not my drug dealer

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Have you ever fucked for drugs

I’ve hooked up with one of my drug dealers and I managed to get hoooooked up, but did I intentionally fuck him for drugs? No. I fucked him because he was sexxxy and happen to be a dealer 😇💕

-IDEA FROM RICEGUM- Guys like I’m seriously just going to let you leave right now. I’m really sorry for not posting. I’m a really shitty poster, lol not the paper one, but I really am and it’s getting hard to create ideas. Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry. But yah. I really have nothing else to say. AND NO IM NOT LOSING INTEREST IN HIM. Just slacking off on some videos, but I will catch up. Also!!!!! If you are a Twitter person, stalking us tumblr people, please do not think that I or the other fans of Leafy who actually like his content not just his face, so please just back off. Anyways, I’m not even a tumblr person, I’m just a social media person, I guess, not really, but I have all the stuff. lol sounds like I’m a drug dealer. Ok well my friend says I say too much here, but I need to say things somewhere, ok bye


Please allow me to introduce myself. To the graffiti world in Los Angeles and Orange County for a large chunk of my life, I used to be Eksoe One, a fighter, drug dealer, vandal and all around hoodlum. However, to the rest of the world, I am Fatima Baqi, a daughter to a White single mom and immigrant father from Morocco. I was the first and only child to get arrested frequently, constantly suspended from school, beat down by police, go to juvenile hall and today I am the first person on both sides of my family to graduate not only from junior college but university with honors. I had a really violent upbringing, lost my best friend in 2008 to police brutality and tried ending my life multiple times for 6 years. Today, I am living proof that you can do whatever the fuck you want as long as your heart’s in it. I have 2 brand new siblings and a baby nephew who I live for. Today I am no longer Eksoe the vandal, I am Fatima Baqi, BSW, CCM. I also recently became an MSW candidate and a future student at Southwestern Law School in LA to practice civil rights law so I can help those who come from similar backgrounds out. I wanted to thank each and every person that has supported me thus far and like Nipsey Hussle says–the marathon continues.

I’ve come a long way from the 1200′s. 

Fatima Doha Baqi, BSW, CCM. CSULB ‘16. UCI ‘19 and future Doctorate of Law.

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What is the ddau? I can only come up with dungeons and dragons in my head.... :/

it’s way worse it’s drug dealer au where clarke is an unwilling drug dealer and lexa is addicted to heroin

hey dad, I know I dont have my license and have already been responsible for a car accident, but could I borrow the car so I can go pick up drugs from my dealer? thanks