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carasauruswrex  asked:

You said in a recent reblog that you had a "buddy" theory. Care to explain?

It’s just a silly head canon I had (but don’t really anymore) that when Amara gave Dean what he needed it was Mary to help him get towards his self acceptance arc but also that alongside this Dean and Cas had kind of gotten onto the same page in their relationship and understood each others’ feelings a lot better since the ‘Lucifer is gone” / ‘I could go with you’ etc of 11x23.

They acted like a canon couple the whole first 2 episodes, just without actual kissing (it now makes sense that I felt like this was 1 long episode given that the final 2 episodes are now back to back and seem to be 1 long episode? It makes bookend-y sense). 

The hug, the way he introduces him to his mom, with the whole harp thing, the wink(?!), the husbands phone conversation, the ‘you brought your mother?’ whole eye-conversation…. it just all was like ???

Then after these two episodes it just felt like every time Dean said ‘buddy’ to Cas it was like a code word for something along the lines of ‘can’t talk freely’ or ‘can you talk freely?’. In 12x02 when Cas responds with “are we still discussing the same thing?” like there is another potential layer to this conversation, but Mary is right there and Dean brought it right back on track… in 12x07 when Dean opens with the question about a “buddy” comedy with Crowley ie. “is Crowley there?”.

It was just a little idea I had that is totally not a real meta thing ;)

anonymous asked:

What do you feel about people posting gifs of your yt videos or screenshots of instagram stories?

I honestly don’t mind, just source/tag where you get it I guess cause I’ve seen people make gifs of my videos and not source/tag it which sucks since the footage is mine in the first place, when it comes to the pax vlog anyway.  Then some people ask where they got it and they reply with “I dunno” which is like :(

Plus I wanna see these gifs and screenshots so when they aren’t tagged I cant find or reblog them which I would like to cause that aspect is fun to interact and reply with you guys ;o; Its more for that than people stealing it and claiming it as their own, unless its animation, I get a lil more sensitive with that so as long as animation bits are sourced I really don’t mind!

so yeah do it! Its fun to see!


Happy Birthday to the amazing person who makes us question everything - from our social network profiles to our sexuality, beliefs and sanity itself… who makes us laugh and cry, dream, hope and carry on… with mesmerizing eyes and the most beautiful smile in the world… to the infinite source of inspiration… small and gentle, but definitely not a dwarf! Happy Birthday, Brian Molko!