not my drug rug

how do you even write verses descriptions anymore

*SIGH* so I decided to go out for lunch instead of eating at the crummy campus cafeteria. I’m just sitting here waiting for my food when this old man comes up to me and starts talking to meeeeeeeeee

the first thing he literally says is “its so nice to see a lady actually dress like a lady and I thank you for that” like? gramps I am wearing mens joggers and a soft cotton/acrylic drug rug. my hair is swirled up into a bun because I couldn’t bother to fix it up like are you fucking kidding me

drellaa i have so much evidence that frank still smokes…

�������� continue pls

i can’t rmeember everything off the top of my head but:

  • against me! recently sold grinders as merch? and frank is such good friends with laura jane grace liek if her band smokes enough weed to sell branded grinders you know they’ve smoked together
  • roger harvey’s digital tour bus thing on franks bus he says when they were in denver they all got edibles and watched twilight zone for hours….on franks bus….like my boi..
  • and:

owns and wears a drug rug as recently as last year.

all combined with the fact that he’s a self proclaimed “championship pot smoker” like. he Does.