not my cup of tea but it's nice

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👌🏼☕️ and then 👀 your blog is super cute! i love it so much, the layout is so nice, its also very organized! ♥

👌🏼 = check out your blog (must be off anon)

1/10 was promised ferrets and got no ferrets

☕️ = shade someone

@taylortheferret false advertising by way of promising ferrets and not delivering.

@mamalovesnuts​ made me a cup of tea once and didn’t even ask if i wanted sugar, just threw it in my face.

@teanmoon​ is actually the worst, if it was opposite day.

@simlydarling punched me in the boob once and broke her wrist.

Thank you  ♥ I just need more gnomes. 3/10 dee’s blog is #okay

Syndisparklez Fanfiction

My list of my favorite fanfictions in the fandom I have read

  • High Hopes by Kadow ( Who would’ve guess this would be on my list? I raved to my friends for weeks about this, but the ending wasn’t my cup of tea, but other than that is was pretty dang perfect)
  • Hello by  @zunebug32 (I’ve never read anything like this before and I was not ready for what it gave me. Please, please read this guys!)
  • Understanding by @jardonufoool (This was a nice read and to be honest, I’m never really into smutty stuff, but this was pretty great for this story)
  • Maybe I Should Get Stuck in Trees More Often by @synhdofficial (The cutest fluff I have ever read!!!!!!)
  • Don’t You Ever Forget About Me by @national-nobody (This just makes me smile when I read it. Its something I could see them doing together)
  • He’s Got Good Taste by @wanglington​ (I’m a sucker for college AUs no matter the fandom and this one works so gosh darn will. This person has some other great stuff, honeslty look it up)
  • Single Parent by @tom-cassell​ (This is amazing and I laughed out load a couple times when reading it, but it was also great fluffly fluff)
  • Anything by @sparkleybutt (Flawless writer and everything I read from this person is just stunning)
  • Anything by @fixandpix (I can’t wait when a new fanfiction is posted! I get so freaking happy and they are the nicest people. They give me a lot of support and please just check them out)
  • But here comes the story I always come back to reading. Its the perfect amount of fluff and hurt/comfort and tonja and just the idea is amazing. I can’t help, but praise this. Just, you have to read it to understand. Red Strings and Blue Hair by @born-fromtheashes

I love all these writers so go out and read their work. I probally missed some really good stories and I will probally make another one of these in a couple of months after I read more, but you still need to read these stories. 

maybe its because im not taking it this year but im sitting here with my nice tea cup and virgil and writing out my clean translation and im just like ‘yeah greek was great, i love greek too’. Absence makes the heart grow fonder until you remember greek principle parts (or rather you dont remember because they are Stupid)


I have gotten complaints saying that Lilith is too nice just like I have gotten complaints that she is too evil. I have been sent angry anon’s who proclaim that ‘she wouldn’t act like that to my character’ or even have demons in role plays profess to be older. Wiser. Stronger. When I contest these declarations I am seen as being a ‘Mary Sue’ and, thus, dismissed from being written with. 

Let me make one thing clear- LILITH IS NOT ALL POWERFUL but she’s PROBABLY more powerful then you are. Mother of demons. What does that mean? It means that most demons are beneath her. My blog is heavily influenced by myth and I have done extensive research on this character. I have dramatically altered her power in order to make her have flaws which make her weak. I’ve tweaked a great many things so that she can be hurt by the right thing and the right people. If you wish to harm her? Do your research on how to do it. I don’t hide these things. 

Even in Supernatural lore Lilith was so powerful that it took two seasons to take her out. Two. Fucking. Seasons. So if you think you can come in without doing your homework or really paying much attention to the writing itself (come on guys I say she’s frail all the time this isn’t an aesthetic thing this is a legit ‘nah dude she’s not as strong as she could be’ thing) you’re wrong. I have no problems with people killing her or hurting her but I’m not going to do that if it’s not believable. 

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My gosh do I ever admire your writing. Actual John Watson, you are.

ooc. i’ve been staring at this message for a while now, marveling at the sheer loveliness & kindness of it. because i do pour a fair bit of myself into this blog & into john, and it’s always nice to be seen, isn’t it? so thank you, friend, for taking the time to write & send this. it made me smile so much & my cynical heart feels a little lighter now. thank you. you’re lovely.

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Hey! There's a song I think you might like, its Little Bird - Imogen Heap. Reminds me of you since you call people little bird. Have a nice day❤️

It’s not really my cup of tea, but thank you so much for thinking of me, little bird 🌿

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If I met you I would literally just want a hug because its 4am and I havent slept because I was writing a response to people who are grammar-douches (its on my blog if ur interested lol) and now I need a cuddle and a cup of tea so we can try and forget our woes, maybe share an existential crisis if you're up for that, and fall asleep and have nice dreams omg HOLD ME


soft, soft, the softest. no, not even soft anymore, i am liquid. i am honey and milk and camomile tea, i am soft lighting and the quiet backgound music in movies. i am soft skin and damp hair, i am sleepy eyes and warmth, i am the essence of calmness, i am all the colors you won’t find in a rainbow, an empty coffee cup, i am the weird, quiet feeling deep inside your stomach that urges you to do something, anything, i am a book you buy and never read, i am a poem written on a napkin, i am the unlucky daisy, i am the moss on an old rock, i am here and i am alive and i will live and i will be and no human is going to stop me from being because i am alive and i am me

nice sounds:

  • early birdies
  • crunching leaves on brick pavement
  • the clingling sound of putting a tea-cup back on its saucer
  • wind rushing through the tree tops
  • shoes on the graveyard gravel
  • trickling rain on the windows
  • squeeks of baby animals
  • the lapping and crashing of ocean-waves on the shore
  • someone practicing an instrument late in the afternoon
  • both the whispers and sleepy breathing of a loved one
  • the “click” a key makes when unlocking a lock

&.. @fxrechild

     autumn loved being social more than anything. having a nice cup of tea and talking with someone was one of her favorite things. sadly, the people that she went to school with were not a fan of her midwestern-friendliness, causing her to be extremely alone at her new school. this wasn’t something the girl was used to. she was used to everyone in her town knowing who she was through her father, that came with being a pastor’s kid, especially if your father was a pastor for one of the largest churches in minnesota. 

     due to her increased loneliness, autumn had found herself wandering through a local park not too far away from her school. it was a beautiful day today, it felt like spring already. autumn (surprisingly) loved spring, it was her favorite season. that was probably because she loved flowers so much. 

     she hummed softly to herself, walking through the park, smiling softly when she saw another girl sitting alone at a park bench. autumn was looking for a place to sit and drink her recently purchased hazelnut latte from starbucks. 

     “hello—” autumn said to the stranger, smiling softly, oblivious to the fact that other people might not be as social as she was. “your hair is gorgeous, by the way. i always wanted to go blonde m’self, but i’ve never dared to dye my hair.” it was just too risky for the sheltered girl. 

Fun Facts About Pumpkin Spice

-Spoiler alert: It’s cinnamon

-It won’t leave me alone

-As a woman, it is the heaviest albatross around my neck (the other is Mean Girls)

-On the eve of September 1st, my boyfriend turned orange and started smelling like nutmeg and is now injecting himself into all of my breads and teas

-All my plaid shirts are sentient enough to crawl through piles of leaves and make themselves a steaming cup of pumpkin spice milk and light every Bed Bath & Beyond candle with its horrid button eyes

-PUMPKIN actually tastes pretty good, but we wouldn’t know anything about that now would we

-It’s 90 degrees out and the supermarket is just stockpiling orange chocolates and orange English muffins and orange coffee creamers and I am slowly deteriorating because of it

-I had pumpkin spice latte once and said “hmm. A little sweet but it’s nice!” and now I’ve drank it over ten million times 

-you can be an educated female person or a man and still enjoy Pumpkin Spice. Because it is a fucking flavor. 

-Eating these things won’t bring you back to the carefree feeling of fall, the start of new school beginnings, and new binders and jeans and being young, because yes you are still in student debt and getting older by the millisecond

-Pumpkin Spice is Donald Trump, as they are both orange and everywhere and trying to dictate my life and choices

-Help me get away from it

-My mom is allergic to cinnamon and became that way later in life and each night I pray to become like her so I can just walk away from all this 

-one day it will be served year round and while this means we might have won the battle, perhaps we just enjoyed fighting

-Yes, I’ll have a pumpkin spice soy latte, who cares, we’re all dead anyway

i spent the day alone today, and it wasn’t so bad.
i slept in, had my morning ritual cup of tea, sat outside, worked on my jewelry, ran some errands and chilled out.
i’m not lonely yet… its been nice.