time before he rode off.
It was about three in the morning with the rumbles of bikes woke you up. Raven was sleeping peaceful beside you. Hear Juices foot steps outside the door you were relieved.
“Hey sorry to wake you”. He said quietly
“No I wanted to be up when you got back”.
“Everything good now”.
“Everythings good no more beef with anyone”. He rested his hand on your belly.
“Juice I dont know how to say this but thank you for being our hero”. “I dont know what I would have done if she was..”
“Hey dont think like that, dont say that”. “I promise that I will give my life for you and our growing family”. “You dont have to worry about what would have happen stuff”. “Just focus on our little ones and leave the danger to me”.
“I love you Juan Juice Carlos Ortiz, I’m so proud of you and I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be with you.
"I love you Y/N Y/M/N Ortiz, I’m so honored to call you my wife and I’m the luckiest  man alive to be called dada from our beautiful children”.
A few months later.
You gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Logan Carlos Ortiz weighing 8 pounds and 13 oz’s. Life was perfect.