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Bakutodo Week. Day 5: Autumn; Storm; Hiking.

Whether you love it or love to hate it Pumpkin Spice is everywhere come Autumn.

The definitive ranking of my 2k milestone request thingy

Completed fics

You can read it here


Fic ideas that give me plenty of inspiration and I’m 99% certain I will be writing and thus will take precedence over the rest of this list in the writing sequence

Fic ideas that are intriguing but I don’t have as much inspiration for yet. These will probably be written after the previous fics on this list are written so I could have time to think of a decent plot for them

Fic ideas I don’t have inspiration for and might never do, but don’t lose hope because the first fic I’m going to post was one of these until inspiration hit me in the tit

Funny/cute ideas from my favorite anon that I might write one day if I’m feeling silly ;)

P.S. The position of each fic is not set in stone and can move up or down depending on the progress of the plot I come up with for each one