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My drawing for Inktober day 24

I started off drawing a sentry bot, and when I was done I forgot about old Ironsides! So then I drew him too and included him for this post. Man did I really love that quest.

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Top 5 Fav Series

5. Suite. I love suite, I mean, Hibiki and Kanade’s arguments did get kind of annoying, but if you can get past that, it really is an enjoyable season. 

4. Splash Star. Splash Star definitely doesn’t get enough recognition, its really nice, and Saki and Mai’s relationship is one of my favorites. 

3.Max Heart. Another great season. Nagisa and Honoka are so great, and I also really love Hikari. The three of them together are such a great team and I really enjoyed watching them.

2.Yes! I love all the characters in yes (yes, this includes Kurumi, which I know is kind of an unpopular opinion.) I do find the cure/mascot relationships very weird, and I could have done without them, but eh. 

1. Smile. Smile has some of my favorite characters, cures as well as villains. The friendship between the 5 girls is just so nice to watch, and I don’t think there was a single episode that I didn’t enjoy. 

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Have you heard the new Paramore song "Hard Times"? If so, could you share your opinion on it? Thank you!

ofc I have! they’re my favorite band so I got up early just to listen to it lmao. so when I first heard it I was lil eh bc it really doesn’t sound like anything they’ve done before but it’s still such a good song and I’m always so proud of them for changing their sound and experimenting and I still have it on repeat its such a jam and I’m so so proud of them and excited for the album !!

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my favorite part of all that was the fact that they "forgot" just how much killing you get to do as hawke the entire rest of the game??? you get to be judge, jury, and executioner all the time. but lol suddenly murder's okay if you're killing anders?? okay. oKAY. but eh it's pointless to argue with them, isn't it?

they ignore all the good that anders has done in his time in kirkwall, and they forget that the chantry’s power comes from acts of genocide and terrorism, they think that religious=good, and that destroying it makes anders a terrorist. when the chantry is actually corrupt and does nothing to help the people of kirkwall. and like, i know innocents died in the explosion, but i have minimal sympathy for people who support an institution as corrupt as the chantry.


I think the hardest part about being the Doctor is… holding the unearthlyness inside you. You don’t come from this planet, you’re not a human being. I don’t think the Doctors are hugely different from each other. But if you’re asking what are the character traits that make him different from the other Doctors, his relationship with time is stranger and more… potent, I think.

               - Peter Capaldi

Trying to figure out a decent way to bring Atem back to life without it seeming like shitty, lazy writing that undoes everything the end of the series stood for is HARD and thats why I havent given a solid way that it happened in Post Canon Shenanigans

Resurrecting Bakura is easier. I can sit here and think of a million ways to bring him back and GOOD REASONS TO DO SO. (I might drag his ass into this too.  Not like, involved. Like in the same verse but just…hes gonna immediately seek out Marik essentially.  He has no desire to interact with Yugi or Atem pretty much ever again.)

But with Atem its like no one ALIVE would ever bring him back with good intentions.  No one in Yugis friend group would do it. Someone would have to be aiming to fuck shit up royal to go there.

And the whole Atem just decides to come back on his own thing is…it works okay and it has the added bonus of his FAMILY knowing where he went so they aren’t panicking for another 60-70 years like “WHERE THE FUCK IS HE NOW????” No. They know.  But I feel its eh a little boring maybe?  It gets the job done though so until further notice assume this happened. Its also kind of like an everyone is happy situation which I guess makes it feel almost TOO easy? Like everyone wins here. “Hey family/friends I love you guys and I will be so happy to spend eternity with you but I would love to live an actual life first on Earth with my OTHER family” EVERYONE WINS. So. Not my favorite but the current fallback unless i figure something more complicated out.

Unless I wanted to go a full story route where someone resurrects (a fairly bored after a year or so) Atem aiming to fuck some shit up royal, and in spending some more time on earth kicking the ass of the royal fucker Atem reconnects with Yugi and co and decides holy shit it would be..kinda rad if I could live my life here? Like actually live a life? Like…I missed this?  And by some bullshit he gets to stay.
Who knows.

I sure as shit dont.

Thats why im posting this long ass shit at 5 in the morning trying to work out how im going to resurrect a dead guy in an anime to fulfill my own selfish emotional needs.