not my concept not my character not my colors

I might have mentioned to my professor when I submitted my original play that I, uh, have already drawn a lot of the characters from it so;; he asked me to send them all to him :0

So I went and did some “concept art” of everyone haha, though technically it counts since it’s the first time I’ve drawn all of them full-body, and the first time I’ve even colored Ava, so yeah ^^ (I didn’t include Lucian because I didn’t feel like coming up with an outfit for him. Laziness at it’s peak right here)

You know the drill, all of these dorks belong to me, please don’t steal them or their outfit designs c:



may have made more skelinktons…because they’re like extremely fun to make…

Their names in order: Kaia, Neon, Stripe + Dot, and then Hal (who most of you probably already know)

I don’t have very much figured out for them yet, but I’ll get to that eventually

Skelinkton concept belongs to the hecking great @7goodangel

revamping an old character that I never used/didn’t like their design– his name is Omori! he was born without his right arm, but he could never afford a prosthetic, so he had to learn to live with it :”0

on another note, should I post some of my pencil sketches here? I do a lot of traditional art since I can’t bring my computer to school ahah ;; and I think that would help keep this blog more active too! what do you guys think?


Commissions are open! (PayPal only)

Hi everyone! I’m starting to take commissions to save up some
money for school and to put some of my drawing skills to work!
Will draw anything!

Sketches:  $10 - $20
(Depends on Head Shot / Waist / Full Body / Digital or Traditional)

Line Art:  $25 - $35
(Depends on Head Shot / Waist / Full Body / Difficulty)

Colored: $40 - $55
(Depends on Head Shot / Waist / Full Body / Difficulty)

Illustration: $60 - $80
(Depends on Head Shot / Waist / Full Body / Difficulty)

Please be sure to have references and/ or details about what it is you are wanting to commission me so that I am able to make exactly what you want.
I will also send you work in progress of your commission while I work on it to make sure things look right along the way! 

If you are interested in a commission or have questions, feel free to direct message me here on Tumblr or send an email to:

Thank you for taking a look and feel free to explore more of my art on my blog to see more content! 


Edit: I re-scanned them all! Now in better quality~!

Here’s the other half of my sketches! The most colorful one is actually a poster for my drawing class.  Most of these sketches are about my senior film Skull Kid, and an amazing indie film called Poet Anderson.

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Thank you~!

Lately there was lots of mess in my life going on and I though it was a perfect timing to work on this sketch I did a while ago to practice my dynamic/perspective. Error!Sans is from @loverofpiggies and despite my preference for neutral color I couldn’t help but love his design and character concept.

I love this glitch so much I can’t help it.

Anyway hope you like it.


Day 2 of the drawing streak! I spent all day (with breaks for other important stuff of course) sketching, inking and coloring with my lovely Farber Polychromos (no I am not showing off just wanted to mention what I color with casually)
So again character concepts. Based on older drawings I found when skipping through my older sketchbooks. I liked these designs and decided to give them a bit of a revamp. 
The fullbody will still get some design changes..I am not quite satisfied with how she looks.
The other two are for my Digimon Project. Two Digi-destined with their partners in Baby-state and their symbols. Still no names and colors aren’t final probably..just wanted to try out stuff really.

i think a particularly smart writing decision that Hussie made early on was inventing the concept of ‘troll words’. not only is it hilarious and genre-aware and a way to avoid making up a language, it also lets him repeatedly rescue cliches. “I was really just shoving my strut pod down my own ignorance shaft,” is much more inventive than “I really put my foot in my mouth” ever would be. Hussie does it over and over: ‘don’t let the meowbeast out of the bag’, ‘i guess she just isn’t my container of scalding leaf fluid’, ‘like march-bugs at a lawn-meal’. They don’t come off as trite, even though the only real reason they’re funny is that the reader knows the idiom they are referring to. 



Yesterday was my “Free to draw” day, and I was of course, drawing my guilty pleasure that is goth nerd boys. In light of the many beetles in my room that have crawled their way in, I decided to make this beetle witch character.

I thought I show people my thought process when creating a character. This is basically it, I always start by drawing the face then getting a concept, which ends with the body/colors scheme. Depending on the character, this process can take hours, days or a couple of minutes. I plan to make a full illustration of this guy, pretty soon.

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Thank you~!

Commission Info

Thank you~

My submission for week two’s pinterestdesignchallenge!

We are given 5 images and must create a character concept drawing inspiration from all 5 images! (You can check it out and join in on the challenges here!)

This is Sacrifice. It is an angel, of…well, guess. 

It was super difficult working with these colors, I will admit.

Here’s my finish version of Kairi with her hoodie. This concept is from the Kingdom Hearts X chi 3rd anniversay artwork and I feel in love with her cute hoodie so I wanted to draw her ^_^ This will be on my store soon at redbubble.


Lineart speedpaint video is up, here’s the link: 

Color speedpaint coming soon.

Hope you’ll enjoy. I’m going to stream my own kh character if anyone wants to join.

Say hi to my new OCs:

“Not enough screentime” and “Author Insert™”

“Totally not the monkey guy”

“Hot Choir & Math Tutor” (now 50% less Hydrophobic!) and the “Greek Studies disaster squad”

And “Nosy Matchmaker Hairstylist with the British Accent”

and more to come


Wanted to do a more comprehensive design of my Pathfinder Ifrit Slayer, Raz. 

I really wanted to avoid typical flame-based colors for his clothing, picking more teals so that the oranges and reds could really pop. 

This boy is mah baby (and my first recent foray into the WONDERFUL WORLD OF MARTIAL FIGHTERS! YAAAAY!)