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“To be honest, I think what makes me feel beautiful is when I see happiness in my fans.When I see or hear from them that the music that I’ve made has changed their life in some way, that’s what makes me feel beautiful. Because this is just the outside, you know? And at the end of the day, I could be in a million movies and put out a million songs and everyone could say, ‘She was so beautiful,’ but that’s not really what I want. I want them to say, ‘I saw that movie and I cried my eyes out and I learned something about myself.’” - Lady Gaga photographed by Jay L. Clendenin for LA Times

Well, I’m terrible with this things, but I’m always glad to help! So I’ll try my best :> My english is pretty poor so eh, this may be hard to explain.

First of all, I want to point out something: don’t take this as the absolute truth, or the definitive way to draw ducks. Because it’s not. It’s the way I do it; how my eyes see it. And each mind is a world. And, who am I to teach anyone anything? Exaclty: nobody. I don’t have the basics, and if you take what you’ll see here as a definitive way to draw ducks, you’ll be risking to make the same mistakes as me. And, believe me, I make a bunch of mistakes xD So think about them more like tips. These were helpful for me on their moment, and I guess now it’s a bit easier for me to draw the ducks. So I better start.

The beak. Maybe the worst part to draw on a duck. I guess it’s the one that can make or ruin a drawing xD Believe me, I had a really hard time with the beak. I still having it sometimes. But I kinda reccomend you folks to consider drawing the shape first. It helped me so, so much. It may help you too. Before that, I used to draw some kind of arc first. But it was slow and tyring, and used to end looking terrible x3

Old and new eyes works a bit like the same. But the old had more lines for the eyelids and the new doesn’t, I guess? Here are some expressions for eyes that came to my mind. Obviously, there exist a lot more. Combining them with the beak is funny to do.

I don’t have a lot of tips for the body. Is useful for me to separate it in different parts. And I try to push my poses, but they usually end being sticky poses xD And that’s basically what I know; it’s really not so much. Maybe the material explains it better than me. You’re free to use these as references or something :>

Now, for my steps, I don’t have exactly a method. I just makr the sketch, ink, add color, add some poorly made shading with a multiply layer and then a bit of color editing with a screen layer or something like that.

As you can see, it’s not a pretty smart proccess xD

For a last thing, I can tell that tons of observation are really helpful. Take screenshots, make notes; everything you want. Take what you like for each one. But, principally, have fun. The ducks doesn’t have to look exaclty like they are. Change them to make them easier to draw for you. The proportions, colors, whatever you want! Draw them in your style; your own, unic way! :D Add them your own sparkle! It would be great! Just be yourself, and draw. Hope it helped, at least a little :‘3


I regularly get asked for the QR codes of the stepping stone path I use in my ACNL town, so here are all the seasonal versions I had handy for those that would like them.

A few caveats for people interested in using these QR codes:

  • These do not correspond to a full year of grass color changes. If I remember correctly: “spring” matches April 1st-July 5th (with a special cherry blossom version for April 1st-10th), “fall” matches November 2nd-17th, and “winter” matches December 11th-February 24th.
  • Because the color of the grass can change dramatically during different times of the day/weather conditions, these paths will only fully match some of the time. I edit the pallet of my patterns to get better matches when I take screenshots or update my dream town, but for someone using a QR code made by a different person this is not an option. Be aware!

EDIT: I made some more seasonal variations of this path covering summer, mid-September, and early fall, check them out in this post!

I saw some TERFs (aka transphobes) reblogging some of my Éowyn art and just wanted to make it clear that I, my art, and my blog are 100% supportive of trans people.

Ways to tell if your characters are too similar

I just finished the first draft of a novel I’ve been working on diligently for many months, and while I was editing I found that two of my characters, both whom I love with all of my heart, were oddly alike. Both of them were snarky, conceited, good in combat, and loyal to a fault, which also made me pick out a few cliches.

Editing characters so late in the game has proven to be absolute torture, so here are some ways to tell if your characters are too similar, so you can pick it up early on so that it’s not hell for you to change it when your manuscript is finished.

First off, I just want to tell you that these are my personal ways that I’ve come up with to decide if characters are more similar than the writer would like, and in no way am I demanding for you to change your characters to be more different if you find that they are, indeed, similar. 

1. Make a list of their personality traits

This one is an easy one to do right off the bat. It’s very simple, and if you think that two or more of your characters seem to be copies of each other, just make a list of their traits and abilities. If you find that all of your characters prefer/use knives, change it up a bit and have a character have a whip instead, or maybe throwing stars.

This is for general, overall traits, and this method has a few faults when it comes to the depth of characters.

*****There are different levels of certain traits.*****

For example, your character can be creeped out about spiders. This could either be just a slight annoyance, or the fear absolutely cripples them, making them useless in combat against spider beasts.

Another example is if your character is selfish. Are they selfish in the way that they don’t like to share food or weapons, or are they selfish in the way that they will desert their friends in the heat of battle just to save their own skin?

That’s why you shouldn’t immediately assume your characters are too similar just from this one list that you make!

2. Create a situation and have all of your characters react to it

If you really want to know if your characters are too similar, you’ll have to start going into depth. Now, as a fiction writer you probably enjoy making up scenarios, and for this task you have to have your characters to react to something. PREFERABLY NOT A SCENARIO FROM YOUR ACTUAL NOVEL/STORY

You don’t even have to write it down. Just think about it.

Here are some things you can wonder about your characters:

- What would they do if they were locked in a doorless room that had only one window, which was blocked by bars, with all their weapons taken except a butter knife? There are guards outside the window, and one of them has a weapon that looks sharp enough to cut away the bars.

- What would they do if they were about to be tossed into a pit of snakes?

- What would they do if they were knocked out and woke up locked into a coffin, buried alive?

-What would they do if they set out on a risky mission and all of their crew died except for them?

-If they could only save one, who would they save: their mother, their lover, or their best friend?

3. Write out a dialogue between the characters who you think are too similar

Write out a complete dialogue between all of the characters who you think are too similar, and have them maybe reacting to one of the situations listed above. It should be elaborate, complete with the actions that they do in between or during the actual speaking. Then, when you’re done, take away the names in the speech tags, adding person 1, person 2, person 3, etc. or maybe take away the speech tags altogether

Read it again and think of which characters would say what. If two characters are able to read from almost the same lines (lets say both Jimmy and Billy Bob can read from Person #2′s dialogue) then you might have a problem.

I can’t give you an example because only you know your characters’ personalities and what they would say, just like only I know what my characters would say, but I found that this one was the selling point for me in deciding that one of these characters has to be changed up.

Hope this helped!

This was actually not supposed to be fanart, but since I am osomatsu san trash to the finest, I gave up and drew Totty… ; u ; 

Edit: changed his hair a little

analogdogs  asked:

Hi Teagan! Big fan of your artwork and I’m also a fellow animal lover/vegan. What’s your position on people wanting to get an existing piece of yours as a tattoo? You have several images that I love and would love to get as tattoos. Do you take donations for others who might want your work done or would you prefer someone to buy prints? Would you be okay with small edits made? I typically only get blackwork so I imagine some small changes might need to be made so it’s better suited for skin.

Thank you for wanting to get something I drew tattooed on you, that will never not be a big deal to me! I’m totally fine with people getting tattoos done of my work, as long as you remember to respect your tattooer as an artist themselves and make sure they’re comfortable with basing your tattoo off of someone else’s work. I tend to think that the best tattoos come from finding a tattoo artist whose work resonates with you and trusting them to design something custom for you in their own style. But I also understand that sometimes you fall in love with something specific and you need to find someone to replicate it; in that case I actually encourage you to make changes to the artwork, both to fit the tattooer’s art style and adapt the illustration to be better suited for a tattoo :)

​​​​​​​Rather than asking any sort of fee for the use of my art, I request that you make a small donation to one of the following:

PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Gerardo @photosbygerardo / edit: Heiko @heterotopian

In this experimental MAD, I decided to do something different and maybe got a little mad. Gerardo gave me a fantastic landscape to work with and I had it in my mind to change it completely. Of course that should not happen as the essence of the picture stays the same, but I wanted to intensify the colors and made them more artificial. Not sure if I succeeded and let you decide.

As a general note, it’s not that easy to edit another person’s picture but if you have someone to work with, give it a try. It’s fun. 

PWS MAD - Heiko

My first reaction when I looked at Heiko’s edit was  Wow!

I gave him one of my standard foggy landscapes with a lake and some trees and he managed to transform the atmosphere completely. Instead of a cold foggy winter landscape he gives us a lush and tropical scene that feels like coffee and rum. It is so inviting,I just want to sit there on the shore and immerse myself  in the mood.

All that is left to do is to find out how he did it, because I would like to see how this edit works on my  other landscapes

PWS MAD - Gerardo

I guess college!Lena ?? idk.

 Well, I didn’t changed that much on her clothing (even tho it still took me some hours)…but can I be proud of that alien, that I did on her folder for some seconds? 
I thought it would be cool, if she had that drawing, that I made of Armin on a piece of paper. (Like she drew him, you know?)

And yes: Creepers again, bc I like them a LOT…and I mentioned some time ago, that she mostly wears them


So I’m doing some edits to my eyes (again) and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before… and it works beautifully according to my test… but I found a new and much better way to do my two-toned eyes. I recently recolored my eyes in my 65 color palette, made some contacts, and then tried to see if I changed the alpha channel for contacts to be only the size of half of the eye if they would work and they do!

So these are going to be a half of the eye version (in face paint) of every color where you can layer them over any regular eye color so that you can create any pairing that you could possibly dream of. 


Remember back when I made text post edits? I actually never used a lot of them so here are some of the ones I made but never posted! I wish I could get the tag working again, but that hasn’t been working since I changed urls :(

But here, voltron shit 

i was (and still am, really) excited when the Ala Mhigan Gown got revealed, and I’ve been wanting to draw M’rhos in it since I got it for him. 

plus, while drawing this, a friend mentioned that the stitching on the coat reminded them of the patterning common on clothes in their area of Mexico. So, I edited some of the patterns to closer resemble the gorgeous references they sent me!

opening for some commissions!!

i need money for things! so im opening 4 full-body commission slots for 45$ each! i would be working on them throughout next week; here are some examples of what you can expect (with probably more clothes on). if youre interested, please send me a dm! thanks!!

(we can discuss any additions in dms. ill be using paypal for invoices, and i will contact you after a thumbnail drawing is made for any changes or edits… then i will accept payments! i’ll be opening “officially” fairly soon…) yeehaw