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im thinking about my friends kind semi old self insert au for one of his fandoms and these were our ocs (mine are the microphone dude and the one with the bug hairpin)

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Yo, I just realised you're anti-Shaladin! I'm sorry for interactin with so many of your posts! I'll be unfollowin now, I wish you the best!!

I have more respect for you than I have ever had for anyone in this fandom.

I just watched a video discussing the possibility of a Witcher 4 and what the storyline could be and the dude said that Ciri’s story was over so it would probably not be about her and I’m like… how is her story over?!

there is so much potential for a Witcher Ciri, as 1. even if she’s made empress, she says it’s not a done deal in BaW and she doesn’t feel like she’s fit to rule and 2. it was never confirmed that she was dead, she just never returns. so in the three endings, CDPR could easily make the next Witcher game about Ciri on the Path.

Geralt’s story is over, that’s not debatable, but Ciri’s is just beginning. she’s finally free of the Wild Hunt, she can live her life as she wishes, and she embodies a new generation of Witchers… they could jump the story forward and include a ton of cameos.

I really want a TW4 and I really want it to be about Ciri y'all >.>