not my friend but she's in the same group as me on facebook

I’m so proud tbh
About 6 months ago my little sisters friend got a betta, and my sister knowing she was keeping hers wrong asked me to talk to her.
Well, long story short, she didn’t want to fix her ways, bc money.
So my sister and I spent $30 each and got a nice 5 gallon starter kit with a heater, some water conditioner, gravel, siphon, and better foods.

2 months later, dog bumps into dresser with her betta, tank cracks and betta goes back to living in a bowl. THEN she realizes!!!! Her little betta boy is depressed and doesn’t swim so she went and got a new tank and new supplies.

Fast forward to today, she has a nice healthy veiltail boy and 10 gallon, and a new (properly stocked and set up) guppy community tank, and has joined the same fish group I’m in on Facebook!

My sister is still trying to talk her into getting a new cage for her two budgies (it’s a little small), but progress is progress! And now she’s starting to tell people to knock it off with the betta bowls!

Adventure with a 14 year old Destiheller on facebook

Let me just start off by saying I really need to stop hanging out on Facebook groups.

A fellow Sherlock fan and I were talking on a post about the show, Johnlock and what have you when, it turns out, she is also a anti-Destiel person, so we started talking about the whole Samantha Smith thing that happened on Twitter earlier this week etc etc.

Out of nowhere this girl, who is 14, posts a comment that is just going OFF on me and my new friend about what hypocrites we are and how she hates all the 10-12 year olds in the Spn and Sherlock fandoms because we are all so immature and, I quote,

‘can’t deel with anyone else opinion on same sex couples that is not your own opinion and your both really imature and hypocritical because you like johnLock but don’t like destiel so if anyone is the insane ones its you skanks’

………And that is verbatim what the comment said. This goes on for a few minutes with multiple comments from her. These are our responses:

1. I am 24 and this other woman I was talking with is 22. We told her to go ahead and check our birthdays on our profiles if she doesn’t believe us

(she did but called us bitches who were 'to old to like these shows’)

2. We are not hypocrites because while we support JohnLock we know, without a doubt, that it will never be canon. We don’t tweet stars of the show asking their opinions on a ship then throw temper tantrums when we don’t get the answer we want unlike SOME shippers who shall remain nameless.

3. Shows like Supernatural and Sherlock are targeted to a multitude of ages, not just 14 year olds. We told her to google it if she, once again, didn’t believe us. We told her that most Destiel shippers are great people but destiehellers are the insane ones (she took offense to that term btw) who swear this ship will become canon 'b4 the show ends and if you guys don’t think so, your just stupid bitches that can serve me at McDonalds in the future’. -_______-

I proceeded to correct her spelling and told her that before she wants to come play with the adults I suggest she learn some manners or, at least, tell her Mom to change her diaper so she wouldn’t be in such a terrible mood the next time she wants to talk to her betters.

To which she replied “SKANKS!!!!!” and went away because, at this point, we had 3 others coming to our defense.

I’m not proud of saying all that to a 14 year old child and the only explanation I have for that is she caught me on a really bad day but sometimes you just can’t rise above it and be the adult on the Internet. I’ve been called much worse on the web than skank and bitch but today is not the day for me.


Helly Taylor! We are Stroopwafel Squad!

Stroopwafels are traditional Dutch cookies - the best on earth, sweet, amazing, wonderful and soo good - the same like my friends I met here - thanks to you :) They all are my little versions of you - always lurking, always caring, beautiful and amazing :) We have this facebook chat group where we talk and fangirl about you daily :) We wish we could meet you this year cause that would be totally #SquadGoals. Those girls deserve this and your hug so much so let me introduce you to my squad.

dancingswift13: She is the first one going on tour from our Squad. She is traveling from SLOVENIA to GERMANY with her two best friends and she will be in Cologne, June 19th. It’s her first show and she is so dedicated and lovely and she waits for this for so long so I would be so thankful if you could meet her Tay.

troublexswift and drewlurksatme: My Dutch Faves - Nella and Charlotte are amazing and wonderful. It’s also their first show ever. They’re gonna be in Amsterdam, June 20th. I love them so so so much and I wish they could also get a hug from you Tay. 

itsjustinyourwildestdreams​: Yo Tay, it’s me Kamila and I’m traveling from Poland to Manchester. It’s also my first show EVER and I’m so excited cause I’ve been waiting for almost 8 years to see you :) I’m going on tour with my beautiful Lauren figurefairy90 and we wish we could hug you and thank for everything in June 24th :)

longliveallthemagictaymade: And now we have magical Meirian. She’s gonna see you in London!! Hyde Park June 27th :) She is magical princess. So dedicated and caring and lovely so please please please - meet her :)

tswiftbecky: Sadly, Maria isn’t going on tour :( She lives in Spain and she couldn’t make it this year. BUT TAY - feel free to lurk her. Her pictures and videos are so adorable and she seriously is the cutest cupcake on earth :) 

jtmaster13: (with a smile that could light up this whole town). I know you met Jess during Secret Session (#TBI Squad) but I’m sure you miss her and her smile and her jokes because let’s be honest - Jess is everything. SO. I wanna tell you that our Jess is gonna see you July 25th - Gillette Stadium - how epic and cool is that?

1989dancer: Vicky is the cutest person on earth and lurk master. It’s also her first show! :D I can’t believe how many of us finally got a chance to see you. Vicky is LA angel and she’s gonna be in Staples Center - August 22nd. Feel free to find our lovely girl and give her the biggest hug ever :)

crystal-skys: And the last BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT is Imogen. She started our Stroopwafel cult on Facebook, she made your friend Cara Delevingne part of our Squad and she is amazing dancer so if you need dancers Imogen is free! And she’s gonna see you in Sydney, November 28th so you know Tay - I would be sooooo happy if she could meet you and say thank you and hug you.



Dan’s new Internet support group 7
Video !!
A few highlights

When most people are looking at the perky butt of an actor like Dylan O'Brien-

“This is a 0 kink shaming zone here on Danisnotonfire”

I have a friend on Facebook who is anti-feminist and quite racist
She also hate Kanye West
“Delete that hoe”

“Isn’t Azazel the name of a demon from the bible, OK let’s move on”

Hey you sexy noodle
“😂 can you guys please be professional when your emailing me ok”

Hi Daniel the Spaniel
“You do not have my permission to say that”

She’s my cousin

“Maybe avoid Azazel in Colorado and go rescue Skyler from LA”