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Rainbow Dragon Ferrets - Rainbow Torus Spirals (7/7)

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This is it. This is my favorite animation in the set. Because it looks like Ferrets that are wrestling. But these aren’t any normal Ferrets. Do you see how their fur is matted into clumps that look a little like scales? Early human explorers to the Continent of Rainbows often mistook these creatures as miniature Dragons sneaking and slinking around, because those humans were never fast enough to see the Ferrets’ cute faces. I was lucky enough to capture video of these majestic creatures for the first time, but they were shy and hiding their faces. They sneakily escaped when I put my camera away, before I could lure them close and cuddle them.

This is design number 7 of 7 in a series named “Rainbow Torus Spirals”, where the color palette and solid shaded objects were inspired by the works of Florian de Looij / @flrngif.


My favorite time of the year has come, marking the end of just another year with an amazingly cozy holiday and stepping into a new year with a blast. Of course I couldn’t let this pass without a little sentimental note, as my year wouldn’t have been this great without a set of amazing friends by my side and those that I admire. Hereby a little thank you note to all of those people. I wish you all an amazing Christmas full of love and happiness and I hope you’ll have an amazing new year with the greatest of luck. ♡

@hwangsia @cluelezz @yvkarin @95vii: Starting off by the group of people that have become my home, the group I find myself surrounded by every single day, working hard together to reach that point we all want to achieve. I couldn’t be happier to have these people by my side, making me smile and giving me shoulders to lean on. I want to thank Mellow, for being my family, my sisters and my friends. For loving me even when I can’t find the time or ability to love myself. All of you mean the world to me, let’s stay strong and be with each other for a long time. Let’s become even greater and try even harder in the new year. Let’s make everyone proud, including ourselves? I love all of you.

@voulsaur: It’s been little over half a year and you’re still such a big part of my life, you’ve become probably the biggest reason my year has been an emotional rollercoaster ㅋㅋㅋ but it’s been amazing and I’m hoping to spend a lot of time with you in the future, let’s keep everything we have up, let’s make it even more amazing and never disappoint or leave one another. We’re working hard for what we want and deserve, and many of the things I’ve reached this year, I wouldn’t  have been able to do without you. Thank you, and I love you.

@prkhyk: Well, my brother. We argued a lot this year, gone through a few rough patches together and alone but hey, we made it and we’re alive and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone. I’m so happy to have a big brother like you, even if we don’t get along always, even if sometimes I want to wring out your neck, even if sometimes you want to kick me in the face. We’ve made it together for 19 years, so let’s reach the 60. I’m determined to outlive you though, ㅋㅋ! I love you, and everything you are.

@mxortise: Isn’t it a little weird, to have a cousin that’s also your best friend? Sometimes I think it is but then I remember that we can’t have it anymore great. We don’t just share a bond but we share blood. You’re the reason I laugh almost every day and you’re the reason I feel strong and sure of myself. You give me so much confidence with your little compliments, with your strong reassurance whenever I’m down. You’re such a lovable person, and I’m happy that you want to hang around your niece so much. I’m not complaining. I love you!

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I decided to do Tumblr Awards for winter and the holidays again this year!


  • mbf me
  • Reblog (Likes are bookmarks)
  • ends on December 23rd Winners announced on the 26th
  • one winner per category and 1-2 runner ups


  • James Potter Award (best HP blog)
  • Lily Evans (best url)
  • Lucius Malfoy Award  (best icon)
  • Remus Lupin Award* ( best upcoming blog)
  • Marlene McKinnon Award  (best multifandom)
  • Rabastan Lestrange Award (best overall)
  • Narcissa Black Award (best theme)
  • Jon Snow Award** (best fandom)
  • Andromeda Black Award (My Personal favorites)

* Must have less than 500 followers you can send me a screenshot of your follower count here

** can be any fandom and winners can be from different fandoms it depends on who enters.


  • +f from me, if not already
  • winners get a screenshot promo and runner ups a group promo when winners announced.
  • A spot on my winners page
  • A spot on my updates tab
  • winners get 5 promos on request // runner ups 3 promos on request
  • eternal friendship
  • winners 1 gif set or moodboard request
    If you have any questions message me

A shorter imagine whoo 😝

“…How the hell did you ever pick me? Honestly, I could sing you a song, but I don’t think words could express your beauty…,” I sang softly, rinsing the tropical scented suds off my body and enjoying the scalding water running over my tense muscles. I rested my back on the wall, the stark contrast between the cool tiles and the water making me shiver slightly.

“They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need, please stay, as long as you need.” I shut off the water and pulled back the shower curtain, stepping out and grabbing my towel. “It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are, what my dreams are made of…” I dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around myself, opening the bathroom door, humming as I walked into the connected bedroom.

Feeling for the familiar fabric and smiling internally when I felt it, I grabbed my favorite matching underwear set out of the bottom of the top drawer. I dropped my towel and slipped into them. As I walked back over to the bed, I caught a glimpse of myself in mirror, which caused me to falter my step, before I stopped.

I turned and stepped in front of the mirror fully. I sighed softly looking at my reflection. I searched over my body, looking for something, anything, I could honestly say I was happy with.

I met my own eyes and the girl staring back at me smiled slightly. Crystal clear blue with hazel and green rings around the center, and gold flecks that loved to catch the light. My favorite feature. I let my eyelids flutter shut and took a deep breath, releasing it in a soft sigh.

My next breath caught in my throat slightly as I felt a pair of warm hands slowly slide over my sides and to my waist before wrapping themselves around me. I opened my eyes to look into the brilliant sea green and gold eyes that I had come to be so familiar with, as he rested his head on my shoulder. “If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn I heard you singing my song,” he said lightheartedly, placing a feather soft kiss on my shoulder.

“I was trying to be quiet,” I mumbled, a light blush tinting my cheeks as I felt his chest vibrate with a short laugh.  “I don’t think I would mind being woken up like that more often,” he admitted.  I turned around so I was facing him and gently placed my arms around his neck, playing with the ends of his steadily growing and messy bed hair.  “I’m sure your ego wouldn’t,” I responded jokingly, letting out a giggle at the exaggerated, mock look of hurt that contorted his features.

“That hurt,” he said jokingly, taking one of his hands off my waist to place it over his heart. I shook my head and laughed.  He placed his arm back around my waist and hugged me tightly, nuzzling his face in between the curve of my neck and shoulder.  Running my fingers gently through his hair, a sudden thought came to me, causing me to smirk.

“Babe?” I asked him. “Hmm?” he mumbled into my skin.  “You know how I haven’t posted my weekly video for my channel yet because I couldn’t think of what to do?” I said, smiling at the thought floating around in my head.  “Yea?” he said, lifting his head enough so he could be heard. “I think I have a good idea,” I said holding back a laugh.

“Oh yeah? What is it?” he asked curiously.  “Well I was thinking…I could maybe do the ‘I Do My Boyfriend’s Makeup Challenge’.” His head shot up to look at me, his jaw dropped and as he was about to say something, I cut him off by saying, “Or I mean I guess there’s something else I could find to do,” I finished with a fake disappointed sigh and letting my head hang slightly.

I heard him let out a puff of air and I smiled internally, knowing he was giving in. “Oh c'mon babe, don’t be like that. Will it make you happy if I do it?” He asked me in a caring tone. I nodded and he let out a quiet groan. “Fine, but if there is less than your usual 250,00 i’m gonna be offended,” he said jokingly.

I looked up at him with a smirk and kissed his cheek quickly before removing my arms from his neck and walking away to find my camera.  “Thank you, baby,” I called over my shoulder, briefly seeing him there with a slightly stunned look on his face before laughing.

Twenty minutes later after rounding up my camera, makeup, and model for the video, I set up my tripod and started recording.  “Hey guys! I didn’t think I would be able to post a video today but thanks to this guy,” I said reaching over and ruffling his hair, at which he pursed his lips together in a tight lipped smile, “I had an idea.”

“I’m sure most of you watching already know who this is, but for those of you who somehow managed to stumble your way to this oh-so-terrifyingly-weird channel,” I said stretching my arms out gesturing around me and smiling, “why don’t you introduce yourself?” I directed the last part at the man next to me.

“Okay. Well hi, my names Billy. I got kidnapped about six months ago and ended up here,” he said in complete monotone.  “Babe c'mon be serious for once in your life!” I said laughing and slapping his arm. “Alright alright. Aye guys my names Kellin Quinn and i’m her boyfriend, in case you couldn’t tell by the title,” he said as an afterthought, chuckling to himself.

“Okay well basically, again if you couldn’t tell by the title, i’m going to be doing his makeup,” I sing-songed playfully. “I’m so excited!” He said in a high pitched voice, clapping his hands together. I laughed and then looked at the camera again. “Well, on that note, let’s get started!”