not my gifs dont kill me

So I recently have hit my next goal and I’ve decided to create a two part celebration! My follow forever is part one! My second celebration will be a blog of the month (which I will do every month)! When I post that, reblog it to enter and for extra points send me requests ;) *I’m just kidding but pls*
Anyway here’s my top favorite/mutuals:

@flittwick: honestly léo, you’re one of my best friends on here. you’re one of my soulfriends, and i’m glad i received the honor to be your friend. xox

@slyherins: honestly zayna, i love you so much and you’re like family to me.

@jillys: jac you’re the best and i love our banter so much. i adore you and your blog.

@hermioneganger: ava you’re a sweetheart and i love you!!!!!

@durmstranqs: reb you’re one of the most intelligent people i have ever met, and i’m glad to have met you.

@adrianpcey: nana, i adore you and your blog. we have the best ship in the world and you’re a sweetheart. 

@malfoyv: LYDIAAA!!! you’re the best mom ever, i love you and your jokes xoxo

THE REST ARE UNDER THE CUT! Faves are bolded! (Not all of these are mutuals)

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Lame story time: the time Magi came in handy  

So last semester, my English professor assigned us to make an essay and an oral presentation with powerpoint about a TV show, movie, or comic/book that we were very passionate about.
Needless to say, I did my work on Magi the Labyrinth of Magic. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to come off as a cringey weeaboo, but I have social anxiety so Magi was the only thing I could talk about comfortably (I could do it easily with pokemon, but that’s a videogame). I cooked up a great essay and a decent presentation. I even brought three manga volumes as part of the presentation. Then the day came. 
I was explaining the basic plot and the characters when I got to the slide in which I introduced the Magi themselves, and I used this gif for Judar. I was about to talk about Scheherazade when my professor pointed to Judar and was like “oh my god he’s hot!” I felt a tinge of relief and was able to deliver the rest of the thing without stuttering, ended it with the first opening of the anime. I think my classmates liked it, some of them even made questions.
Turns out, my professor likes anime. I also got a perfect score on my project.
College is fun.
Thank you Judar for being sexy.