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While I do love seeing all the Steve Rogers appreciation today, I’d like to show a little love for some of our other America-themed superheroes. (Part 2)

Part 1 (Featuring Isaiah Bradley, America Chavez, and Eli Bradley)

Characters are, from left to right, James Rhodes as Iron Patriot, Sam Wilson as Captain America, and Danielle Cage (also) as Captain America.


5 / 5 Favorite Female Characters [reviewed] - Theresa “Tessa” Gray

“If you do not help me,“ Tessa said to Jem, "I swear, I will change into you, and I will lift him myself. And then everyone here will see what you look like in a dress.” She fixed him with a look. “Do you understand?”

“It feels familiar. We worked together for so long, a long time ago, but then we worked together again about eight years ago. I think there’s just something about us, the fact that we did that show at that time in our lives for so long. We are always going to have an acting connection to fall back on, and it feels that way.”

David Duchovny on working with Gillian Anderson, star2, July 2, 2015 (x)


Norn Mesmer | tag

Born in warm, distant climes south of the Shiverpeaks, Unnr wanders Tyria as a warrior-skaald, collecting stories and songs, and learning the shape and ways of the world, so that she might apply her own designs and intentions upon it. Intelligent, and calculating, Unnr is a master of disguise and deception. She is her own army. Visually inspired by the Dunmer of Morrowind from The Elder Scrolls, particularly the God-King Vivec.

Unnr’s basically a goddess, tbh. So bow down.

Human Thief | tag

Wily street urchin with a lightning reflexes, whip-like wit and a fondness for shiny things and high-fashion. Can be usually found running across the rooftops of Rurikton. Think Catwoman. Affectionately refers to her daggers as her ‘teeth’. Dreams of breaking into high society someday and will do so by any means necessary. She borrows visual cues from Princess Kida from Atlantis and Javanese shadow puppetry, otherwise known as Wayang Kulit.

Get in her way and she will cut you.

Norn Engineer | tag

Born ‘Eirnar Magnusson’, she lived among the Kodan who named her ‘Lights in the Night’ for the fact that she often worked with metal and flint in the evening, sparking embers late into the dark. Recently, however, Lights in the Night has decided to venture all across Tyria to visit a certain place that she has always wanted to see: Uplands Oasis, in Dry Top. Think Carl Fredricksen from Up meets the Vuvalini of Many Mothers from Mad Max: Fury Road.

She won’t cut you, but she will most certainly blow you into bits if you’re rude and disrespectful.

I hate when I get in the mood where just watching the show and reading fanfiction isn’t good enough anymore and I just NEED to be there with them. It’s the worst kind of longing in the world. No one ever told me loving fictional characters would hurt like that.