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ARMYproblems #2

The problem of having a bias is how many there are !! Like literally I will be here fangirling about namjoon with my heart bursting out of my chest from how amazed I am with this human being and all of the sudden mister V comes along and be like “ hai I’m perfect and hot and cute in all the perfect ways and I’m ur bias now ” and I am like “ WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT , I AM TRYING TO BE LOYAL HERE FOR GOD SAKE ” 😂😂

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YES i was actually waiting for this one some of my top fave mutuals are (screaming like th girl from that cursed video) ARMYS so let’s go: @jhopesavedmylife @agustdvevo (also a shinee stan teagan i wld die for u) @kthshoney @uneasy2 @jjksgrl @foryoubybts @jiminsamore 💝💓💕