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My father says that peasants are like the hands of a clock. Around and around they go. What does that mean? Because a peasant is no more capable of choosing his own path than the hands of a clock. Well… who chooses the path for them? The clockmaker, of course. And are the members of Rittenhouse the clockmakers? No one else can do it. Father says monarchies are too selfish and democracies are too chaotic. So the members of Rittenhouse are not part of, you know, any government? Not necessarily. Control is all that matters. Usually it’s best exercised from the shadows. What about the people that want a voice in how they’re controlled? Peasants can’t govern themselves any more than ants can rule the jungle.

omg! thank you guys so much for 25 followers! I never thought I’d get past 2 let alone 20! You guys are the best and you make me sosoososo happy!! I might do some kind of gift or something for you guys but I’m not sure what! Maybe sim requests or a sim dump? Anyway I hope you enjoy whatever I do and thank you so much again!!

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when an Aries successfully pisses somebody off

when a Taurus gets paid and does impulse online shopping

when a Gemini uses nothing but logic & facts in their arguments to break somebody down

when a Cancer ends up getting their way by being bratty

when a Leo steals the center of attention in groups by changing the topic to themselves

when a Virgo proves somebody wrong

when a Libra uses their charm to avoid conflicts

when a Scorpio finds out all your information without you even being aware

when a Sagittarius gets lucky and doesn’t have to own up to their responsibilities

when a Capricorn uses their friends as a method of social climbing

when an Aquarius pushes people away because they know they’ll still be popular anyway

when a Pisces asks for advice but ignores it and falls back into the situations they complain about