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Wanna One reaction to: not getting the job you wanted


Would immediately pout after you tell him what happened and will pull you into a hug. He’ll make hot chocolate for the two of you and  you’ll both sit on the couch whilst you vent to him.

“You’re too good for them anyway, Y/N.”

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He could sense your sad tone through the phone when you told him; so to cheer you up he built a fort and set up your favorite movie along with snacks, ready for once you get home.

“Only the best for my Y/N.”

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He’d literally force you to rest on the couch whilst he cooks a meal for the two of you. you had eaten, he’d cuddle you for the rest of the night, whispering comforting and supportive words.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get an even better job.”

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Probably shocked and kinda mad at first, but his priority right now is to make you feel better. He will go to any lengths to make you laugh and smile again, pulling the most stupid shit.

“They didn’t hire you because you’re too beautiful!”

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Would gossip with you while drinking wine and let you rant to him about how they’re absolute dickheads. You’d both laugh your asses off that night and fall asleep on the couch. So in the end, your day wasn’t so bad.

“They actually said that?!”

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Like Seongwoo, he’ll be slightly angry at first; why would they not wanna hire someone as amazing as yourself? However, he hates seeing you sad, so his goofy ass will be telling you the cheesiest stuff to cheer you up.

“They must have been stunned by your angel like beauty.”

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He’d cheer you up by taking you to the movies or going to get food at your favorite restaurant. If you didn’t feel like going out though he’d be more than happy to spend the night cuddling with you.

“We can go anywhere you want Y/N.”

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The type to just embrace you for a while. Eventually though y’all move to the sofa instead, your head resting on his chest and him listening intently as you explain your feelings.

“They’re missing out anyway.”

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There to calm you and comfort you. Most likely won’t say much, but he’ll show you affection and support by feeding you snacks and occasionally placing sweet kisses on your temple.

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you.”

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Even though he’s young, i think he’s actually quite mature. He’ll take the situation seriously and will replace any confidence you may have lost from being rejected. All around just positive vibes.

“There’ll be plenty of other opportunities which will be even better.”

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Not really a man of words; he’d comfort you silently by ordering a pizza and putting a movie on. For the rest of the night he’d have his arms around you with the sweetest gummy smile.

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Eddie Kasprak Appreciation Post

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Ahhh my boy Eddie so small and little. HES SO FREAKING ADORABLE I CANT! My favorite eddie scenes are when the stands up to his mom towards the end and when richie tries to pop his arm back into place and hes like “DO NOT F**KING TOUCH ME!” 🤣💀 it killed me it was so funny this child is the best and i love him so so so much ❤️

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Top 5 of your favorite Rufus movies????

Top 5ish Rufus Sewell Movies :)
5) Dark City - butt. just butt.

4) A Knights Tale - Adhemar! Adhemar! Adhemar! lol

3) In A Savage Land - the last part though…

2) The Woodlanders - who doesn’t like woodlanders? baby Giles

1) Hercules - This is probably my top 1, Reason.. well, his character is so awesome and he definitely enjoyed it.

Hospital • Ethan 💕 part2✨

The next day**

When we got home we settled down on the couch, and put on Mean Girls, that’s our favorite movie ever! After that movie we watched like 3 more movies! Ethan and I were curled up on the couch, cuddling. He was laying on me with his ear on my chest he was facing the TV, and my legs were wrapped around his torso. We ended up falling asleep.

It was about 3AM and Eth kept moving so I woke up, and lightly nuged him to try and wake him up.

“Pumpkin, wake up sweets” I said

“hmmmm..” he groaned

“Are you feeling okay honey?” I said rubbing his back

“no” he groaned rolling onto his back.

“here lets go upstairs baby” I said leading him upstairs.

“My stomach hurts really bad!” he whined. I gave him some pain meds and started rubbing his stomach, we both fell asleep again.

**The next day**

Today Ethan woke up with a fever and really bad stomach  pains. I called Grayson to see if he could help me out by running  a few errands  while  I took care of Ethan. Grayson said yes and he went to the store to buy some groceries and some medicine.

While he was at the store Ethan and I were on the couch I  sat up with my legs across the sofa and Ethan was laying down with his chest on my legs, his arms were on my legs, and one of his hands held on my thigh. Whenever he would get a stomach ache I told him that he could squeeze my leg until the pain went away.

Ethan groaned and squeezed me again as I rubbed his back and played with his hair “I know babe it hurts, but Grayson is coming with some medicine” I said as I kissed his head

“I hate this!” Ethan whimpered as hot tears streamed down his face, then he rolled over facing me.

“awe honey don’t cry! Grayson will be here soon, and if the medicine doesn’t work we’ll just go to the hospital baby” I said wiping his hot tears off his cheeks.

“but babe I’m terrified of hospitals and needles! BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I really don’t want to go to the hospital!” he whined crying harder.

“ sweets me and Gray will be right by your side baby, I won’t let them do anything bad to you” I said hugging him rubbing his back.

“promise?” he said sniffling.

“ promise” I said laying down with him I my chest.

“you wanna take a nap while Gray gets here?” I asked as I kissed his temple.

“can we please” he said while resting his head back on my chest. we fell asleep on the couch.

When Gray came back, I woke up and felt Ethan’s forehead and  he was burning, so I woke up Ethan so he could drink some medicine. he drank some medicine and some Gatorade, I gave him some crackers to see if he could keep that down because every time he tried to eat something he would throw it up 5 minutes later. he kept the crackers down for about an hour. we were all in the living room when ethan started having a coughing fit! Then he ran to the bathroom.

while me and Grayson were still on the couch when we heard the most terrifying scream, “ Y/N, Grayson!”

Grayson and I ran to the bathroom , I went in first and saw Ethan in the corner looking extreamly pale, he was shaking and looking at the toilet. I looked and, the toilet was full of blood! “Ethan did you throw up?!” Grayson asked trying not to scare ethan. “y-yeah” ethan said starting to cry. “w-w- what’s wrong w-with m-me.” he said as I sat down next to him on the floor and hugged him. Me and Gray helped him stand up and we walked him to the car, I went in the back with Ethan and Gray drove.

“baby your gonna be fine breathe baby breathe.” I said rubbing his back. He didn’t say any thing he just put his head on my shoulder and sniffled.

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Zay! :D


Full Name: Zachary Arin Hunter
Gender and Sexuality: Male / Pansexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: is he human? is he a super?? is he dragonkind??? even i dont know yet
Birthplace and Birthdate: heck if i know / i forgot my boys birthday im a shit father
Guilty Pleasures: i would say country music but he doesn’t feel too bad about that asjdhf
Phobias: thunder storms
What They Would Be Famous For: do i have to mention his face like his father?
What They Would Get Arrested For: bar fight
OC You Ship Them With: many but canonly Shadzy’s Grace
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Kile
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: action/comedy
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: big sports guy is nothing but an idiot who bullies everyone
Talents and/or Powers: he dances good??
Why Someone Might Love Them: face?????
Why Someone Might Hate Them: tbh his accent is hard to understand and he knows he’s pretty so he’s a bit egotistical 
How They Change: he’s always Zay 
Why You Love Them: He’s my son my child my baby boy a father will always love his boy

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Are you a fan of the works of Sherman Alexie? For me I feel like it really gave me a window to the modern day struggle of the Native American because so much of what we are taught in school makes everything seem so "in the past" if that makes sense. His writing is so so beautiful to me.

Um Smoke Signals is one of my favorite movies so FUCK YEAH

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I was really struggling this week. Working way too hard, skipping breaks and meals, not staying hydrated, not showering, not taking my meds. it was bad. even at the busiest times, self-care is so so important. if I needed help, then I’m probably not the only one. all of these lil ideas are small and relatively easy and I highly doing something nice for yourself, even if it’s not on the list. hope you all have a wonderful day/week/year. 

(my personal favourites in bold)

  1. drink some cold water
  2. wash your hands and face with cool water
  3. make some tea
  4. get a blanket and snuggle it around you
  5. snuggle an animal/stuffed animal
  6. buy your favorite candy from the gas station
  7. close your eyes and listen to your fav song on repeat for 10 mins
  8. put on some throwback jams (high school musical, mamma mia, 90s, u do u) and dance around ur room in ur undies 
  9. make a calming playlist
  10. call a friend/relative just to say hi and hear someone else’s voice
  11. rewatch cute/funny/happy clips from ur fav tv show/band/movie on youtube
  12. put on a skirt and twirl (yes boys/agenders/trans u can do this too)
  13. scribble really hard with black pen on a blank page and scream
  14. look at the sky/moon/sunset/sunrise/stars
  15. write
  16. watch kitten/puppy/small animal live streams on youtube
  17. go outside, even if its just by ur front door, and take some deep breaths
  18. eat something - fruit, veggies are best
  19. change ur contacts/clean ur glasses if you wear those
  20. change your underwear
  21. if u can’t get urself to shower, wash off w a damp washcloth/baby wipe
  22. put on a cute/comfy outfit that makes you feel good about urself
  23. dont put eye makeup on so you can rub your eyes & they wont feel heavy
  24. stretch, do some yoga or meditate
  25. get a breathing/meditation app and use it (headspace is gr8)
  26. take a nap
  27. go to bed before 11 pm
  28. brush your teeth
  29. turn off bright harsh lights and use smaller, warmer lamps
  30. unplug. give your eyes/brain a break from screens for a half hour
  31. get one of those pet/family apps/games and care for someone else for a change
  32. find cool people on tumblr and send them anonymous compliments (that you actually think are true - spread love)
  33. find a quote, write it/print it nicely and stick it on ur wall
  34. watch a new movie
  35. boil some cinnamon sticks/vanilla bean for 5 mins so ur house smells pretty. if in ur room, use essential oil drops or candles
  36. make your bed
  37. vacuum 
  38. wipe down ur desk w some disinfectant
  39. clean something - a backpack, small area, fluff ur pillow, put away one shirt
  40. do your makeup all pretty and nice just because/dress up just because
  41. research into your dream job/vacation/city/whatever
  42. open up pages/canva/photshop/etc and make something just for fun
  43. build a fort and crawl under it
  44. find an easy diy and do it/ be proud of ur creative genius
  45. make a list of things that make you happy. stick it somewhere you’ll see it all the time
  46. print a picture of someone/thing that’s pissing u off and throw things at it (tape it to a dart board if u have one)
  47. reread a book that makes you happy
  48. clip your nails, clean the dirt from under them
  49. send some good old fashioned snail mail to someone u like just for fun
  50. take some selfies if you’re feelin it (see #40)
  51. fuzzy socks. enough said. 
  52. make yourself a fancy meal/cocktail/coffee/tea latte/drink/whatevs
  53. open ur window or put on a fan/air purifier. get some air circulating
  54. draw, even if u think u suck. 
  55. reach out to kids help phone (canada) or a suicide hotline if you need to talk to someone about more serious matters. you deserve help and care and support. (message me if you need resources)
  56. donate to a local animal shelter (if u have the means obviously)
  57. go for a walk/run/bike ride
  58. put on a face mask
  59. take a bubble path
  60. shave ur legs and moisturize
  61. moisturize 
  62. bake some cookies
  63. go on spotify/youtube and find some new music you love
  64. make a really fun upbeat playlist for next time u get the aux cord
  65. scroll through some wholesome or funny meme accounts. whatever you’re in the mood for. 
  66. take some cool pictures of whatever you want
  67. change up your room in any small ( or big) way that you can
  68. teach urself a new skill on youtube (simple like a hair style, or complicated like an instrument, whatever u want)
  69. sign up to volunteer at a library/homeless shelter/soup kitchen/retirement home/daycare center/etc. help those who need it. be giving. 
  70. put on sad music and cry. let ur mascara run. be dramatic. let it out.
  71. put rock music on and stomp and scream throw (soft) things. let it out. 
  72. teach urself the words to a fast rap song thats cool right now so you can impress ur friends/classmates/family
  73. print off some kid colouring pages and dont stay inside the lines
  74. brush your hair, take it out of a ponytail if its been like that for a while, or put it up if its down and in ur way
  75. diy a hair mask (coconut oil) and do that
  76. exfoliate ur whole body and feel like a whole new person
  77. clear out ur phone/laptop. delete old messages, numbers of people u dont like/hang out with, get rid of photos of shitty friends, apps u dont use, etc
  78. find cards against humanity online (or if u have it use the cards) and play with urself - make funny matches just because
  79. empty a drawer (or multiple) and fold ur stuff neatly
  80. do something that will make u sweat (gym, dance, clean) then take a nice shower
  81. take a second to listen to ur body. unclench muscles that are clenched, fix ur poster, massage/stretch tight areas
  82. move to a different area of the house for a little while. clear ur head. 
  83. go out, anywhere. window shop, go to a coffee shop/library and work. people watch if ur broke. 
  84. update your planner
  85. make Pinterest board/real life vision of things that make you happy for when in this situation again
  86. find a youtuber you like and watch their videos
  87. lie on the floor, listen to music and do nothing for a while
  88. give yourself a pep talk in the mirror and then stand like superman for a few mins. sounds silly but it works. its called powerposing. look it up. 
  89. repeating this bc important: hydrate!!!
  90. start a new tv show
  91. order something online so u have something to look forward to
  92. go sit with a family member and keep them company. u dont have to talk to them. 
  93. the app ‘trump dump’ will make u feel better about the current us political situation
  94. read happy news: find stories of students doing something cool, women kicking ass, men being amazing, whatever. bonus points if this inspires u
  95. sort your garbage from recycling and help the environment
  96. smile at people you see just because. smiling is good and nice. 
  97. look at old pictures of u and ur fav people
  98. go through old yearbooks and take a second to appreciate how far you’ve come
  99. go to a park and watch kids play. remember what it’s like to be young. realize you are still young. go on the swings and go as high as u can
  100. play in a sandbox just because u still can

xo soph

French Movies

Hey guys! Movies helped me a lot to improve my French. I love French movies and French cinema and now I wanna share a few of my favorite movies and must-sees with you! I hope they’ll help you!

  • La peau douce (a bit older, about a man who has an affair with a young girl, black&white, a bit dramatic)
  • La vie d’Adèle (LESBIANS!)
  • Sur mes lèvres (a very nice thriller about a deaf girl and a criminal)
  • Dans la maison (a high school student writes stories about the mother of his buddy and it escalates)
  • 8 femmes (lesbians, bisexuals, drama, a dead man, nice clothes, takes place in the 50ies)
  • Swimming Pool (you see boobs sometimes, a British writer spends a few days in the South of France and writes about mysterious things that happen there)
  • Sagan (a biopic about Françoise Sagan, dramatic and a bit gay)
  • Le placard (a guy pretends to be gay so he doesn’t lose his job)
  • Poltergay (gay disco ghosts from the 70ies mess up a man’s life and relationship)
  • Une nouvelle amie (great movie about a trans woman)
  • Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (y’all know this one)
  • Belles familles (family drama about a house and feelings, a man falls for his very young step sister)
  • La femme d’à côté (a man discovers that his new neighbour is his ex girlfriend, a lot of amour fou, sad film, dramatic)
  • Le dernier Métro (a Jewish theater director hides in his theater and his wife falls for an actor, during WW2, nice clothes, 2 gay characters (not main characters but still…))
  • L’enfer (1994 version) (a jealous man turns his wife’s life into a real nightmare, very interesting film)
  • L’homme qu’on aimait trop (based on a true story, takes place in Nice, crime, mystery)
  • Lila dit ça (drama, 2 teenagers living in Marseille, sad love story, a bit nsfw, about a writer)
  • La belle saison (Lesbians in the 70ies, unshaved arm pits for the win, cute yet sad, takes place on a farm)
  • Rien à déclarer (a very funny film about French and Belgian ppl and stereotypes)
  • Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis (y’all should know this one!!! a classic! watch it with French subtitles!!!!)
  • Persepolis (animation film, an Iranian girl tells us about her life in Iran, France and Austria, very moving, based on real events)
  • Les innocents aux mains sales (older movie, with Romy Schneider!! a woman kills her husband but he’s not as dead as she thinks he is)
  • A la folie… pas du tout! (You think this is a cute romatic lil film? you are SO wrong!!)
  • Les intouchables (y’all know that one I guess)

favorite actors 2/? | Ewan McGregor

Women are always expected to be naked. I like to try and be naked in films, and have the woman not be naked. It’s a feminist thing that I do.


get to know meme: favorite movies {5/5} » the hunchback of notre dame (1996)

see there the innocent blood you have spilt
on the steps of notre dame
now you would add this child’s blood to your guilt
on the steps of notre dame?


❝I came up with Johnny Depp, right, we were right there and there was always respect and I watched him and his choices, which have been wonderful. And then I see Johnny Depp do ‘Pirates [of the Caribbean]’ and then suddenly Depp is on a Slurpee cup. And the movies are good. And he’s great in them. And I think: If Depp is on a Slurpee, I want to be on a Slurpee.❞

-  Robert Downey Jr. on why he wanted to do Iron Man

[so..he’s basically saying that I have to thank my number one favorite fictional character for giving me my number two favorite fictional character… aight…]

When someone mentions your favorite band, anime, fandom, book, ect.

Can I Cry

I’m a relatively new DM I’ve only run three sessions before this one with a separate group. I ran this group at college so for the summer break I got a new group together with some childhood friends I haven’t seen in a while. I decided to try a weird campaign setting to improve my skills as a DM a bit so I had this campaign take place in the 1980’s and thus I had all of the players create characters centered around it. A lot of them kind of just winged it but my favorite overall was my friend who created Michael Vick. He only wanted three things in his inventory, a football uniform, a football, and a D1 scholarship (since he was a senior in high school)

After some campy 80’s movie type shenanigans I have them facing off in a room with some kobolds. Michael Vick recently lost an art competition that all the players decided to take part in for some reason and was redrawing his failed clown drawing all over the table in front of him. The other players then picked up the table and threw it at some kobolds effectively ruining his work. When we get to Michael’s turn he just looks at me and I’m thinking he’s gonna go into a rage and start attacking everyone he just simply says “Can I cry?”

I reply with a “Sure”

Michael then adds “Ok I do, then I look at my D1 scholarship and wonder if I really deserve it”

Death Note (2017) and the Comparative Lens

I’ll be honest. When I found out that Death Note was getting an Americanized live action adaptation, I wasn’t too thrilled. In fact, I was terrified that something I loved was going to be straight up murdered before my eyes  — and I wasn’t ready to give it a shot. In fact, I was really unwilling to budge on this until recently.

However, about three hours ago, the movie came out on Netflix. Sitting there with my housemates, I decided to give the movie a shot and check it out. for those of you who would like to avoid spoilers, this is the cutoff point for spoilers. There are an awful lot of them beyond this point.

Death Note is not a particularly new thing to many of us. If you’ve spent an hour talking about anime or reading manga, you know that Death Note exists. Finding out about the series or the source material that preceded this movie is not particularly hard; the hard part comes in discarding the source material to give the movie a fair shake.

When you look at something like this, you have to discard your comparative lens at the start of the movie to suspend your disbelief. When you sit down to watch something like, say, Game of Thrones, you are undertaking that viewing with the understanding that it’s not going to be exactly like it was in A Song of Ice and Fire.

The same thing must be done for Death Note (2017). When you sit down to watch this movie, you have to decide if you want to give it a fair shake. If not, that’s fine, but that’s what I set out to do.

Starting from the top, the movie itself isn’t bad. If you hadn’t seen the anime before watching it, it holds up to a 6/10 or a 7/10, but likely doesn’t pass an 8 on most scales. Let me explain by starting with some discussion on the main cast before getting into the actual synopsis and response.

The casting of Lakeith Stanfield as L is great, and he dramatically outperforms the rest of the cast; his take on L is both familiar to those who want similarities to what they know and slightly more emotive and human to appeal to the audience. His grasp of the character is magnificent, and I’m sure he studied for this role. I’d highly recommend watching this movie just to watch his performance if nothing else.

There’s only one problem with this: his performance feels slightly hollow when put next to Nat Wolff and Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe is a great man and a talented actor… but this is by no means his best showing. 

Nat Wolff, comparatively fresh to the silver screen (or technically not, since it’s closer to a direct to DVD release), paints a picture of a very fragmented Light. At times too comedic, too frustrated, and too unbelievable, his portrayal of his character comes across as transparent. It surprised me to find that his version of Light didn’t hold up to the “judge and jury” that the film tries to make him.

Light is at times frustrating and all said, a little annoying. My favorite moment of his in the film comes three minutes in, when a bully punches him in the face and knocks him out.

The funny thing about the casting, though, is that it gives Margaret Qualley, playing Mia Sutton (analogous to Misa, from the series) the chance to shine in a dark way.

Since we’ve now discussed the cast, it’s important to note that the casting for this movie is not to blame or to praise in its success or failure. Whether or not this movie is good does not depend entirely on the choices made in its casting.

The movie itself revolves around Light Turner (an Americanization of Light Yagami), the son of a “hippy” and a police chief. Light, after passing off some homework for money to one of his fellow students, finds the eponymous Death Note when it falls from the sky in the middle of a storm. Light, after meeting Ryuk, is forced to come to terms with the power he now holds… and the consequences that accompany that power.

One of his first confidantes is his fellow student, Mia Sutton; Mia is initially skeptical, but after Light kills a criminal on a live stream, she comes around to his side and the two quickly enter into a strange love affair based on his ability to kill these criminals. Light takes the name “Kira” in order to make law enforcement suspect that he’s actually based in Japan, as “Kira” is a true cognate for the English word “killer.”

Hot on Kira’s heels are his father, who doesn’t know his son is involved, and L, a young detective with a murky past. L quickly deduces that Light is based in Seattle based on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a hostage taker, whose name was only released in the Seattle area.

Correctly linking Kira to Light’s father, L begins the investigation in earnest, accidentally pushing the inexperienced boy and his new powers too far. After quick, dazzling victories over the danger known as Kira, L confronts Light in a coffee shop one night, convinced of his foe’s identity.

It’s at this point that things take a sharp turn. Light, in the films, is just a schoolboy in over his head, eager to impress his girlfriend with his “wicked cool” murder powers. He is not the character most loved in the manga or the anime, and this is why the adaptation must be viewed differently. Light’s identity is discovered after the death of several task force members and the public revelation of his father’s name and face on TV. Unbeknownst to Light, Mia murdered those men with a page from the note, attributing it to Ryuk.

When Mr. Turner isn’t killed, L confronts Light in a cafe at night, revealing to him that he’s aware of the high schooler’s alter ego. After Light tries to explain that he didn’t kill the task force members, his pleas fall on deaf ears, and L tersely informs him that he’ll be brought to justice.

After this, things take a steep, steep increase in pace. Light and Mia manage to take control over Watari using the Death Note, with the rule in place (via the notebook) that a person can be controlled for two days before their death. Light, in order to circumvent Watari’s death, intends to burn the page containing Watari’s name before he dies, sparing him.

Unbeknownst to him, Mia takes the page from his notebook… throwing a spanner in the works.

After the death of Watari, Mia reveals that she’s been planning to take the Death Note for herself. Light is then forced to flee by a vengeance driven L, given the ultimatum that if she doesn’t get the notebook by midnight, that he will die (as she’s written his name on her page).

L catches up to Light in the back of an alley as Light tries to meet Mia at the spot of their last date to hand over the notebook. He tries to explain what happened, but L doesn’t listen… and despite having Light at gunpoint, is knocked out from behind by a nearby citizen who overheard Light admit to being Kira. Grateful for what Kira has done, he lets Light go.

Light makes it to Mia atop a ferris wheel at the pier… and tells her not to take the book, as he’s written her name in it, putting them at a stalemate. Only one page of the book can be burned by its holder (Light), and unbeknownst to Mia, Light has made her death conditional. If she takes the book, she will die.

She takes the book and dies.

Light, having written his plan out in advance before fleeing L earlier, is saved when he falls into the water below the pier and is rescued by an old man, whose name he wrote in the book earlier. At the same time, another old man (both criminals) takes the Death Note for two days while Light recovers, filling out pages for him to give him an alibi.

This is explained to Light’s father while Light recovers in the hospital. The movie comes to an end as L realizes the meaning of a clue Light left him during the movie’s main chase scene; finding a stray page of the Death Note, L contemplates writing Light’s name… and Ryuk comments on the interesting nature of mankind.

Back to the review, though. The narrative pacing of the movie is rushed in the front half, for obvious reasons. The pacing that ensues around the climax of the movie, though, is great. The reveal that Mia is actually the antagonist of the movie makes sense and was well thought out. It’s not blatant, but it is foreseeable if you pay attention to her character throughout.

The cinematography is… amateur. It’s not very refined, and most shots make up for in color what they lack in substance. The camera work, for the most part, resembles a college student’s final short film.

Characters often abandon the rules established for them by their characterization in the first half of the movie in ways I’m unsure of. L turns into an action star in the last thirty minutes, and Light is… well, he’s annoying all the way through, but he never really gets a solid definition. The only way to sum up his character in the film is “inept,” but it does bring you to mentally treat him like a villain, which is good.

Its ending is vastly different from its source material (as L is alive), but ultimately more satisfying. The problems that plague the movie throughout, though, never really go away.

Despite this, most cast members put on a strong performance at least once in the film, and the movie follows a nice, neat arc. Reveals are carefully done and at multiple points, I was on the edge of my seat. Gorey action scenes (usually gratuitous deaths) aren’t cheap; they reinforce the notion that what Light is doing is wrong, even if he’s doing it for the right reasons. At no point do I sympathize with the character, which is a little frustrating, but also familiar.

The soundtrack… I don’t like it. It’s too “eighties” for me. It tries too hard to sound like Miami Vice, for unknown reasons. The music is too heavy handed, and often too easily applied to each scene. At no point am I left to wonder the nonexistent subtleties of its soundtrack.

This movie is a solid thriller, with a satisfying ending, a decent cast and a good narrative arc. Despite this, Death Note (2017) does not follow well with its source material, which it uses primarily as a guideline. If you’re expecting to see familiar faces from the manga (or even the anime), you will be disappointed.

Lakeith Stanfield kills it, though. 


“Oiii! Makoto!”

Made a movie poster parody print ft. Genji (+ name cameos)!

Disclaimer: I’ve only watched the 2017 Power Rangers movie…