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Míriel Þerindë! Supposed to be, anyway. SHE’S SO GREAT I love her a lot. She was one of the greatest craftspeople of her age (embroidery) and also Fëanor’s mom! He got his stubborn trait from her apparently =D She talked fast and worked quickly, and there’s this bit also about her and her son in HoME 12 which I love: “He was restless in mind and body, though like Míriel he could become wholly absorbed in works of the finest skill of hand; but he left many things unfinished.

animatedcalico  asked:

Okay, not sure if you've done this or not, but Les Amis headcanons of what music they listen to? Ladies and 'Parnasse too? :3

Oh god I’m the worst with music but let’s see how that goes :

  • Enjolras : Used to be a Saez fan in his youth, he really loves Imagine Dragons these days. Anything that resembles rock and with angry lyrics about how the world is going down the drain
  • Combeferre : Biiiiig classical music fan, though he cannot play an instrument himself. He also has random tracks with the sound of rain or thunder because it relaxes him. He also really likes Hank Green’s stuff
  • Courfeyrac : Pop music. Everything that’s on the radio, the catchiest shit
  • Bossuet : Eternal optimist, he listens to bands like Angels & Airwaves for the good vibes. He also loves the marvel soundtracks
  • Joly : Owl City, Coeur de Pirate, The Beatles, all that jazz
  • Grantaire : I don’t know why but R jamming to Panic! At the Disco and Fall out Boy speaks to me. With a bit of Breaking Benjamin in between. And every french crack song under the sun
  • Feuilly : Don’t ask but I have the feeling that he would love Fratellis and Mumford & Sons. Really passionate about the LOTR soundtrack too
  • Bahorel : Own every Glee album. But also every into classic rock. Air guitars a lot when he’s alone (or so he thinks..)
  • Jehan : Instrumental folk and celtic music, so they can feel in the forest even when they’re strolling around the city. A lot of Hozier and Bastille too
  • Marius : SHOWTUNES. Or rather movie showtunes like Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Sweeney Todd, Mama Mia! …
  • Cosette : Loves Ed Sheeran a lot and One Republic. And hardcore rap just because
  • Eponine : Stuff you can headbang to. Super loud. And Rihanna, she sings Bitch Better Have My Money every time somebody owes her ie 4 times a day
  • Musichetta : Has a soft spot for One Direction, Maroon 5 and McFly and will fight you if you make fun of her cause “… do you think your pretencious music tastes make you better than somebody else? What do you want, a fuking pat on the back?”
  • Montparnasse : Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and surprisingly : Apocalyptica, he finds it extremely relaxing