not my gifs... ever

So… Yeah. I just posted my first ever GIFs!!!

They’re not gonna be as awesome as everybody else’s, I tell you that now. I wouldn’t know the first thing about using Photoshop to make ‘em (you know, old dogs, new tricks, that kind of thing) and my connection’s on the slower side and I don’t want to wait literally hours for each episode to download in HD…

That said, there are so many awesome GIF-makers in this fandom that I don’t really think my efforts are needed there anyway ;) But where I can be of use is by lovingly making unnecessarily gratuitous GIFs of brief whumpy moments that tend to get forgotten in light of more interesting GIF content.

I’m going to be tagging these sets as “microwhump” (since they’ll mostly be focused on brief, oft overlooked moments of whumpiness) and I hope to eventually make a whole slew of them for you guys.

Please let me know what you think of this idea (and my GIFs, but be gentle)!


Boy had all of movie history to support taking that failed proposal and making it an awkward pity party about him, and instead he first was like “It’s okay, we’re just not at the same place yet, we still love each other” and then followed it up with an apology and a promise to stick with her until he understands her life struggles. THIS IS LOVE.